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Sunday Comments September 6

Sarah did the right thing and Gail tells Sean what happened. The gossip will get around the street in no time now. His flat is going to get searched. Do you think Gemma can get there first and clear it out? They have to get all the legal paperwork first. Kylie is scared he can wriggle out of it. It's too good to be true, though. Max insists it was a toy gun but of course he wouldn't know the difference. Callum told him it was so he believes him. Callum got off as a result and Bethany got her crush popped harshly by him so she went to Jason for comfort. Jason would have been her stepdad once upon a time and I think he still feels fatherly towards her.

Callum isn't going to let this slide. Obviously, Gemma and Macca got rid of the gun and put a toy one in it's place. More threats but Jason was in his face. The problem is, Callum just isn't that scary.

Sarah and Bethany have made up, together in their heartbreak and fear over Callum. Of course Callum won't go to the cops with a video of Bethany delivering drugs, then she'd have to say who she was doing it for! And Jason is most definitely in Shining Knight mode. He pulled Callum out of the way and lifted him right off his feet! No wonder Callum got two others to do the dirty work. He wouldn't be able to fight his way out of a paper bag. He only got his kicks in when Jason was already down and Jason never had a chance, getting jumped before he knew what was happening.

Those thugs must have been very good at it, a few punches and a few kicks including a couple from Callum and look at the state of poor Jason!

Kylie and David are adamant. Max goes nowhere with Callum today. That's final. Naturally, Max sees Callum through the window and slips out the door to run after him. And naturally, Max saw the two men working Jason over, in addition to his father adding a few kicks. And the thing is, if Jason lives, it won't matter what Max saw. Jason can testify himself, that is, if he even saw Callum. did he?

Tony got pushed aside by the two thugs and at least he connected it later when he found out about Jason. Sarah found him and raised the alarm and he's off to the hospital. Meanwhile, Max has come home and is very quiet and glum. Sarah, Kylie and David are pretty sure Callum is probably behind the beating and reckon he'd have got someone else to do the dirty work and will come after them next. Callum is setting up an alibi with Gemma and he does seem a bit nervous about covering his tracks.

Max did see something because he binned all his toys, the ones Callum gave him, even his swanky phone. He's not forthcoming at the moment. Callum is still organizing his alibi and hoping to keep the police at bay. He came to see Max but Max was terrified of him. Uh oh. Callum certainly got a shock, didn't he! Max doesn't seem to be able to confide in his parents. Yet. Hearing more news about Jason gave Max the courage to admit he saw his father kicking Jason. Horrifying for a parent to hear that.

Jason was in quite a bad way. He's unconscious and it's unknown whether he'll recover at the moment. I'm glad to see Sean there, he's as much a brother, or more than Todd is but even so, Todd shouldn't have had to hear from the police. Sean was upset and was contemptuous of Todd, as well. Then Todd overheard his mother comparing he and his brother and how Jason turned out to be the better man of the two. She is right as far as recent events stand, but you could tell it hurt Todd. I think he knew the truth of it. I wonder if Todd will use this as yet another excuse to give his family a hard time or if it will make him realize, finally, the consequences of his actions over a petty scar.

Anyway, Jason isn't doing well, as I said, it sounds like he may need further surgery to relieve pressure on his brain after one surgery already for a blood clot. It's very scary and very worrying. At least, in the end, a second operation isn't necessary but he's in a coma and they don't know for how long. They do think he'll be ok but can't really say when. It's a soap, though, these things usually do end up ok. I'm hanging on to that thought. And now that Tony knows that he probably will make a recovery, his anger is starting to simmer up over his worry.

Oh, Billy's just turned up. We haven't seen him for awhile. Lovely little scene between he and Sean. Sean really does love Jason. I also really liked seeing Tony so vulnerable and regretful of leaving Jason when he was a kid, scared he's going to lose his son.

Alya managed to win over Mr. Hanlon in the end and he was even complimentary about her. I guess Alya won't have to get revenge on Carla like she was spouting there a few months ago after the fire. Owning the factory is victory enough.

Alya is excited about owning the factory and is sucking up hard with Granny and Grandad. She obviously didn't leave any voice messages when she was trying to get hold of them the other day because it was a few days later that she brought up the business proposition. I do think Alya's a tad young and inexperienced to run the factory but you never know, she might do ok. Carla promised to look over the proposal and Sally was appalled that Alya would even have the nerve to put in a proposal. Carla seems likely to accept Alya's offer over Sally's.

Erica is noticing that Nick is very warm and fuzzy towards Carla even if he makes out they're just mates. Nick doesn't think Carla should run away. Meanwhile, Erica's cozying up to Carla, the competition as it's becoming more clear. And she has cause to worry. Nick really, really doesn't want Carla to leave and ended up kissing her, (and more!) telling her the main thing wrong with Erica is that she's not Carla. A wonderful night doesn't seem to have put her off leaving, though, much to Nick's disappointment.

That's a new combination, Erica comforting Sarah, but I suppose she's Sarah's brother's girlfriend so it kind of makes a connection. I think Erica might be the one needing comfort soon. She's caught Nick making help calls to Michelle on Carla's behalf and if she's living with him, she knows he didn't come home last night. She can't deny it any longer and was very good about it all, even if she's hurting a lot more than she's letting on.

Anyway, Nick and Michelle's conniving has dragged another Connor relative out of the mist, Aidan and he's someone Carla knows since she grew up knowing the whole family it seems. He and Nick were up front about it at least. He's there to invest as a partner, not as a buyout. She's defensive and resentful. Can they talk her round? She made a beeline for Roy, the voice of reason. Roy can't tell her what to do and she probably knows that running away isn't the answer.

Carla made her decision. She summoned Sally and Alya as the two other interested parties, both of whom met Aidan but didn't know his connection other than an old friend. Aidan was circumspect until Carla arrived. I LOVED Sally and Alya bickering about their offers to buy Carla out, watched with amusement by Nick and Aidan. Carla turned them down, offered Sally her job back and they discovered Aidan's involvement as Carla's partner, an a new boss for them both! Flamming brilliant! Carla's going to move forward and at least talk about Aidan's offer. She's not so sure of her and Nick together. Nick is optimistic but Carla thinks they're probably doomed. Still. It's worth a try, she supposes. And Alya is back to being resentful of Carla. Revenge on, then?

So what do you think about Aidan? The actor is another UK celeb from the talent show X Factor which probably means he can sing. But can he act? He seemed a bit wooden but also, I think, a bit nervous. He didn't overdo it at least.

So we're off to the woods, or at least, a nice campsite in rural Wales. That Dougie does seem a bit over the top, doesn't he? He seems to love the attention and he certainly does seem a dab hand at this camping stuff. I think he's too good to be true. Meanwhile Fiz and Beth are bickering about who gets the first go in the little tent, the Love Tent and everything else with Sinead playing peacemaker. Kirk and Chesney are developing a man crush on Dougie but Tyrone seems to be nursing a bruise to his ego. I think Tyrone's right, he's up himself. Now he's luring them into going on a wilderness adventure.

The campers are not really happy, are they? Kirk messes up in his sleep causing more friction than ever between Fiz and Beth, Tyrone's ego is banging up against the UberCamper that is Dougie, and poor Chesney and Sinead are having to play peacemaker all the time. Craig is the only one having a good time now that there's a girl involved. Craig gets teased for meeting a girl in the woods, a real one not a wood nymph! Turns out she's Dougie's daughter! She didn't look too happy either but that was probably because of Craig. She made up later and they bonded over art. And Dougie is goading them into his adventure day which you knew was going to be a disaster. I wondered if his daughter had more than her fill of it too, she didn't even want to go. But probably, Craig was main part of the attraction of staying.

Kirk's attempts at a romantic walk for two didn't quite end up as he expected with Beth wanting to skinny dip in broad daylight. Only for all Kirk's fears of leeches and other disasters, it was Beth that got bitten on the bum by a wasp. I was sure the leaves Kirk gave her to soothe her would turn out to be poison ivy. Instead, they found a lonely monk-in-training in the woods who had first aid gear and directions out. He seemed to be a bit lonely didn't he? His former association with a gangland shooting kind of freaked them out though and they couldn't get away fast enough after that. It didn't seem like poison ivy but the next morning Beth was covered in hives. It was either the leaves or an allergic reaction to the cream the monk gave her.

Apparently they aren't really in the deep uninhabited wilds, though, they're only a short walk from a village with takeaways and shops. Even Sinead who seemed to be impressed by Dougie got tired of his know it all attitude after awhile, long after he'd really annoyed Tyrone and Chesney and made them feel inadequate. Tyrone found out about Sinead and Chesney's snack and went mad because he's starving. Dougie as a survival expert should have been able to cover the missing food but perhaps he was trying to make a point. He didn't seem too faint from hunger did he?

Back at the campsite, there's more concern by Fiz over Hope not feeling well. Off to the hospital they all went because Beth needed to see to her hives which did just turn out to be an allergy, not poison ivy. A nurse noticed Hope not looking well so she's being looked at also. Initial assessment says anaemia. We'll see.

Craig passed all his exams and he's still gazing at Caitlin from across the campsite with Fiz urging him to take the plunge and go talk to her some more. He did and it went well even if he had to sit for her to sketch his portrait which turned out to be a parody of The Scream (because she'd been teasing him about screaming in the shower earlier!) They had a lovely long talk in the woods, unaware that the rest of the camping group has sloped off to the hospital! These two are so sweet together but their timing couldn't be worse. Finally get up the nerve to kiss and Caitlyn's dad found them! Dougie, mate, your little girl is growing up! He's outnumbered when Craig's family all supported Craig. Dougie was taken down a peg or two and it seems like it will come out ok after all.

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