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Sunday Comments September 20

Tony was fierce! He only gave Callum a fraction of the medicine Callum dished out to Jason and Callum was scared silly. He even begged. Callum might threaten to come back at Tony with some of his heavies, but I would imagine Tony's got some pretty intimidating mates, too. Liz managed to pull him off and Tony confided in her about his regrets and fears. Todd offered to donate a kidney and Eileen overheard it. This might be the turning point. For everyone. On top of that, David had a good gloat over Callum getting thumped by Tony.

Aidan is trying his best with Carla and he did need to get a bit hard on her. But I'm getting sick and tired already of Aidan and Robert butting heads. It happened again at the auction with Robert forcing the bidding up high on something Aidan wanted, winning it even though he wasn't a County football fan. Just enjoyed the opportunity to be smug.

Robert is persuading Tracy to come to the charity auction for Maddie's memory. I wonder if they're auctioning off guilt soothers? The more Carla wallows, the guiltier Tracy feels, too. It's the day of the memorial charity auction. Sophie is fussing and decorating, while Carla is just trying to avoid it. But when Aidan hears a signed jersey from Weatherfield County is up for grabs, he thinks they should go. Carla doesn't look too happy about it but later on, they all troop in. It doesn't help that there's a really large portrait of Maddie propped up. It also makes Tracy hugely uncomfortable too. When Carla comes, flanked by Aidan and Michelle, she gets drunker and drunker as the evening goes on, overbidding on a photo.

Her presence is not appreciated by Sophie or the Nazirs but nobody can convince her to leave. When they finally get her home, she's a mess but nobody can convince her not to blame herself for an accident. She slipped out though, and went for another bottle of wine which she swigged on the street, tossing the empty in Sally's hedge. Nice. She was intent on asking for forgiveness but nobody was home and all she got from Tracy was a defensive earful and a massive hangover the next day. Nick and Michelle are at their wits' end.

Nick then conveniently left his wallet at Carla's, full of credit cards. And oh guess what? Cliche time again. Carla used Nick's credit card to gamble online. Placing bets now, hands up who says he'll forgive her even though he should really have her arrested for fraud or he'll never get that back. I hope it wasn't the business credit card.

Tracy, seeing the state of Carla, acts with pity and Robert starts to realize that there's some issue between Tracy and Carla that's upsetting Tracy, not the actual fire itself. (well, it is the fire, but Carla's the one making Tracy feel more guilty about it, Carla's own struggle with the guilt)

But when Robert confronts Tracy, she avoids telling him the truth. He recognized pity in Tracy but also fear. What's she scared of? Why is Carla suffering so much guilt affecting Tracy? He insists that no matter what it is, he will stand by her but she knows it's big. He starts to figure it out but Tracy vehemently denies it. He insists on the truth but Amy comes in and saves her mother from an admission. Later, Tracy came *this close* to blurting it out to a drunken Carla.

Robert has pretty much figured it out, he just doesn't know the how and the why but Tracy isn't ready to crack, yet. He determined that he can't stay with her if she can't tell the truth. Yet she lies and she tries to blame it all on Carla again but he's not letting her manipulate him. In the end, Tracy confessed it all. She insisted to Robert that she didn't go round to kill Carla but she certainly thought about it. As much as i'm glad Tracy finally confessed to anyone let alone Robert, I have to say I can't really buy into this, Robert and Tracy. I can't really get into them at all. I don't see any chemistry there

Fiz and Tyrone take Hope for her MRI scan. They won't know the results for a few days but they're desperately worried. Ty is trying to convince both of them not to worry until they know what their dealing with but you can tell it's not really working. Later, Fiz finally confesses to Maria what's happening. You've got to talk to someone!

Hope missed her first day of school and I can't quite figure out why. Did she have another check up? Fiz and Tyrone seemed to be mainly waiting for test results and were dragging Hope around from hospital to home again. Why didn't they just let her go to school? Anyway the news is devastating. Hope has cancer. No parent should have to hear that. Poor Fiz and Tyrone, they don't seem to be able to comfort each other, do they? They both have different ways of dealing with it. It's just as hard on Tyrone as it is on Fiz but he doesn't show it the way she does. They'll have to get it together to support each other or it will break them.

Sally has bought herself a wedding dress which, frankly, looks horrible. It looks like a limp rag really and she ends up getting stuck in it when the zip catches. Even Kevin who comes to find out why she didn't get to the auction, can't work it loose. Sophie comes in and catches them in what looks like an undressing and then Kevin ends up ripping it and Sally thinks it's an omen. Tim lying about working while he went to a football match isn't going to help. But the suggestion to call it off doesn't sit well either. Tim managed to salvage the situation.

Kevin's turning 50 and Tim wants to throw a surprise party but Sally, knowing Kevin far better, doesn't think it's a good idea. Tim gave Kevin a bracelet that stunned Kevin, not because he loves it but because he hated it. I'm a bit surprised that a straight man would buy another straight man a big, chunky, gold bracelet but there you go. Anyway in the end, Tim overheard Kevin confessing he really doesn't like it. The party was classic Sally, playing Mine Hostess and trying to lord it over everyone. I love Sally these days! Not quite sure why Sean, Billy and Andrea were there unless they were crashing the party, hardly Kevin's BFFs.

Simon's back in the picture. He's sulking because he's got a rubbish phone. He's got a rubbish phone because he's been acting out and battering Leanne and doesn't deserve one. But yes, naturally she's giving in to him and promising a phone if he behaves. Naturally, he acts up again and is rude to Robert. Everyone seems to be rude to Robert, have you noticed? No phone for you! Cue another tantrum or violence episode before long.

Just as I thought, Lloyd is feeling railroaded into a relationship with Liz. Liz started to feel like they could be an item again and oh look, there's Andrea again, apologizing for overreacting over him just sitting in a booth with Erica. Andrea even found a record to replace the one she sold. Is Liz about to be disappointed again? Andrea tries to talk Lloyd back but he confessed to sleeping with Liz. He knows he's completely ruined his chances at getting back with Andrea now. How is he going to get out of this one?

Andrea is staying with Eileen for the moment. Lloyd is still not able to tell Liz or anyone else how trapped into a thing with Liz he feels and every time he tries, something diverts the conversation. He does try to express his doubts that he's ready for a relationship again and is surprised to find out she feels the same way. Phew! Now that's out of the way, they can relax and have a bit of fun.

Roy managed to talk Cathy out of her panic at facing so many art class strangers. She still has a long way to restore her self esteem, doesn't she? She did ok in the end. I loved Craig's flowers and even Mary's interpretation of the Grim Reaper was fab, it's very Mary! Cathy is finally going to try to go back home, but when Roy finds out about Hope's diagnosis, he's gutted and she reckons she shouldn't leave him alone. It's her turn to be there for him.

LOL moment, Sally introducing Tim as a Window Enhancement Executive! I don't know what this rivalry between Robert and Aidan is or where it came from but I want it to stop. It's stupid. This week saw the return to our screens of at least three people we haven't seen for ages, Gary, Andy and Dev. Steph and Andy. Still cute together! Amy's starting at Weatherfield High! And Jack is starting school as would Hope be if she weren't ill. Wow! Our babies are growing up! Rover's back for good!

May not be any Sunday comments for a couple of weeks or so as I was on vacation and it could take me a bit to catch up!

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