Monday, 4 April 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards March 28 - April 1

Smug personified: Gail finding out that Michael and Eileen have split.

Smooth Operator: Phelan. He's so very good at twisting the truth just enough, isn't he?

Music ambiance: "One of these Nights (one of these lonely nights)" by The Eagles in the pub when Freddie meets Audrey. And of course, the start of the wonderful Al Green song, Let's Get Together. (I think they used that recently, as well) "You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'" for both Michael and Gail in the pub, him for losing Eileen and her for trying to get back with him and getting rejected.

Fashionista award: Audrey's hat!

Rock and a Hard Place award: Aidan is finally on side, re Marta, now he's seen the padlock but he's also trying to keep the factory afloat. He did the right thing in the end, though, in spite of probably putting the factory under.

All for Nothing award: After all this time, Anna finally told Kevin the truth and he was completely understanding. She wouldn't have lost him after all.

Scene of the week: Billy and Eva in the car. Wonderful stuff!

Lines of the Week:
Audrey to Ken "I'll only be sitting in front of the telly getting bored stiff and I can do that with you!" (Can't you just!)
Ken on how he's coping "Oh the best I can. But I'm lucky in someways, I've got family, good friends..." (and that rebound fling with a maneater that you had)
Norris "To be damned with faint praise is better than none, I suppose"
Johnny on seeing Eva and Billy "Is there a Vicar and Tarts party I've not been told about?"
Phelan "I don't believe in lies and sneaking about" (Oh yes you do!)
Billy "Sometimes I think that God's house must have many rooms so that he can get away from some of the people he has to let in"
Rita to Sally "He's here (Norris). Be nice!" Sally "It's ok Rita, I've instructed Tim on how to behave"
Aidan "You know, Richie, I always let you win at ping pong. I'm not letting you win anymore"
Michael "Eileen's going out with Phelan" Gail "Oh, I'm so sorry" (*smug smirk*)
Tim "Can't that wait until tomorrow?" Sally "No, I have to get on top of things" Tim "Well, I was hoping for that and all!"
Fiz "I'd rather sit in with you and watch Frozen. Ty. Let it go!" (oh clever)
Sarah to Mary "You're not a nurse are you?" Mary "No but I've seen a lot of telly"

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