Monday, 25 April 2016

Corrie Canada weeky awards for April 18 - 22

The future? Leanne and Robert. I've always said they'd be good together. I want this to happen.

Judgemental award: Maybe Liz's radar is right, but she's really being overly hard on Michelle, don't you think?

Throwback award: Leanne's going back to using Battersby.

Phrase of Doom award: Sean "What could possibly go wrong" (Aggh)

Fool for Love: Robert. Tracy can't help herself, she's going to screw up sooner than later.

Cold Feet award: Kate is definitely having wedding wobblers and Caz got the hump and dumped her.

Suck Up award: Tracy is really trying to get back in Robert's good books but didn't want to muck in at the Bistro when asked. She did, though, and is the street's latest scrubber ;)

Bazinga award: Aidan reeled Sally in well and truly. Feel ill? Want to go home early? No problem, I'll cancel your council meeting for you!

Lines of the week:
Mary "Sally's about as laid back as a rockhopper penguin"
Tracy "There are a million slappers in this world, why did you have to go and sleep with that one?"
Carla "Any tips on how to be Mrs. Tilsley?" Leanne "No, I'm more about how not to do it"
Amy to Tracy "Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen not working anymore?" (nope, apparently not)
Tracy "This is going to take way more than a push up bra and a couple of vodkas"
Sally to Beth "That's why I'm a community figurehead, and you're not"
Kirk "You only get married once" Kate "That's the idea. As long as it's a life decision not a life sentence" Kirk "With Beth, it's both. We're like two parts of a pantomime horse. She's the head end and I'm the other end" (not many men would brag about being a horse's ass! Gotta love Kirky)
Tracy "When did you become so mean?" Amy "Learnt from the best!" (And Tracy never even flinched)
Eva "I've got the musical ability of a fruit salad"
Eva on Liz's impersonation of Amy's mother "Where's your cloven hooves and your homicidal tendencies?"
Gerald's wife "Do you enjoy scallops, Sally?" Sally "Oh yeah, I love potatoes"

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