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Sunday Comments April 3

Right. Now this will be the last Sunday Comments for a few weeks as I'll be away.

Phelan gets to Eileen first and lies, or partially lies. You know the best lies contain a bit of truth. He explains that he and Anna had a one night stand. Anna had a crush on him and he took advantage of it. Just the once, in a hotel in the afternoon. That was true. But he then says he refused to pursue it and Anna got angry, spilled the beans and everything hit the fan. Just left out that one little thing, that it wasn't Anna's idea, he coerced her into it to get Gary off the hook. Oh, he's really smooth! Eileen completely believed him.

Anna comes to Eileen face to face since she couldn't get hold of her by phone. She's shocked when Eileen tells her what Pat told her and Anna denies it was a one night stand. Anna called it rape, more or less. She tells Eileen the story about Phelan's blackmail, blackmail she couldn't prove. She's quite dramatic, telling Eileen she let Phelan use her like a prostitute but Eileen thinks she's only trying to justify a mistake she made. Because he managed to get his point of view in first, Eileen isn't about to believe her view of things. Anna warns him one last time but it's no good and out on the street, there he is, gloating in Anna's ear again and she feels completely defeated.

Eileen is not going to believe anyone, not Anna or Izzy even though Izzy's rant did give her pause for thought. But she's brainwashed. And she's hooked up with another loser, one with a silver tongue who stayed the night, much to Jason's horror. I wonder how many different men he's seen go through his mother's door over the years? Anyway, Phelan then made sure Jason knows his lies about Anna, too.

I thought Kevin and Anna got back together already? I guess I'm not remembering that right. He's referring to her as a mate. He had to get Jason in to iron out a few rough edges but refused to have Phelan on the premises leading Jason to refer to Anna's affair with Phelan. He went straight to Anna and she FINALLY told him the truth. Kevin believed her completely. After all her worry, he was supportive and he never would have broken up with her like she was afraid. Stupid woman. Honesty is always best but most soap characters don't understand that. Naturally the gossip will spread and Phelan's lies will be what everyone hears but that's probably better than the actual truth as far as public consumption goes. Kevin's a much better man than Owen was, that's for sure.

Eileen wasn't long in spreading the gossip. Todd and Sean know Phelan's side and didn't waste any time spreading it around, Sean mainly. Anna is pretty pissed that people are believing Phelan's lies and she isn't about to tell her side of things, it's still too private and humiliating. Kevin's being supportive at least and takes her out to the Bistro for an early special and naturally Eileen and Phelan are there too. No coincidences!

Michael pushed his way into the cafe just before closing and then Anna couldn't get rid of him. He really just wanted someone to talk to. He found someone, Gail took him in. She was a good listener and she even remembered it was the anniversary of his son, Gavin's death. He doesn't stay any longer and kisses her cheek when he leaves, but I wonder if this is the first baby steps back for them? He didn't take it well when he found out about Eileen and Phelan. He also reckons he can't work for Streetcars with her anymore and of course that would be awkward. Gail offered herself to him again but he turned her down. I don't imagine he's really ready for that yet.

Ken is still trying to get closer to Audrey but she seems to have pushed her feelings aside and seems to be working on a friendship basis with him. I really think that her feelings for him were more of a crush. Freddie and Kylie were still at the pub so Audrey and Ken joined them, meeting Freddie. Audrey was quick to join them, much to Ken's chagrin. Ken and Freddie shared their losses with Ken saying he gets on the best he can, but is grateful for his family and friends (and that rebound fling you had, too, I say to the telly)

Eva is still fretting over Marta and the possible sighting but when she tells Aidan, he doesn't want to know, calling it a conspiracy theory. But when Aidan was in the O'Driscoll house, he saw Julie padlock a room from the outside. Now that's suspicious. The O'Driscolls will be out of town so that sounds to me like the perfect opportunity. But Aidan doesn't want Eva and Billy to follow up until the O'Driscolls' latest payment hits the bank. He does, however, seem to finally be on their side now he's seen that padlock but is trying to keep the business afloat as well.

The latest payment is late but they're bringing round contract renewals, that's a good sign. Still, the tension mounts. Billy and Eva kill time sitting in the car talking about this, that and the other in a wonderful little scene. They didn't wait, now they have to get in. Break and Enter much? Eva took the lead on that one. The money got paid but the O'Driscolls didn't end up at the exhibition and headed home early which Aidan knows but Eva and Billy don't. This isn't going to go well, is it?

Marta's terrified and doesn't want to go with them. But they can clearly see she's in a state and it looks like she's been locked in a storage room. Yes, you knew Richie and Julia would come home and catch them and it was a free for all until Aidan raced to the rescue as well. Richie tried to talk Aidan out of pressing charges and threatened the livelihood of Underworld but to his credit, Aidan stuck to his guns. Everyone got arrested but the charges against everyone except the O'Driscolls were dropped once the circumstances are known. The word of a vicar will go a long way to credibility.

The fallout for the factory will probably be major, though and that's weighing on Aidan now it's over. Johnny and Aidan are looking for clients but not having much luck and it's all unsettling for the staff who think they're about to lose their jobs. But Marta, appearing all clean and shiny and happy stops in to look for Eva. Looks like it's a happy ending for her at least.

Gemma wasn't long without a job, was she? She got aggressive with some little brats in the kebab shop and then, at Chesney's suggestion, he put in a word and she turned on what little charm she had and sweet talked Dev into a job in the kebab shop. That's probably more her speed anyway. It's interesting that she's so keen, insisting she's reliable when she was late her first day at the salon. I suppose there, she thought since Kylie was her friend, she could get away with it. I'd really like to see her make this job work and make a fresh start for herself. I'm just chuffed that she's back! She was one of the shining bits about that whole dreary Callum storyline.

Sarah's not feeling to good either and she's worried because the baby didn't kick or move one day. Considering she lost a baby due to early labour and stress, you can understand why she'd be twice as worried this time around. But she and Kylie went to the hospital and Sarah was checked over and the baby seems just fine. Of course, when you have a crisis over the pregnancy, on a soap and probably in real life, you realize how much you really want the baby. Meanwhile, David's worried that she'll start getting all wound up again over Callum.

Sarah decided she needed to go shopping. We heard several times that she still had 5 weeks to go and the next thing you know, she's in the flower shop with Todd having a cuppa and goes into labour. Tracy was purely nasty with all the commotion but Todd was really good with Sarah. He ran to find Gail but she was nowhere so he alerted David and Audrey. David and Todd both end up at the hospital where Sarah is freaking out because it's the same point in her pregnancy where she had baby Billy who then died. Mind you, 5 weeks is early but definitely not normally that dangerous for a preemie. It's nice that Todd is there because he really does understand why she's so upset. We'll find out next week how it all comes out but I shouldn't think they'd have her lose two babies so I'm guessing it'll be fine. Kylie's supposed to be the birthing partner but she'd gone to Freddie's to help him clear his wife's things.

Meanwhile, she won't be able to get hold of Bethany because the bullies are back and they snatched her phone from her but not before Gemma came out and gave them all a rollocking. Gemma would scare anyone! Audrey ended up leaving Max and Lily with Craig and his girlfriend who didn't look best pleased to find herself babysitting!

That fella Rana saw in the Bistro and was trying to avoid? Her ex-boyfriend. She tried to escape unseen but he confronted her. He made some insinuations that she was unfaithful to him. Rana said he was lying but he warned Zeedan anyway. Then she tells Zeedan her ex is only angry because she dumped him. She plays Zeedan like a fiddle. All her relationships ended badly (big, sad eyes, with lashes batting) and he falls for it. She's just not met the right guy. And that would be him, I guess.

But she seemed more reluctant than he was to tell her family. So is she actually serious about him? My own feeling is that she's not but maybe making do for now. The family seems ok with it.

Norris stayed late to help Rita work up an order then he wanted to take her for a drink. He's still pandering for her vote and she walked right into a campaign speech. She won't commit to admitting that she'll vote for him or not. But it turns out, he's missing Emily and he's lonely and all this election palaver was really just to fill in the empty hours.

Election day has come around. Rita voted for Norris who sees that as a personal insult. It's a tough spot for Rita to be in, after all. Sally is determined to spend her last day glad handing and after a slight wobble of confidence, and a lot of support from Tim, she did her best. And guess what? She won!! She said she wasn't gloating but she did in a round about way. Norris was dignified as Rita said. Sally didn't mean to be like that but she just doesn't know any better! Sally was ready to celebrate in the style to which she and Tim usually celebrate but it wasn't long before duty called and Tim was forgotten. A shadow of things to come?

Kylie went back to see Freddie again, after the funeral. But she peeked through the window and it looked ike he might have been dead in his chair with a bottle of pills and vodka by his side. There was nearly another break and enter but she found the key under one of his biker gnomes and he's ok, he's just drunk. He was really pleased to get the scarf back, infused with her perfume. His speech about death and finding a way to get on with things really affected Kylie for reasons that we know all about. I really like this friendship.

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