Monday, 21 November 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Nov. 14 - 18

Green eyed monster award: Sonia wasn't too keen on seeing the family group hug celebrating Rana and Zeedan's news.

Crash and burn award: Alya sure got a swift shove off that high horse when Sonia revealed the truth about the 7 year affair. "Face" "Backside" "Slapped" "Like a" seemed to be the result.

Phrase of Doom award: Maybe. Michael saying to Andy about him and Gail renewing vows. "You only live once" says the man with a dicky heart. Hmmmmm. Not quite classic POD but it's in the neighbourhood.

Firebug award: David actually wanted to have a fireworks/bonfire night for the kiddies. You've got to be kidding me. Is that actually the decision of a man that wanted to blow himself and someone else up in an inferno before nearly killing his child and badly burning a neighbour?

Mr. Dynamo, He's Not award: Michael was getting cold feet before asking Gail to renew their vows. They're already back together, already married. Why get nervous now? Because he's Michael, that's why.

Utter Nutjob award: Caz.

Who Greased the Grapevine award: How did the general public find out about Maria's arrest so quickly? Has it been on the front page of the Gazette? We are usually shown things like that. Inquiring minds want to know.

How Much is that Floozy in the Window award: (And a throwback award, as well) Rita recalls her husband Len went off with a floozy many years ago. I guess she's forgotten her husband Dennis also went off with a floozy rather more recently.

Evidence fail: Caz cut herself with Maria's scissors and it didn't look like she made much of an effort to wipe her prints off the case and scissors.

Lines of the Week:
Yasmeen "I'm not saying he's perfect. But he's my rock" Alya "Excuse me while I hurl"
Audrey "Maria couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding"
Yasmeen "Onions and adultery. A lethal combination"
Sharif "I have never failed my family" (hypocrite!)
Alex "I was telling them about your old boiler" Gemma "Who? Me mum?" (ha!)
Tyrone "It would be much easier if we was women, eh? Eat loads of ice cream, watch a sad film and have a good cry"
Eileen "I like a bit of Boney M in the morning!" (*snort* how do they get away with this!!)
Maria to Michelle "I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt ya" Jenny "Is that what you said to Caz? " (Ouch. I guess Jenny's forgotten how everyone was nasty to her for no reason)
Kirk "Has something happened?" Maria "it's just me, I'm going mad" Beth "Oh no! Not again!"

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