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Sunday Comments November 20

Poor Zeedan thinks he made a fool of himself when he proposed to Rana and Alya's highly skeptical about marriage these days. She had a hard time stomaching her grandmother gushing about her "rock". I think I would, too, knowing what Alya knows about that "rock" of a grandfather. Anyway, Zeedan gets a big, fat yes from Rana so I guess I have to stand corrected. I never really thought she felt much for him, that he was just a conquest but she clearly does love him. I think. They didn't waste any time getting a nice ring, too.

Sonia is being chucked out to live in Dev's flat now that Erica's moved in with Dev. That flat must be furnished. There's going to be an engagement party and Sharif doesn't want her there. I think Yasmeen would find it strange, it's about family *and* friends. We know Sharif only wants to keep her away so he doesn't feel uncomfortable, especially with Alya glaring at them all the time. I can well understand that. I'm not making excuses for him, oh, no, but I do agree that it's a very awkward situation.

Alya sure had egg on her face. She badgered Sonia and stuck the knife in so much that Sonia threw it back in her face and told her it had been going on for 7 years, not just a one night stand. Talk about being rudely shoved off that high horse. Unfortunately, Yasmeen also got a bad shock when she overheard Sonia and Sharif talking about their affair. She was in the Orangerie and something told her not to speak up when he called out to see if she was in the house. When you eavesdrop, you aren't going to hear anything good and this was pretty bad. She confided in Alya and she's not letting Sharif get away with it.

And she didn't! They threw an engagement party together in hours. Yasmeen did all the food and party prep to keep herself busy from her own feelings of guilt and blame. She seemed to be leaning towards ignoring the fact but she doesn't seem the type that can do that. Yasmeen has Jamilla's necklace for Rana but it was difficult for her to take Sharif's sympathy and comfort. Maybe that's why she insisted that Sonia come to the party when she saw her. Zeedan finally got to meet Rana's parents. Sharif undercut Yasmeen and gave Rana the necklace which infuriated Yasmeen because she had her heart set on surprising them herself. That's the last straw. She announced in front of all their guests and outed Sharif and Sonia. Party over.

The guests and the grandchildren left them along to have it out. she wants all the details. That's what you do. My heart broke for Yasmeen. Zeedan and Alya couldn't stay away but Alya tried to deflect things. Zeedan was shocked and heartbroken to find out the affair was true. Alya had to admit she's known about the affair and she admitted she'd accepted the money for Underworld as a bribe, but it was her doing the extorting and that didn't sit well with her grandmother and brother. Yasmeen threw her husband and Alya out.

Yasmeen is gutted by Sharif's betrayal. The day after, she's avoiding her friends on the phone and can't get her head around both his and Alya's wrong doing. Zeedan feels angry and upset at Sharif's cowardly retreat. Dev is looking for Sharif for the money he borrowed but Sharif is nowhere to be found. Except he did send a letter to his wife and told her he was leaving town and running away from all the shame and guilt. That's it, it's done and he's now gone. In real life the actor got into a bit of bother and was fired. They've had to rewrite the storyline and speed up the discovery, you see. Sharif didn't even tell Sonia so Zeedan did, which is at least mildly satisfying. Dev, of course, is furious and worried for his business as you would be. Zeedan wants nothing to do with his sister and is feeling overwhelmed by the idea of having to pay Dev back which is something he hadn't really intended on suggesting but it slipped out.

Alya is the latest to stay on Fiz and Tyrone's sofa. Rana's sympathetic towards her but thinks it's best if she stays away for now. Gary thinks it is just going to take time, too. Bethany overheard Gary tell Alya that he's got his eye on someone and he was just vague enough that she thinks she's the one he fancies.

It really is ludicrous that Maria would be suspected of hurting Caz. She didn't have time! The taxi company can prove when she dropped her off and she never had time between then and everything else to do off Caz. Fiz wonders why Caz would lie about being afraid of Maria. Why wouldn't she lie? Fiz just finished admitting she's been fast and loose with the truth in the past. And how can you charge someone with no body? It seems to be dividing people. Fiz suspects Maria but Tyrone doesn't. Kate suspects Maria but Johnny and Aidan think Caz set it all up. I'm with them.

Fiz also told Kate about Maria's past troubles and then she told the police and later, Tyrone defended Maria to the cops but now Fiz finds a bloody rug in their wheely bin. I don't understand it, though. If it was Maria that had really killed Caz, she wouldn't hide the bloody rug in Tyrone and Fiz's bin. If it's a set up by Caz, I can see her doing it to bring more attention to doubt Maria's state of mind. It's not as if that bin was near either end of the ginnel, it's in the middle!

Now the police are also on to her scam marriage. It would be so easy to prove that she doesn't in fact Live in London and Weatherfield both and that she hasn't even seen Pablo since she returned from Cypress until this recent visit. Aidan seems to be coming over all protective of her. Slippery slope, i'd say. Maria's back with the police again and the evidence sure seems to be stacking up. She's getting comfort from Aidan on the street and guess who we see behind her? Yep, Caz lurking in the ginnel!

Aidan continues to tippytoe around Maria and Eva continues not to notice any atmosphere between her boyfriend and her new bff. Her new BFF, Maria's life is going from bad to worse. All of her clients have cancelled though I've not noticed anyone mentioning her arrest was in the newspaper so I don't know how they all found out so fast. That's one speedy grapevine! Later on, Maria overhears Tyrone referring to her earlier period of crazy that nearly broke up he and Fiz and went on a rant at everyone in the pub for not believing someone they've known for years and in the process, shoves Michelle away from her, hurting her a bit. Let's add guilt to Maria's anger now.

Eva finally convinced her to tell the police the truth about the sham marriage. She thought that being honest about that should show them she's a good person. Eva's not too bright. Naturally the police think Caz knowing Maria's marriage was fake is motive for murder.

Meanwhile, Caz nearly got caught in Maria's flat. She was just the other side of the door when Eva talked Maria away for a cuppa. What does Caz do? Get out while the getting's good once the coast was clear? Of course not. She finds Maria's case of scissors for work and expands a cut that's already on her hand, gtetting blood all over the scissors. The woman is a nutter! I have to say, though, not much of an effort to wipe the fingerprints. Just a swipe here and there. Yet you just know the police won't find a thing when this surfaces. A real murderer would have washed and bleached everything and went on using it as if nothing happened. Yet you just know it will look as if it's wiped clean which should be suspicious in and of itself because if she had done a good job, Maria's would be gone too and that looks weird. And how long was Caz in that flat? Maria was at Eva's and then the police station for quite some time yet it looked as if Caz had only just replaced the scissors in the case after the police interview was shown.

She nearly got caught going out as well with Michelle and Steve on the bench nearby. Maria, Aidan and Eva got back when it was dark She must have got away, though, again nobody saw her because she was gone when Maria finally got home but only just. Maria said she'd closed Liam's bedroom door when she got home and it was open when she came back out of her own bedroom after changing. (where was Liam? who was looking after him?) Later, when Beth and Kirk were there for tea, it turns out Caz's initial reason for being at the flat was to install a hidden remote webcam. Bought with what money? Caz was broke. And she's obviously living somewhere. With no money to pay rent and she had said already she has no mates she can stay with.

All that talk of weddings has Cathy trying to get Roy's opinion on wedding plans but he's reluctant unless she pulls it out of him. Alex is going to be best man, that's nice. Alex wants to invite someone. I would have thought his invitation would have been a standard plus one type of thing but they assumed he wouldn't have anyone to ask. And of course, it's Gemma, isn't it? He also persuaded Cathy to be ok with Nessa coming to the wedding and then Roy agreed to a church wedding as a compromise. Cathy's been gushing over Roy and what a good man he is, honest and all that and boy she's so happy she made the right choice. Is that a whiff of a phrase of doom I smell? Roy didn't look too comfortable.

Underworld got some orders for Alya's lingerie! Onward and upward, luvvie. Oh, that was quick, new uniforms for the kebabers merely days after Alya showed Dev the drawings. But then I don't suppose it takes long to run up two blue shirts. Michael decided to ask Gail to renew their vows. Why on earth would he lose his nerve? He's already married to her. Then again, he isn't a very dynamic little soul, is he? HE found the nerve and he re-proposed and she was chuffed.

David and the kids are back home and the kids want a fireworks display. I really find it hard to believe that, after everything that happened, David would agree to have a bonfire in the back garden and fireworks. Bethany invited Gary while Sarah and Gary just kept looking at each other practically salivating. Gail was worried that David and Gary in the same space was an accident waiting to happen, so to speak but they seemed to get on ok. Gary made David feel badly, though, by being friendly and telling David he knows everything was an accident. He doesn't blame David but of course David blames himself. You would, wouldn't you, even if there weren't anything else behind the accident.

The kebab shop uniforms certainly got changed quickly. Anyway, Gemma appears to be sleeping in the shop, avoiding her old neighbourhood and her old neighbours, fearing for her safety because she "grassed" and testified. Did you see Alex's reaction when she kissed him on the cheek? I think he's got a crush. Chesney found her bra and nearly found out. Later, Alex let Gemma take a shower at the flat but they got caught and it certainly looked like a compromising situation!

Anna's awake after her op. They have a psychologist there to help her deal with it. She's really scared to see the damage on her legs and I don't blame her. I'm really surprised they showed the photos of her legs on camera, though. It certainly knocked her confidence back. I'm not surprised she decided to be noble and push Kevin away, not wanting to burden him. Kevin was't going to take that but she showed him the shocking photos. I think he could see that she's determined at the moment so he seems to have accepted her decision. I think they'll be back together before long. Anna's being very noble about Kevin. She thinks that he was so sickened by the photo of her burns that she reckoned she'd be a burden to him and he'd only stay with her out of pity. That's why she finished with him but she won't let Gary talk to Kevin. Gary did talk to Sarah. So Sarah talked to Kevin instead.

David's back to work and he doesn't look broody or enraged at all. He's even playing with the kids. Except Kevin, reeling from Anna's rejection, has one more reason to go baying for David's backside and bay he does, threatening David that he'd better watch his back. David thinks he should go visit Anna which doesn't really seem to be such a great idea in Gail's mind so she's going to go instead and she brings Michael. It's all kind of awkward, talking about David feeling guilty. Anna doesn't seem angry with David though she doesn't seem overly warm and fuzzy about him either. Later, Gail leaves Michael with Anna while she gets drinks. The subject of Phelan comes up. Michael had overheard him fobbing off Rita and Jenny about the flat. But Anna reckons Michael should just stay out of it.

In a new storyline, Eileen seems to be having hearing trouble. And she tidies the house to Boney M because she likes a bit of Boney M in the morning, does Eileen. Ohh er missus! She's convinced she's going deaf. Michelle's ok and it turns out the baby was conceived in Kildare. There's more dagger glaring between Michael and Phelan going on. And people are starting to ask Phelan when the flats will be ready and can they have a look at the progress? He's holding them off for now but for how long?

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