Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday Comments November 6

The day of the trial dawns. David's still in the cellar looking for a way out. He seems to have found a vent to the outside or to a sewer or something. It looks disgusting. In the course of his machinations he lost his wedding ring, too. Robert is skulking around watching the Platts, no idea what's going on but sure something is. When he finds them all at the cellar door, now what? Lies, lies and damned lies. Meanwhile, David's crawling through the sewer with a lighter and getting up close and personal with the rats. It's not going to get him out. Foiled again. And Robert knows the truth because David hollered at the door when he wsa outside it and he thinks they're all out of their collective minds.

Gail gets to be further horrified and heartbroken at David's full story about the petrol in the car. He truly has hit rock bottom. But Gail gave it right back to him, called him selfish, told him he had to hang on for the kids and for his family. Was she talking to deaf ears? Or...dead ones? Gail is frantic. Sarah thinks David's being devious. Gail can't stop herself and she went in. It looks like he's on the floor bleeding. A mother's worst nightmare. Yep, Devious David springs up off the floor and pushes past her. Freedom!! He's determined, I'll give him that.

Let's backtrack a bit.

Anna worries that if Peter's back, he might be about to raise her rent and she can barely manage it now. Kevin has a solution, move in with him! Another house with elastic walls, then. (Jack and Sophie already live there so Faye's got the sofa? There used to be only two bedrooms, remember?) Anna is all smiles and Kevin is looking forward to the future. You guessed it. Soap Opera Phrase of Doom! How will it come to them? Kevin's using a sparky welder close to David's car that's full of petrol. No, no it wasn't that. Smoking greasy rag? Nope. Well...

David got out of the cellar and into the car. It still won't start. He still doused the car with petrol and threatened to blow himself up. He's completely out of control and desperate. But Lily has gone running away from Fiz and looking for her daddy. David, in the throes of temporary insanity, was determined to kill himself and stepped on the pedal, screamed out of the garage, just in time to see Lily walk out in front of him. he might want to kill himself but he would never harm his child. Holy Hannah! That was exciting! He rolled the car which was still heading towards the little girl. Gary ran for her. Did he get her out of the way in time? No! they're trapped under the car, between that one and another one.

There's gasoline everywhere. Now, can they get David out of the car without it blowing up? Ok, he's out. Gary's trapped under it with Lily and the gas is leaking all over the place. Anna's on top of the wreck screaming while everyone else looks on in horror. All the men and Caz too managed to lift the car enough to slide Lily out but it was more difficult getting Gary out. Anna was wedged down between the car and the one it was up against.

Wow, it looked like they all got out ok, but then the car sparked and they ran for cover. Yep, another explosion on Coronation Street. Anna got knocked down by the blast and she would have been ok but another boom sent firey petrol down the street and up Anna's legs!!!!!

Fiz shouldn't feel guilty. If David hadn't been so obsessed and single minded, none of this would have happened. If anything has come out of this, David seems to have had a huge reality check. Craig is going home again, too and Beth is happy.

Anna has decided that if Sarah makes Gary happy, he should go for it but he thinks that ship has passed. Except in the hospital, Sarah reached out for Gary to comfort him.

The day after, everyone is still in a bit of shock especially David who really feels awful and well he should. David is also intent on going to the court to hear the verdict. We didn't see much of the trial at all, typical since the defendant isn't a Street character who is on trial for something they didn't do. Clayton is found guilty of murder!!! Yay! Clayton is in tears and Macca is furious. Too bad. You do the crime, you do the time, kid. Poor Gemma needed a hand to hold. Craig was chuffed but I don't think there's anything more there than just mates. Certainly on her part. At the end of the day, David finally burned his bloodied jacket. He's still not sure how he's going to get on with his life without Kylie. Gail is afraid if any of them visit Anna and let anything slip.

Robert feels like crap too, because he knew what was going on and didn't do anything to stop it. Nick tries his best to stop Robert from going to the police and he might have succeeded but Robert is determined to tell Anna at the very least.

Anna is in a medical coma and it sounds like she's got a long and painful road to recovery including psychological implications like flashbacks which sends a shiver down Gary's spine. He certainly knows what that's like but at least he could be the best one to help if that happens. Not sure why her visitors are only wearing those little plastic aprons leaving most of their body and their hair uncovered. If it's supposed to be sterile because she'll be very suseptible to infection, I can't think that little bit of plastic is going to do much good. Kevin of course, went with his size 10s looking for some David-ass to kick, his temper simmering and about to boil over. He's suspicious and threatening but there are too many Platts around for him to do anything at the moment. Tim tried to talk sense to him. He understands Kevin's anger but points out it's not very productive if he gets sent to jail for thrashing David

Robert wasn't able to tell the truth after all, not after seeing Sarah and hearing the verdict. Nobody wanted him in Anna's room anyway though I'm not quite sure why they were so hostile to him. Sarah popped in too, and she wasn't family either but they didn't tear a strip off her. Gary was kind of pleased she stayed for a bit. Robert thinks Justice would have come from the truth. But would it really? Robert, the upstanding guy, is having a hard time with it but it seems like he's going to keep it to himself for now. But wait, how come Michelle is all friendly with him again? A couple of days ago she was very rude to him but then he defended Steve and she cold shouldered him all over again.

Craig and Gemma are all suited up for court. Beth wants to go to the court but she has to start her community service. Craig realizes it's all down to his testimony. He's the main witness since Gemma was out cold. I'm sure if Beth had called the Community Service people and told them the situation, it could have been postponed. Instead, Mary is standing in for Beth at her community service. You know this isn't going to end well. She's got to sign in for Beth and the signatures aren't going to match the next time so she had to text Beth. I don't know how long Mary was locked in the loo and how long it took Beth to get there but they managed to switch clothes and places just in time.

The trial starts with Craig as the first witness that we get to see. The prosecutor painted Clayton's involvement as a scuffle from a sulky teenager. Gemma, of course, was out cold when the actual killing happened so really, she wasn't that good a witness and she feels guilty that she couldn't do more. But she did get the chance to tell the court about Kylie and second chances. Maybe that's enough. Gemma's bricking it, worried about the fallout from Clayton's mates.

Michelle and Leanne aren't BFFs anymore after Leanne told Tracy about Steve's possible illness. At least she knows the test was done even if they don't know when the tests will be back yet. Michelle is still in a state. She tore a strip off Amy for listening to her private conversation, a conversation she's having in the hallway not in a private location behind a closed door. Later, Liz lets slip something about Michelle's hormones and Amy's not stupid, she figures out about the pregnancy and Liz can't lie. Amy's thrilled. Michelle is pissed that Liz didn't keep it quiet. It's all about the control that Michelle doesn't feel like she has these days, especially because of the worry about the genetic condition.

Peter and Tracy have spent the night in the hospital, waiting to find out what happens to Ken. Peter, of course, isn't going to admit he was arguing with his father at the time of his collapse. Tracy's freaking out. It's only been a year since she lost her mother. She leaves Peter to his guilt and takes off. The doctor tried to assure him, it could have been anything that caused the stroke but Tracy found out about the row. She wants Peter out. Go. Don't darken our door.

Leanne and Peter had a little catch up in the hospital and later, everyone is at the hospital to wait for news about Ken. Leanne's managing to fend Tracy's questions off re Steve's test and why it had anything to do with her. (Again, why can't Tracy have Amy tested regardless of Steve's results?) When Ken finally comes to, his speech is impaired.

Peter spends the day avoiding Tracy who has told him to leave. Peter, meanwhile, has caught up with Steve who has invited Peter to stay with them at the pub for a few days. Michelle is pissed at that, too. Ken is in a rough shape but hearing everyone bicker about Peter isn't helping, especially hearing that Tracy made Peter go. Peter finally got to see his father and offered to go since everyone wants him to leave but Ken managed to tell him to stay. Michelle doesn't want Peter to stay at the pub, she's narked that Leanne stuck her nose in by telling Tracy about the genetic issue, and she's not best pleased that Liz's slip let Amy know about the baby. Michelle really just feels like everything is out of her control.

Alya is being a bitch to her grandfather, very cool and rude but when Yasmeen notices, they have to tell her that he invested in the machine for the factory which has arrived today. Yasmeen doesn't mind but is only upset that they kept it a secret from her. They have no real answer to that. In the factory, Sinead is sulking but Alya tries to get her to figure out how this embroidery machine with all it's buttons and screens works. It looks quite complicated. Johnny and Jenny are back from their holiday and he's not pleased about the cash outlay and new machine even if he didn't end up paying for it. Alya assures Johnny that things will work out fine once the production gets up and running.

Kirk is worried about Craig but tells Audrey that he can't get Caz out of the flat. Audrey can't do anything about Craig but she can do something about Caz. The landlady pulls rank. She's blunt and to the point. Caz tells Kirk she's going to Nottingham to see if she can stay with a friend there. Kirk ends up taking Liam to the park with Aidan who then ends up keeping Liam overnight at Liam's request. Huh? Apparently, when Aidan and Kirk took Liam to the park, someone assumed they were a couple with their little boy. It made Aidan quite uncomfortable. Kirk wondered if he was homophobic. I reckon it's only that he was horrified that anyone would think he didn't have better taste! Eva is tickled that Aidan suggested his ideal might be Nick Piggin' Tilsley if he had to choose. Which he doesn't want to. I'm still surprised Aidan agreed to keep Liam for the night. I suppose they are related but Liam really barely knows Aidan.

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Robin said...

I watched this not the UK timeline and there are still two things that are bothering me...
1). Wouldn't Kevin and the guys at the garage looked for and or noticed the multiple cans of gas in David's car? I know it was for dramatic effect, but that seemed a bit unrealistic as I think some of them were right in the back seat,

2) Macca showed up at the trial! Didn't we see him unconscious and recovering from severe brain surgery less than 2 weeks ago! It was so serious that they threatened David might be charged with murder!

Tvor said...

I think they did notice but David made some excuse for the gas cans.

I agree, Macca was practically at death's door not long ago and there he was at the trial with a tiny bandage on the back of his head under his hat. Very silly

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