Friday, 11 November 2016

Hospital horrors, crazy Caz and mardy Michelle

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog October 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

When Kate Oates was announced as the new Coronation Street producer last year, I asked Emmerdale fans on the Digital Spy soaps forum what we could expect.

One of the comments that came through was: Lots of hospital scenes.  Well, we've certainly had those already with Anna and Ken over the last couple of weeks.

What I haven't been expecting and I'm not entirely happy with are some of the harpies we're now being exposed to. 

For instance - Crazy Caz. Are we really to believe that ex-army and hard-as-nails Caz who helped lift the car off Anna Windass last week on the cobbles, is pretending to be in tears over receiving texts from Maria?  It doesn't cut it with me, I'm afraid. And while we're on the subject of Caz, why can't there ever be a positive depiction of a lesbian on the show? (And I don't mean Sophie Webster).

Moving on - we've now got Mardy Michelle.  Her unborn baby might have a life-threatening disease but then again, it might not. However, while waiting for the test results from Steve, she considers having an abortion. I found this hard to believe and therefore every time Michelle came on screen in tears I wanted to chuck a cushion at my telly box.

And what's going on between Michelle and Robert? Since when did the two of them share a conversation before, never mind a confession, or even a scene lasting longer than two shots?  When?  In the kitchen at the Bistro last night, Michelle stormed in to berate Robert for sharing her pregnancy news around the street. She ranted and raved at him about betraying her THEN she went on to confide in him even more, about Steve and his illness that he might, or might not have.

Don't get me wrong. I'm loving the fresh, new world of Kate Oates at Coronation Street.  I loved the shock of the explosions last week - of which I had NO idea.  I didn't know Anna was going to end up burned either. I screamed in shock and horror as I was watching the show. And I loved that, I really loved not knowing what was going to happen. In nine years since starting this Coronation Street Blog I can honestly say it was one of maybe half a dozen times that I didn't know - I hadn't been told - what was going to happen. More please.

And on that note, paparazzi pictures this week revealed all kinds of things about Michelle Connor.  I deliberately haven't put them onto the blog but in my search for Corrie stories to blog about, I've seen them and it's spoiled the storyline for me, as a fan. What's the point in watching, of investing, if we know months in advance what's going on?

If Coronation Street can shake off those paparazzi photographers, maybe keep their on-location filming indoors, just think of the fun and surprise we could have as fans in the future. Just think.

The future of Coronation Street under Kate Oates is looking good, it really is. There's a lot to look forward to.  But keeping it tight, keeping it focussed and keeping it secret is the key to keeping fans hooked.

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