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Sunday Comments November 13

The biggest concern now is Anna. She's got a long recovery ahead of her. I hope Gary doesn't think he has to do all the work looking after Anna. They have home nursing for that. Anna's been brought around and now the real drama starts. Anna should be glad her legs feel numb. Burns are extremely painful.

Robert is having a big moral dilemma. He did promise to keep quiet but it's eating at him because he thinks he could have prevented Anna from getting hurt. Maybe he could and maybe he couldn't.

On Halloween, Anna is facing her first skin graft. I'm finding it hard to believe she's not experiencing more pain, or at least not that we've been told. Those painkillers must be monster weight! While Faye is supposed to be at school, she and Seb are in the park with a bottle of some sort of alcohol. (unless it's dinnertime, I guess). Sounds like Faye is turning all rowdy. But really, she's just scared for her mother.

It seems like Faye's boyfriend Seb might turn out to be on the dodgey side. There was an expensive gift the other week and now it looks like he was going to rob someone's handbag, but then if she leaves it open on a table in a cafe with her wallet sat right on top, she's only asking for trouble. She gave him grief for it but he spun her a line about wanting to buy something nice for her to cheer her up. She let him off but she may regret that. Later he also stole a bottle of wine from the corner shop. We kind of went down this road years ago when Toyah had a boyfriend that was trying to get her to rob Roy's cafe if you will recall. Are we going down that route again?

Sarah really seems to be sending Gary mixed signals. She's doing much better, health wise, though she's still a bit nervous. She kind of avoids him one minute and she's skulking around seeing him in secret in the ginnel afterwards and he doesn't like all this messing about. It's never a good sign when someone wants to keep a relationship secret.

David's getting charged for causing an injury by dangerous driving. Now he needs a change of scenery and is going to see his father for real this time. In the meantime, Gary insists to everyone that it was just an accident and he's not laying blame. But what will happen when he finds out the truth?

Alya is still struggling to get that fancy machine working and she's really being a bitch to Sinead, isn't she? This week, Dev came under fire for his Kebab shop uniforms, which he's been using since the place opened 8 years ago, yet the rival shop only just noticed and is kicking off and hollering about copyright just because they're the same colours. Alya's going to design new ones and has Sinead sew up a sample and then took all the credit herself even though Sinead is supposed to be working on the factory orders. Alya's very dismissive.

Can't say I think the design was very good, either, with wide swinging sleeves, probably not the best thing in a restaurant where I should think they'd get in the way. Also, it looks terrible for a man's shirt. It might look ok on Gemma but I hope she's modified it a bit for men working there.

I'm not sure if we're supposed to think she's turning into the strong, ambitious type like Carla was or not. Carla could certainly be bitchy, especially in the early days but it doesn't work well with Alya because we've seen her as a nice person up to now. She is someone that has ambition, yes, but even in the past when she's got her dander up and threatened to take the factory from Carla, we didn't believe her. It didn't work then and it's not working now. Carla was much more of a success once she brought a bit of reason and heart to her work and staff. Alya should remember that.

Rana's tempting Zeedan into skive off work because she's got the day off. Sonia is chafing under the same roof as snarky Alya. Sharif wants to get her out. Sharif is still hiding the books from Dev. It's all going on at the Nazirs! But Dev seems to have found out about the money anyway and Zeedan has discovered it, too. Sharif seems to be making out that he will replace it because his savings takes 60 days to withdraw. Maybe. In any case, he apologized for the secrecy to Dev.

Zeedan feels a bit at loose ends. Didn't like the gym and isn't sure about cooking, either. He misses his parents a lot as you do. His bright idea is to propose to her but she doesn't want a proposal just because he's upset and doesn't know what to do with his future.

I don't think it's fair of Michelle to get all narky when she finds out that Steve has told a few people about the baby. It's understandable that you want to wait a little bit at first but it's difficult when you're living with your mother-in-law and other people right under your feet but she's past the initial danger zone, too. If the genetic testing wasn't such a worry, she probably would be easier to let people know. Steve is so excited about the prospect of the baby, it's nice to see. But Michelle is terrified.

I see Michelle is still being ruder than a rude thing to Robert. What a cow. She certainly does run hot and cold, doesn't she? She's terrified and she's thinking of getting an abortion and she doesn't even know the test results yet but is looking at the option. Amy finds out, goes running off where Leanne and Robert see her upset and find out the problem. You forget that for awhile Robert was sort of a step dad to her. What gets me is that I do understand that Michelle is scared witless that both Steve and her child might have this genetic disorder and she doesn't think she could cope but she's basically telling Leanne that she doesn't know what it's like. Of course she doesn't know that Leanne is looking the possibility that her baby could have the same disorder.

She finally admitted to Amy that there might be something wrong with the baby without going into detail about the disorder, because it would involve Amy possibly being ill, too. It was all maybes and might be and of course Amy isn't going to understand that. But then Michelle comes to tear a strip off Robert, ordering him not to tell anyone what Amy told him. Rude. She ended up pouring her heart out to the man she thinks destroyed her best friend's life, all totally unexpectedly but that happens sometimes, you blurt something out to the person you'd not normally confide in. All this confiding in Robert might be contrived to melt the freeze she's been holding over him so that they can get together once she and Steve break up over his one night with Leanne. It's not a spoiler, it's a prediction because it sounds very much like a soap cliche. Well, it turned out to be a moot point. Steve is clear of the genetic marker.

I don't know if Leanne has been having similar ideas about termination if the worst happens but we haven't heard of it so must assume she's willing to take on a disabled child who, even with the gene, may not be disabled until well into their adult years anyway. Clearly, Jim McDonald had the gene and is only showing symptoms in his 60s.

Steve's in a high old mood now that he knows he's in the clear, and Liz mentioned that Andy was as well. I was wondering about that. Leanne and Nick are having a baby scan. Steve is still twitchy whenever Michelle and Leanne meet up even if they're not all pals like they were. Nick and Leanne decided they'd like to know what sex the baby is, and it's most likely a boy but they didn't tell Fiz and Tyrone because Steve was there. Michelle had been going on earlier about Steve wanting a boy, you see. But Steve worked it out and even shook hands with Nick when he confronted him and assured him he would stay clear of Leanne's baby.

Ken wants Peter to stay. What he says, goes. But Tracy's disgusted with him. So is Simon. Poor put-upon Peter but he's trying. Mithering him to help with a crossword wasn't the brightest idea and I guess Ken told everyone to go and don't come back because they all end up fighting, and he's scared, too, and he's not got the energy to deal with all of it. Can't blame him.

Everyone is still blanking Peter for "causing" Ken's stroke, including Simon. Peter really poured his heart out to Simon and promised to be a better father to him and better son to Ken. He always means it. Will he stick to it? Maybe Ken's stroke is the wakeup call he needs, as far as Simon goes. Simon's cold demeanor melted and he did the childish launch into his father's arms like he did when he was little.

Caz is back from Birmingham but still hasn't got a place to stay and Maria will be back on Monday so she's engineering sympathy by pretending Maria's gone all doolally again, threatening her by phone and text. In spite of the fact that Caz has form for lying, Maria also has a history of instability and her long time best friends instantly take Caz's side. I think when this all comes out eventually, Maria should tell them all to get stuffed. Caz makes out like she has nowhere to go but even if she can't go to her parents, there are hostels and shelters.

Maria's home. Tyrone mentions that Caz is scared of Maria but Fiz doesn't get that. Neither do I. Caz is tough as nails and a big, fat, liar and everyone knows it. She told Kate she was leaving and wanted forgiveness which she did get eventually. When Maria got in, it looked like there'd been a tussle in the flat, with tables overturned and a mess everywhere. Aidan is playing knight in shining armour all of a sudden. And Maria is angry at Caz, very angry and even saying threatening things about her to others but then she decided, after seeing the blood, that it was a Halloween prank by Kirk.

Aidan and Kate got pulled into it and Kate is all of a sudden on Caz's side after a frightened voice message. Oh, Caz is good, isn't she? Kate called the police! But Caz has only been gone a few hours. Aidan's allowing Maria to stay with him. That could be tricky. You can see that this is getting out of hand really quickly and Maria's feeling like she's in a bad dream and she can't wake up!

Eva's quite happy playing "mummy" with Aidan and Liam, a little family but Aidan really is out of his element. Dev was kitted out in a fancy jacket for the golf club. Liz suggested Amy use Michelle's tablet. I'm surprised Amy doesn't have her own. There's a costume party at the Rovers.

The barmaids are all done up as witches (of Eastwick). Eva looks great in a red wig with spiders in her hair and wearing tight dress. Steve and Kirk ended up wearing the same outfit, Uncle Fester from the Adams Family.

Beth and Kirk are still at odds but Beth needs to make a big gesture. Coincidentally, Kirk mentioned that he misses having a dog to walk (now Ozzie's gone). Beth's grand gesture, you guessed it, is to buy him a puppy, a dachshund by the look of it. He rejected it though. I can't believe he could do that, that poor little puppy looked very dejected.

Dev wants to ask Erica to move in but Mary doesn't think she will. But wanting her to wear a uniform in the shop and she balked at that. He did ask and she didn't say no outright and landed at his later with a bottle of fizzy. Except he hasn't actually told the kids yet! I'm sure they'll adjust. At least Mary is still there. And didn't Asha look like Sunita when she had the costume, makeup and her hair pulled back? Wow!

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