Monday, 12 March 2012

Corrie Canadian weekly awards: March 5 - 9

A right bimbo?

Cheeky award: Fiz asking Chesney to make John's funeral arrangements. Far as I know John's parents are still alive.

Part of the problem not the solution award: Jeff willing to pimp Rosie's story to the tabloids for publicity.

Party from the Twilight Zone: Lots of young people. Scandalous headlines. Mum and Dad. Rita and Emily?

Out on a limb award: Carla's teetering on the edge of bankruptcy trying to undercut the competition.

Stick the knife in award: Sally smugging it all over the Rovers after Carla shut the factory.

Career fail award along with Dirty Laundry award: I think it's time Rosie rethink her career. She's not too good with publicity is she?

Head in the Sand award: Anna avoiding telling Faye about Owen. Carla running away. Chesney's not paying the bills.

Saviour award: Nick managed to get another order for the factory.

Worst Day Ever award: Poor Ches has to go through that funeral and then found out his beloved dog was ill and the eviction letter just topped it off.

Pants on Fire award: Gold Star: Chesney lied to Katy about the rent, the dog and stole the rent money Owen lent them! Chris is still lying to everyone about the tumour and poor Doc Carter is getting it from all sides.
Silver Star: Chris told Doc Carter he isn't a liar.

Fashion Accessory of the week: Julie's red hair thingy.

Flattery will get you everywhere: Sally has that glint in her eye again!

Undignified award: Gold Star: Sally really made a show of herself. I understand her anger but it really wasn't called for. At least she felt bad after but will she apologise?

Logic award: Kirk being sensible about Schmeichel's chances.

Phone Home award: Brian is a dedicated believer of UFOs. Julie's not so sure, especially when it comes to camping on the red rec in winter.

Three's a crowd award: Kirsty really hates Tina lurking around the house. Can't say I blame her really. Why didn't she move into the flat she still owns with Jason way back when?

Grow up award: Jason, let me ask you why you could still possibly want a woman when you're 50.

Lines of the Week:

Julie "Wake up and smell the P45"
Carla to Nick "It's the best thing you ever did, getting out of women's underwear"
Kirk "Frogs don't march. They hop" Sean "Returning to our dimension...." (Earth to Kirk!)
Ciaran "How long does post traumatic head clearing take these days"
Sian "You made me sound like a right bimbo" Rosie "You say that like it's a bad thing!"
And this is Emily not giving them the satisfaction of reading that trash!
Fiz "All I can think about today was how happy we were" (when he wasn't stressing you out about identity theft, kidnappings etc.)
Kevin "When we've finished eating we can watch the fireworks outside!" Amber "And miss the fireworks in here? No fear..."
Eileen "Mr. Foster bought us cakes. You don't get that in Underworld" (Actually, you do. I've seen Carla buy them cakes on occasion)
Ches "You keep dog biscuits in your pocket?" Kirk "Yeah, pretty much. You never know when you might need 'em" (Awwww)
Kirk "I was saving up for a cuckoo clock..." (eh?)
Sally "I hate to crack the whip" Eileen "You were born to crack the whip"
Owen "Boys have pets. Men have responsibilities" (Ouch)
Lloyd "My guts are on the floor, I've been betrayed, deceived, stabbed in the heart by the woman I love and my back is killing me!"
Julie "Brian, make love to me. And I promise I'll keep an eye out for any little green men on the bowling green!" Brian "You're a scoffer!!!"
Steve "For awhile there you had it all. You shouldn't be sat here moping, you should be doing the lap of honour!"

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