Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The odds are Peter and Carla won't work out

Peter has realized that Carla is the one for him, this week anyway. But as we all know, Peter's not the most decisive of men and he wants to please everyone. He also knows he's not really the strongest of men and will bow down to the pressure of his responsibilities when he sees that sad little Simon-face. Leaving Leanne isn't going to be as straightforward as he thinks.

And I think even if he does manage it at some point, the odds of he and Carla going the distance are stacked pretty high against him. I just can't see them as a long term couple, raising Simon and any other children together as a happy family. I expect there will be a few twists and bumps in the road yet, though, and I've done a longer blog post about it over here.

I know Peter and Carla as a couple have their fans. I'm not one of them but since soaps thrive on triangles, I guess we're in for a bit of back and forth between Peter, his wife and the other woman. Good thing I do like all three characters, and actors, at least.


Anonymous said...

I don't like Peter and Carla as a couple at all! In fact I can't stand Carla period! I certainly can't see Carla being any kind of a mother to Simon she just doesn't have it in her. As for them having children together I got the impression from Peter that he really isnt' that keen to have any more. Two practising alcholics raising children together pretty sad.

Tvor said...

Too right. Carla won't be able to handle Simon who, rightly, will have a huge problem with her and the two of them (peter and carla aka Carpet) have more baggage than a luggage compartment!

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