Friday, 16 March 2012

Heartbreak Hotel for Lloyd

Lloyd is breaking my heart with his pain and utter dejection over Cheryl's betrayal. Lloyd is such an  underrated character that you forget how superb he really can be. He's everyone's mate and he's the ultimate nice guy who usually ends up finishing last but this really is rock bottom for his heart.

The way they've done this for a straight male character, showing a different type of male reaction to a relationship blowing up is refreshing, I think.  I've blogged more about it over here.


Steve said...

When Craig Charles first showed up on Corrie it was hard not to think of Red Dwarf whenever he was onscreen... But he has made Lloyd a real, believable character with several more dimensions than Lister ever had. Even when Lloyd is just a supporting character he's more real than many of the people around him.

Tvor said...

I agree. Lloyd is one of the best supporting characters on the show.

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