Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New Corrie collectables to be produced

There's something to look forward to for Corrie (and Emmerdale) fans in the near future. According to this, Enesco has won a licensing contract to produce Corrie and Emmerdale collectible and gift items, to be available sometime from the summer onwards.

There will be mugs, coasters, money banks, glassware, shopping bags, magnets and keyrings created. There's no word yet on where they will be sold but it's good news because it's been difficult to get official merchandise over the past few years other than off the ITV website and a few other places. You do see older items on eBay as well.

What really excites me is that miniatures of "a selection of key buildings" from Coronation Street are going to be produced by Lilliput Lane, owned by Enesco, with similar from Emmerdale available early 2013! Lilliput Lane ornaments are the highest quality and usually are available in jewellry, collectible and high end gift stores here in Canada. We aren't sure how long it would take for the houses to be available here but you might be able to get your local shop that carries the brand to order them once they're out.

The new collection is going to be debuted at the Harrogate Home and Gift Show in the UK in July.

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