Monday, 6 July 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for June 29- July 3

It's not the size award: It's the number of reps!

Musical ambiance: "If I Could Turn Back Time" while Brian moans about love hurting.

Imperial award: Roy's suggestion would make the baby's name Tiberius Tilsley.

Pants on fire award: Cathy appears to be lying about various appliances being broken. What else is she hiding?

Denial award: Everyone's referring to the Hodges as "The posh family". If you can't face what's happening, blame "them that's got money", that's what it sounds like to me.
 Fashion award: Billy looks awesome in his robes!

Woody Alert: Did you see Roy's Woody drive past in front of the Bistro when Erica came out? His 1 o'clock driving lesson.

Presumptuous award: Brian. Rent book? Really? I think Amy might have something to say about that since he's borrowing her bedroom.

Creep award: I already don't like that Dan fella. He's too cliche. "Dollface" Nononono.

Lines of the week:
Julie "I wouldn't go around the world with you. I wouldn't even go round the block!"
Julie "The HMS Julie has dropped anchor in more exciting waters"
Sarah "Liz is a mug when it comes to blokes but even she's not that much of a mug" Andrea to Sally "Pot" Sally "Kettle" Sarah aka Pot/Kettle "did you say something?"
Alya "Saint Alya's not allowed to have an off day"
Fiz "We don't do perfect, us, do we?"
Kylie to David "Walk the walk. Can you do that?" (as she said, for the kids if nobody else)
Ken to Brian "Found my kimono, I see" (How? Brian is staying in Amy's room. Is he rooting through the closets?)
Mary "I'm extremely flexible, thank you. With a good wind, I can still get my ankles behind my ears"
Mary to Talisa "He's very easily distracted. The silly man" (very pointed, too!)
Mary about Dev "Unfortunately, some people like their bread buttered on both sides" (point to Mary)
Nick about the booze "It's not the answer, though" Carla "No, but at least after a few more, you won't remember what the question is"
David to Nick "It's 'Make Your Mind Up' time, pal"
Gail "Do you always have to be so slutty?" Erica "I'm sorry. I was born this way"
Tracy to Amy "Write down 'mutton dressed as lamb'. Tell them your Grandma Liz gave it to you"
Eileen to Michael about Gail "If you don't go over there and give her a hug, I might have to and believe me, that's not something I want to go through again"

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