Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Luckless Leanne

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in July 2015, reposted with permission.)

Tracy’s first steps to redemption, making breakfast and trying to make up with Carla, seemed to have the touch of sincerity about them. It is very early days though and her real redemption will begin when she confesses about having started the fire in Carla’s flat.

Robert is confusing. We know he’s married and he lied to his wife on the phone in The Rovers. I need to be convinced much more by this enduring love for Tracy, though. So far, it just strikes me as odd. He’s no slouch though and saw off the thugs in Barlow’s Buys.

Really though, Tracy aside, could things get any worse for Leanne? Simon is rude and offensive to her and yes he’s not the first  and he won’t be the last  adolescent to be rude or offensive to a parent. Simon though, has had much to deal with and he receives another wallop, this one from his dad, his very part-time dad, the dad who claims to love Simon above everyone. So, Peter has a job in Antigua! It may only be for six months, initially, but it’s hardly Stockport. 'It's good news really,' says Peter. 'What is it Peter?' asks Leanne, almost guessing, from her tone, that the good news will not be good news for her or Simon. Peter is non-plussed when Simon declares his intention to come with him. Leanne points out the impracticality of it and Simon throws this at her, 'You just don't want us to be happy.' Who said life was fair?

Leanne’s facial expressions speak volumes. Just when she needs support, Peter becomes unattainable. Thank goodness for Nick then, who is more of a dad to Simon, than Peter is. Simon’s aggression is going to deteriorate and Leanne will hopefully lean on Ken as she struggles with his behaviour. Just to add to her woes, while at work in the Bistro, Leanne gets a call from Simon's school to say he has been fighting and has been suspended.

Leanne is still grieving for Kal, too and the marriage that never will be. 

Then there is the charmless Dan. Is Liz so desperate for a man that she has to take up with this guy? Is he useful to her in that when Tony does return, she will be able to make him jealous? Granted, she doesn’t know about his violence towards Leanne when she was a prostitute, but Liz does know something is wrong as demonstrated when she was trying to make up to Leanne, but not understanding why Leanne was upset. 'Hopefully we can just put any misunderstandings behind us,' says Liz. Liz will find out though – she surely will.

Approaching Leanne in the street, Dastardly Dan shows his true colours. ‘I need to know that I can trust you,’ he tells her. Leanne reminds him that she had bruises from him as he tries to convince her that he has now changed. ‘You can’t tell her!’ he yells at Leanne. 'I'm not going to let some bitter little whore ruin what I have with Liz.' He grabs hold of her, and Leanne tells him to get off her. He then tells her that if she tells Liz about him, she'll regret it. 

Well, it might not be Leanne who tells Liz, it could well be Sarah, who was watching closely. Tell Liz, Sarah, exactly what you saw! The sooner the better!

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