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Sunday comments, July 12

Michael managed to talk to Gail about Nick. And maybe that's a bit of a thawing but he's not ready to forgive her yet. Eileen does think Michael and Gail could possibly patch things up and rebuild the trust. Is Eileen starting to have feelings for him or is it just a growing friendship.

Gail and Michael both seem to be thinking about the other and it seems like Michael might just be ready to make reconciliation noises. Eileen was encouraging and Michael took her advice, talk to Gail and hear her side. And in the honesty, Michael told her that he kissed Eileen. Red rag...bull. No, they're never going to be friends, Michael and it's a new confrontation between old enemies.

It started with a barrage of shampoo bottles and spilled out into the street. But the end result? Gail started hurling insults at Eileen and ended up insulting Michael and didn't realize he was listening. If she really did think all those awful things about him, why did she marry him? I think it just got all mixed up with her feelings about Eileen. She'd take Michael back just the same of course.

Brian is giving up on Julie but Tracy's horrified that he seems to be planning to move in on a formal rent-book basis. Um. No. He's borrowing Amy's room. I think she'd have something to say about it. So Tracy set Brian up with a lunch with "Julie Carp" but of course it wasn't our Julie, just someone she found on the internet, hoping they might strike a chord maybe. Well, the new Julie seemed kind of nice but it's not to be. Tracy and Amy found it entirely amusing and Amy seems to be turning into her mother's daughter or a mini-Blanche.

Meanwhile Talisa's husband is pushing her to come back but she doesn't want to and feels she has to be honest. That sounds good to Dev who wants the same thing, they should all say how they really feel. It's clear as day that she doesn't feel the same way about him as he does about her. Dev really handled things with badly, stringing Julie along, and she just didn't see what was right in front of her. Or does she? The penny is starting to drop after all.

Talisa appears to be using Dev as an excuse to leave her husband but Brian saw looking mighty cozy in the cafe and Brian went right to Julie with it and when Dev finally told Talisa how he feels, Julie over heard and walked back out of the shop before hearing that Talisa doesn't feel the same way. And you might also ask, if Julie didn't spot Dev's distraction up til then, why didn't Talisa also not notice Dev's obvious crush? She didn't and there will never be anything there. She's gay.

Lovely scene between Julie and Mary. you can see where Julie would be devastated. If Dev and Talisa really had been in love, mutually so, and he brought her into the house with Julie there, he really would have been the lowest of the low. Bad enough he had feelings for her at all. Mary hoped Julie would forgive Dev but she has no intention of it and I am behind her all the way. She's right. After all she did for him? She really laid it all out for him in no uncertain terms. I cheered! And Dev has lost both of them, good enough! Maybe he'll think twice the next time. Or not.

Brian was delighted at the news that Julie has left Dev. I suppose she went to Eileen's out of support because she still does own that flat over the Kabin so it's not like she didn't have anywhere to go. Brian's campaign to win Julie back has had a resurgence of energy now. She heard he and Dev shouting at each other. Is it possible that she may be thawing slightly? He's keeping up the pressure on her and she's resisting but is there a small essence of longing, too?

I loved Mary telling Dev off, reminding him of what's important and what a real crisis is and his is not that fatal. I also loved Eileen giving him hell as well. He is a bit old to be playing the playboy. And in spite of the pressure, Brian is getting downcast and feeling defeated.

Roy has a driving test finally scheduled. Everyone else is making him even more nervous than he already is. (Brian took 8 tries to get his drivers' license. Not surprised! He probably just annoyed the tester to bits!) Anyway, Roy ended up missing his test to come to the rescue of Cathy who was upset she left her handbag on the bus. Then when they got her home, she wouldn't let them come in the house. Does she not live where she led the taxi to? Next crisis, Cathy has bailiffs at her house so Roy again comes to the rescue with Carla as chauffeur.

Jason and Kirk have never or rarely played poker? I find it hard to believe but never mind. Dan the Brewery Man sees a couple of suckers, which they are (playing for matchsticks? really?) and it's game on. I can't imagine it was a very exciting game for Dan until Carla joined the game. There was a lot more competition once she started playing and Carla wiped the floor with him. Not too comfortable with him admitting he's a bad loser, especially to a woman. That sets off alarm bells. Obviously, Liz didn't pick up on it and led Dan up them stairs.

Erica's lost the baby. I suppose Erica probably figures she's lost Nick now, as well as the baby. Nick's a bit sad about the baby but oh, look, there's Carla who had some very good words of wisdom from someone that's been in Erica's stilettos. Their timing just isn't right. It took me by surprise when he said he always wanted kids. I remember how he acted when Natasha got pregnant but after all, he did change his mind. It was just too late. Natasha had an abortion but when she realized he wanted her and the baby after all, she pretended she was still pregnant but Gail sussed her out.

Erica seems to have abandoned Nick in her hour of need. She came back and spotted Nick and Carla talking. I think she must be feeling a bit better, she's eyeing up Jason's backside! She and Nick had a heart to heart. Erica knows Nick doesn't love her.

Michael's going to stay with Steph and Andy, reluctantly. Aw wasn't Lloyd sweet, offering Andrea a trip to Amsterdam to see her daughter even if her daughter didn't want her to come. Why did Sean say Sinead told him the hospital wouldn't allow flowers? She's been home for weeks and weeks. Aw, David wasn't very nice to Kylie, implying he'd be dumping her and dating again as soon as the court hearings were over. Absolutely not surprised that Norris doesn't get on with James Bond films.

Steve's back from Spain. Why on earth didn't anyone tell him about the whole pub thing? I suppose not to spoil his honeymoon and holiday. Still, quite a shock to come back to find out you nearly lost it to Tony and Tracy even if you still have, in effect lost the pub since Tony and Carla now own it. Doesn't sound like Steve was aware that Carla owns the other half of the pub. He kept going on about Tony owning the other half of his pub. Um. You don't own any of it, mate.

Now Liz has a plan to get Tony where it hurts, in the wallet. What's their plan? They decide to try to take photos and see if they can find dodgey gear or something but she told Tracy, hoping Tracy would help her bring Tony down. Wrong way to do it, so now Liz is going to try to bring them both down. Tracy does want rid of Tony, as well, though. Todd, now, decides or pretends that Tracy is treating him like a skivvy, which she is but breaking down boxes would definitely be part of his job in a shop like that, and like the spoiled brat he is, tattles and leads Liz and Michelle to a delivery, assuming it's stolen goods.

Next up, get into the Builders' yard. That was a bit odd. Unlocking the padlock/chain, then going inside, relocking it through those little openings in the fence/gate, (nearly getting caught by Jason later) and then having to unlock same through the little openings again. It makes sense they relocked it of course but then nearly got locked in when they dropped the key into the skip. I don't know why they were so worried someone walking by would see them when they were in direct view of the cafe the whole time. Anyway, the police pitched up when the van delivered the gear Tony ordered. Is it stolen? Tracy got taken away in a cop car and we'll find out soon enough.

I think giving the baby up was hardest on Tim! It's been a delight seeing him so over the moon about the baby, so rarely shown on tv though it does happen all the time in real life, of course. I'm glad that Gary was so good to Faye when they handed the baby over but I wish Anna or Tim had turned to her to hug her as well and reassure her. Faye's feeling like everyone is making her out to be the villain and she's a big disappointment to them all and she needs reassurance from everyone, not just Gary even if Anna does agree it was the right thing to do. She never got that hug from her mother until hours later.

Alya nearly told Gary the truth but Faye showed up for a brotherly hug and a lot of support. He's the only one that's really telling her that she's doing the right thing for her and the baby. He might wish things were different but he's not letting her see it. She's only 12 after all. Back to Alya and Gary, though. She's agreed to marry him after all but it's to be kept secret for now.

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