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Sunday Comments July 5

Miley is being christened. It's lovely seeing Tim dote on that baby but Faye certainly doesn't dote on her. Faye points out how hypocritical it is considering they never go to church and she doesn't even believe in God. Anna skwawks that it's just what you do. But it shouldn't be, should it? Faye continues to show signs of not being interested at all in the baby. Off to the church. Looks like Craig and Izzy are the godparents. Leave it to Tim to read the lyrics of a country song for the christening but it does work, in praise of mothers, doesn't it? He's so emotional! It's a nice change! But it had no effect on Faye who ran out of the service.

She's just not taking to motherhood in the very least. Even after a few months of Miley being there, she's still not bonded with the baby and it doesn't seem like she's going to. Tim is a pretty good dad and I like how he's really come into his own on that score. He's firmly on Faye's side. The Jacksons have come up with an idea, that they should raise Miley. It would all be better for Faye as well. Tim doesn't really think it's a good idea, at first.

All Anna can do is shout and bully Faye when Faye really is struggling and just not mature enough for this and Anna can't admit it. Now Tim realizes it might not be such a bad idea, difficult as it is. Now, you know Anna won't have that. She's determined to fit a square peg into a round hole. Maybe, though, maybe they've both realized they haven't been listening to Faye.

Tim's pushing to get Anna to at least talk to the Hodges about giving Miley to them. Anna's insulted at them trying to give money but I can see where they're coming from. They want to contribute as well, and you could look on it as child support from the baby's father. And I wonder what Jackson really thinks of all this. Would he want the baby under his roof? He seems a bit more keen to be a dad so that's a good sign. He's got more interest than Faye.

Anna's finally come round and Faye thought it was the answer to her nightmare. She seems to feel a bit guilty but she'd probably feel worse if she kept the baby and resented her all her little life and I think she knows it. Faye's own mother wasn't interested in her, either, due to addiction. It's a bit different, in some ways, but the end result is the same, a child that's neglected and unwanted by her mother.

The day comes that they are giving Miley to the Hodges. Tim and Anna are really gutted. Everyone is referring to the Hodges as The Posh Family. It's as if they're all in denial and don't want to blame Faye directly and they reckon using the excuse that the Hodges have money and they don't as the reason the baby is leaving their immediate circle. I am worried, though, Izzy kept stirring things up. Is that going to change Faye's mind at the last minute?

Alya sure came down to earth with a crash after having sex with Jason and instantly had regrets. And I'm surprised the family didn't smell the beer on her the minute she walked in the house! The thing is, Gary really does know what dealing with grief is like though his experiences in the army were certainly different but he was also in a pretty bad place, too.

His solution? Ask her to marry him. Her answer? Ouch. That guilt is really oppressing her. He was asking for the wrong reasons or at least the timing was really wrong and it would have been wrong for her to say yes even if she hadn't just slept with Jason.

A few days later, though, Alya may be thawing towards Gary. Maybe. In spite of herself. It sounds like they are back together but she's still feeling mighty guilty about Jason. Can Jason manage to keep her from telling Gary? Michael was not thawing towards Andy. But Andy had a minor accident in the van and Michael was concerned. You can't just cut it off, can you? That's a good sign. Is Sarah starting to ask questions of Callum and his "business?" He's buying her designer handbags, to divert her, I think. It worked for the moment. Liz's new man, Dan is still around.

Brian has been rooting around in the closets and has found Ken's kimono which he's now helped himself to. That's very presumptuous isn't it? and Ew. Unless Ken left it out for him to find. It wasn't really very clear from the conversation. He's also ordering his breakfast and inviting guests around though he did say he'd do the cooking. Tracy is getting fed up with seeing Brian underfoot and I can't blame her. Brian cooked up a storm! Cassoulet and Coq au Vin! Amy wasn't very interested and Tracy showed up late and proceeded to be her usual self.

Michael came through the operation with flying colours. And one thing did come out of it, Kylie is seeing a counsellor and maybe David will support her a bit more, at least for the kids' sake. It's a start. She wants the family to come to family counciling. David agrees and Gail reluctantly agrees. Audrey and Nick are persuaded as well. Oh look! Michael is home from hospital already and Kylie wants him to come to the counciling too. Audrey reckons a chat over a bottle of wine would be just as helpful!

The last time we went through this, it turned into a free for all when Blanche went to Peter's AA meeting with Ken and Deirdre. It didn't go quite that badly but it was funny with Gail being presumed to be the addict because she was dressed in rags. Gail of all people thinks honesty is the best policy but Gail is making it all about her, not Kylie. The session lurches along and doesn't really get very far. Come on Kylie, stand up to Callum and don't back down.

Dev is showing off in the gym, working up a sweat and jumping straight off the treadmill to picking up some heavy weights that are clearly too much for him to show off for Talisa. Loved Zeedan showing him up, handing him baby weights instead! Never mind. Talisa wants to teach yoga-lates (yoga pilates). Julie is not happy to have Brian around but Dev is starting to suggest that Brian isn't a bad bloke.

Dev's next try at showing off is attending the yoga-lates class, which Julie went to as well and so did Brian and Julie was not best pleased. He certainly threw his all into it! Brian is determined to win back Julie and he's going to have to make an action plan. He joined the yogalates. He sent her a huge bouquet of flowers and brought champagne. He got a slap for his troubles. But he's determined. Yet, when he saw Julie with the twins, it seemed to draw him up.

Chesney did manage to give the thugs the slip. Because the lads didn't close the back of the van, though, they ended up with no Chesney *and* no tshirts, which, all packed in slippery plastic, had all slid out the back. The thugs knew where Luke lived? Mates do i suppose. They didn't realize that it was Luke et all that broke in and they did bring the (fake) tshirts at least). They insisted they were genuine but if the label was on upsidedown, as Steph said, then how could they be?

Chesney did make it home ok but he's the only one the tshirt guys got a look at so he ended up taking the blame and it all came out. Telly walking out the door, Fiz walking in and you don't mess with Fiz. Sorted. And she's kicked Luke out. He offered to sleep on the sofa. Where else would he have slept now she and the kids are back?

Fiz has met Cathy. She's been hanging around a lot but says it's because her fridge is broken. Fiz thinks it might be a romance in the offing and then Cathy was caught in that lie, she'd been buying ice cream and milk. Fiz is at least trying to make friends with this new friend in Roy's life and even thinks they should put together a team for the pub quiz night coming up. But then she catches Cathy washing up in the pub toilet and saying her boiler's broken. That and the fridge freezer, too? It's starting to be suspicious to Fiz and Tyrone. Then Roy nearly knocks her down and a slew of unpaid bills fall to the ground. She certainly backs off quickly when she's confronted.

Nick either didn't know when Erica's birthday was or he forgot and it's a milestone. I laughed at Roy's suggestion of the name Tiberius for a baby. Tiberious Tilsley. I suppose you could call him "Ty". Turns out Erica wasn't so keen on a surprise party, probably wasn't that keen on turning 50 and being pregnant either.Liz, her good mate, knew how Erica felt about her age but Nick didn't think to check. Party fail! And Gail's card didn't help matters. Erica ran for the hills and Carla was there to pick up the pieces with a drunken snog on the street!

It's pretty clear the pair of them are really falling for each other but there's still that Erica question. David's picking up the signals as it's getting obvious. It's odd seeing David and Nick acting like real brothers, isn't it? Erica started feeling some pains though, and that's not a good sign.

Mary takes the pub quiz quite seriously, doesn't she! Well she *is* very competitive, after all. Chesney did seem a rather odd choice to make up the team, though. Erica takes over as the quiz MC, Ken's writing the questions. You might all dread the quiz if you knew that but Deirdre has contributed lots of pop culture questions so it's ok! Erica made a pretty good MC but she then doubled over in pain. Oh dear.

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