Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Corrie's Becky - bloodied and brilliant? or Boring?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog March 2011, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Tonight's double bill of Coronation Street had me in two minds when it started. The first episode was too much like t'other soap, you know, that London one with the shouty people. I really wasn't enjoying it, especially not the cat-fight between Becky and sister Kylie...  not until Becky landed a punch on David's face by mistake. And with that one fell swoop, we're back in traditional Corrie land and I was laughing along, it hooked me back in. 

Then Becky rampaged to the Rovers, bloodied and beaten but still up for the challenge of taking down her mother-in-law.  "You think you're Queen of the Rovers!" she yelled at Liz.  "But you're just a tart with a bus pass."  It's lines like that which go down in Corrie history.  Packing up Liz's frills and frou-frou frocks then dumping them in a dirty puddle was a work of genius too. 

And Simon Gregson, as Steve McDonald, was wonderful to watch. Anyone else think tonight was a Corrie corker?

And in a related note...
(This post was originally posted by Chewy on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2011.)

Becky well and truly reverted to her old ways tonight. Going on a rampage and insulting pretty much everyone, further destroying Steve's life, because of her, he's lost two friendships (Lloyd and Dev), his own mother has been driven away, his whole empire is on the verge of going under, and all Becky cares about - as per - is her self.

I never thought I'd be saying this, but right now? Tracy is the lesser of two evils. Surely Steve can't stand by Becky any longer, she's a despicable person, feeding off Steve as if he is some sort of ATM, and when he comes up with insufficent funds? Well she just throws every thing right back at him.

And even more Becky by blogger David:

After sitting through Monday night's dose of McDonald Misery, I arrived at the conclusion that I'm officially fed up of Becky. "Here we go again" I thought as she teetered off down the cobbles, bottle in hand. The problem seems to be that the viewer needs to be able to invest in a character, something which is becoming increasingly difficult with Becks.

There has to be some redeeming aspect of the personality. Becky is far from being one-dimensional but unfortunately her two personalities are polar opposites. One minute she's in 'lovely mummy' mode and the next she's punching someone's lights out. The swift swapping between one and the other has become boring and more than a little irritating. Have the Coronation Street storyliners reached a point of no return?

However, the one redeeming moment was when Becky turfed Liz out of the Rovers. With her ghastly new hairstyle, Liz behaved with the dignity of a shrieking Harvester barmaid and, for me at any rate, has never had enough gravitas to carry off the role of landlady. Maybe I'll give Becky a hand in throwing out some of Liz's tatty old skirts.

Back to the matter in hand. Is there a future for Becky and, if so, how should the storyliners devlop her character?

Do you agree? If so (or even if not) give us your opinions in the comments section below, or tweet us (@BluenoseCorrie)

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