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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, November 20

Trying to sell out the brewery out from under Steve to help him out of debt? Yes and the first thing Liz would do is throw them out. Steve is going to let her stay but only just and Jim and Liz are back together and have a plan! (Kudos to him, he still wanted her after seeing her wearing those satin leggings or maybe that's why he did!?) They're going to try to raise the money to buy the pub themselves. Becky's plan is to take the deal and kidnap the kids and start over somewhere fresh. And how is she' going to do that? How is she going to get Max a passport when she can't prove she's the legal guardian? Dodgey one i suppose. Kylie coming sniffing around wanting Max at the wedding doesn't help and Becky is keener than ever to get away. She gets so hysterical that Steve has to agree to selling the pub. Well he can get Amy's passport but if Tracy finds out she'll string him up.

Jim figures he can come up with the dosh. Oh really??? He's been out of prison how long? Does he even have a job? He's talking about a Great Aunt leaving him money but he couldn't even cover the whole bill at the Bistro. Funny how Liz suddenly got a lot more interested in a reconciliation when he said he'd buy her the pub. No wonder he's desperate to do whatever it takes. He's always wanted her back. I think Becky letting Liz know their plan was probably a very big mistake. As if Liz needs another reason to hate Becky. You'd think Liz would be anxious to get the pub all to herself wouldn't you? And she spends so much time in Spain, what difference does it make if Steve is there? Looks like Liz and Jim are back together! Yay! I always liked them together and I think the actors have great chemistry. Steve seemed pretty pleased, as well. Loved that little scene between Jim and Owen in front of the pub.

Jim is trying so desperately to raise the money, even hoping he can talk Kevin into investing because clearly no bank is willing to lend it to him. No chance. Jim's desperate, so he is. Robbing a bank? Even if he went well, how did he think he could get away with it? He didn't even cover his face! On the way out, he bumps into a woman who spots the gun and starts screaming. A man wallops Jim across the back with a chair and the gun goes flying But Jim grabs him before he can get the gun and thumps him. He gets the gun back and waves it around, telling everyone to get to the floor as he backs to the door. He turns around and sees the cops are all arriving. They have their sirens going. Funny he nor we didn't hear them blazing down the street before then, though. Surely they would have? Well we'll find out on Monday what happens but you can bet it isn't going to end well.

Marc saves the day for the Bistro opening and makes up with Claudia. You know, they make a good couple. They look like they could be related! Tight jaw, deep voice, the lot lol Ah but Marc has a secret and we've found out what it is. He wears really bad wigs and dresses up in women's clothing, goes out on the town and gets beaten up! It wouldn't be so bad if he had any fashion sense. But that wig!!! And why didn't he take it off in the police station? So Audrey could see him in it of course and the secret would be out. Pretty contrived if you ask me. I guess if you're caught with your pants down and your skirts on, you might as well keep the wig on too. Audrey was a bit aghast but took the shock rather gracefully even if she couldn't really get her head round the fact that Marc is sometimes Marcia. Even she knows Marc can't change who he is.

Looks like the mommy wars are in full gear. Can i just say right here and now i really find Cheryl and her gormless son very very dull? Having said that, it's also nice to have a break from the high drama and sensationalism, just having two moms scrapping over their kids, one upping each other. Far more realistic. Leanne is making Simon audition for the school play and he doesn't want to. Russ does but it's Simon that gets the part. Cheryl then puts the pressure on Leanne because she's got to make the costume.

Tracy and Becky are still at odds over Amy, too, which Tracy nearly destroying a picture Amy made for Becky. A crumpled paper can never be made like new again. The new Bistro is open, it looks very suave and sophisticated. Faye's come to staye. (yes i spelled it that way on purpose). But it looks like it's going to be a big adjustment curve. She's so overly anxious that her new family like her that she's trying too hard and stealing to try to buy their love. Poor chicken probably doesn't realize what a real loving family is like. Why would she lie to Gary about Eddie hitting Anna? Now with all the trouble she's caused, is it me? Or is Eddie starting to go off the kid?

John's home but still seems kind of fragile. Fiz is the one lying now, trying to cover for the fact that she's posed as Colin's wife, accepted the inheritance and used a bit of it for things for the baby. Sweet little scene with him holding the baby! Chesney and Katy are scraping for money already but they weren't the ones that took the money she was hiding. It was that little madam, Faye! Only she didn't know there was money in the handbag, she just nicked the bag for Anna. The whole point of it was to give John suspicions and you know, Fiz is a terrible liar!

The War of the Websters continues. Sally seems to be getting more on the score sheet, knowing exactly what to say to shut Kevin up when he starts posturing and hollering. But Kevin did get one point when Sally thought he sent her roses which she hates and he brought the remains to the pub where he knew she was with Jeff. He never would, though, because he'd know she hates them. But Jeff doesn't. However, wasn't Jeff there when Sally thanked him for the lilies and said they were her favourites? So why did he send her red roses? Oops! Kevin ups the ante and buys her a car but even that doesn't work and Sally scores even more points in front of Ty and Tommy as well.

Norris has no business giving Graeme and Xin marital advice and warning. I don't see him telling David he's getting married too soon and too young. And he doesn't like Graeme any more than he likes David. And Graeme figures he'd be up the creek with just one slip. You mean, like Norris catching you and Tina snogging? Oops! Meanwhile, Graeme's jealousy is aroused when he sees Tina come out of Number 9 with a shirtless Tommy but nobody else understands why he's upset since Tina is a free agent. And do i see cracks in their relationship already? Graeme's speech was very clearly for Tina who was stood behind Xin. And Rita sure raked them over the coals for "disrespecting" Tina who was hiding behind the sofa and when she found out they tricked everyone? Wow, there wasn't much skin left on the pair of them! Tina thought she didn't have anywhere to stay. Can't she move back into the flat she owns with Jason? Surely that's been rebuilt as well?

Gail's made a few remarks that got David thinking and Becky refusing Kylie access to Max and Kylie letting it slide made him think even more. He really doesn't know Kylie all that well but when he asks Kylie, we see a few cracks in her shell. She doesn't let out any secrets of course but she does reveal some of the awful stuff that went on when she was a kid. Kylie laid her heart on the table and asked Becky to come to the wedding or at least let Max go but Becky out and out refuses. Kylie can't have it both ways. Gail tries to make up with Kylie but how long does it last? Not very, since she sent Kylie off with money to buy a wedding dress instead of going with her and found out she spent it on booze. I don't think David was too pleased either, hoping his mother and his future wife might make friends. Not gonna happen.

Audrey is signing over the salon to David. I see she's making it conditional on her staying in charge in the foreseeable. He's not ready to manage the place on his own yet. But really, slagging off Kylie when they knew David would be coming to sign the paperwork was a bit of an "Oops!" Gail is perfectly within her rights not to like Kylie but knowing what David's like, it's only going to push him to her more and she could lose him altogether if she pushes. So what does she do? Bribe the bride! Very good move. I don't think. Ivy Tilsley is alive and well.

And so we're on to the wedding! Cracking hen night, wot? Kylie demonstrating her cage dancing skills on the bar at Nick's newly opened Bistro. I can't imagine why he'd have allowed that hen night to be held there even if he does want to drum up business. That sort of business isn't really the kind you'd think he'd have wanted. And all the factory workers get to go? Talk about buying yourself some friends. They just wanted to get out of extra work. None of them would have been invited to the wedding anyway or mostly and they probably wouldn't have gone if they had been. I'd have said they'd go for Graeme but wouldn't they be against him because of the perceived cheating on Tina? Women usually stick together on that sort of thing. But no, we have to have a raucous hen night so there has to be guests. Gail played her final card but it got thrown back in her face the next day. Kylie took the bribe but married David anyway.

What a wedding! Tacky vol au vents and kebabs! I suppose it suited them though.
And Norris saw Tina and Graeme snogging round the corner and leaped to the exact correct conclusion. Will Norris blow the whistle and be the person that objects? Will Tina be able to stop him? And Oh my God/dess what was she wearing!!! I didn't really like Xin's dress, not that frilly floppy bit down the front of the bodice, though the rest was ok. and Kylie looked like an Old West Saloon girl which, I think, was the point! That and to get up Gail's nose. David loved it and that's all that matters! Gail looked like thunder once Kylie showed up and the judge said Mr. and Mrs.  And I really don't understand why Gail didn't spend the wedding night at Audrey's. You wouldn't think she'd want to be under the same roof as the honeymooners. Nick as well.

Owen was persuaded by his gentle daughters to invest in Gary's business. Do i sense that he's being softened up a little? Mary nearly melted when she heard Jim's accent. Sly Kylie nicked Betty's pen but got caught out so pretended she'd found it. It's nice to see David's relationship with his gran develop, isn't it? KIRK! thinking Audrey was coming on to him because she bought him a drink! Bwahahaha! Why is Frank so antsy to get Carla out of town? Maria isn't too happy about having to run things while she's gone, not with Frank lurking around looking over their shoulder. And she's struggling with the factory, too. Becky was a bit overly harsh with Kylie wasn't she? Roy's mother has appeared!
So this new fella flirting with everything in skirts, figuratively, is Tommy Duckworth! (Born in 1992, making him 19). Why was he scouring the neighbourhood looking for Tyrone rather than Jack? Seems he didn't even know Jack was dead. Wouldn't it have made more sense to ask where Jack was? In the meantime, he's ticked off Sophie for flirting with Sian and he's ticked off Kevin for making a stupid remark to Sophie. And Granada has hired another male model type instead of someone that can actually act to bring in the young viewers. Well, I guess Tyrone does need a mate seeing as he's lost his best friend. I just hope he takes after Jack more than Terry but he's awfully sexist isn't he?

Kylie and David's Wedding Album and that lovely place where they got married? I've been there! It's called Ryecroft Hall and there's photos of the
Wedding locations in real life comparing photos i took with screen shots.

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