Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Goodbye Elizabeth

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2011.)

She had a weep. She knew she wouldn't keep her promises to Jim. Lying alone in a cell, I think he knew it too, down deep.  She sends Steve and Becky to bed and listens to the echos of her past.

Then it's last orders and turn out the lights

The inevitable and traditional taxi, red shiny case in hand.

"Airport, please.... Go for it"

And off she goes. Good luck, Elizabeth!

As Liz McDonald gets ready to leave the Rovers Return and Weatherfield, I thought you might enjoy looking back on her time on the cobbles. I've written a character study here with some of the highlights and memories of Liz that I have. Please do add your own favourite Liz storylines and comments.

She was always an enjoyable character. She was a strong woman, fiercely loyal to her two sons while always able to see their faults (unlike some mums on the Street I could mention *koffdeirdregailkoff*) She had stormy relationships but Jim was the love of her life and even when they weren't together as a couple, you could see the chemistry between them.

Bev Callard has always put her all into Liz and it always showed.  I'll miss her but who knows? Maybe we'll see Liz again someday!

ITV has a "Good Bye Liz" gallery here. (current ITV site, there will be spoilers)

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Anonymous said...

Just watch out for some spoilers on the right hand side of the 'Liz' gallery

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