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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, November 27

God what a botched robbery that was! But you knew Jim would have messed it up, he always acts first without thinking. You know he would never have hurt anyone. I'm surprised Jim wasn't watching out the window to see if Liz had arrived. It was odd that we all could hear Jim when Liz was on the phone but that's so we the viewer could hear. I don't think the cops could but it seemed like they could so it might be a special phone tapped into the headsets as well.

And it was stupid that they brought Liz there and could clearly see how agitated Jim was, insisting on talking to her. He calmed right down when they finally let her on the phone. He calmed down so much he got depressed, knowing it was all over and we even wondered if he was going to turn the gun on himself. But no. He's off to the Big Hoose so he is and even though Liz told him she'd wait, she didn't and decided to leave altogether and run back to Spain, no doubt. What a great exit, though wasn't it?

In spite of how utterly nasty Liz has been to Becky, Becky was very sympathetic to Liz in the aftermath of the robbery. Lloyd's well and truly pissed, as well. He's still not been paid his money and I still say Steve didn't take the money from Lloyd, he took it from the business, of which he owns half. Naturally Tracy will manage to eke out Steve and Becky's plan to run away with Amy. He was stupid to even try and he's a miserable secret keeper.

Katy says she feels strange? Any guesses? Chesney was surprised it didn't take very long. I think it's the law of averages. 16 year olds and raging hormones, yannow. And well, it's hard to be a lot of fun when you up to your armpits in bills. What did you think being out on your own was going to be like, kids? I hope she washed off that pregnancy kit stick before she put it on the dinner table, too! So she tells Chesney she's pregnant and she can hardly be more than a few weeks gone and gets morning sickness the very next day? More like moaning sickness ;))

Poor deluded David really can't figure out why Gail gave them money for a honeymoon. He didn't think that Gail would be more likely give it to him not Kylie if it was the way she said it was. Tommy's back. Didn't know he'd left. Cadging a room off Tyrone, too. Tyrone doesn't have the heart to say no and he probably enjoys the company anyway. Tommy's making a real twit of himself, though, with cheesy come-on lines and he even chatted up Sally? Tina has to grovel to Rita so she doesn't get thrown out on her backside. Kirk is such a good brother isn't he? I know he's a bit useless but he's so loyal and kind. It makes me sad when i see that Fiz gave up that lovely man for that piece of work Stape.

Sally sold the car back to the showroom and kept the proceeds and she still wants half of whatever is left? Kevin to Sally "That car was a gift. You've made me look a right idiot" Sally "Good, then I'm quids in all around!" (it wasn't that much of a stretch anyway) and I'm glad Tyrone finally pointed out to Kevin that they're partners. Kevin takes far too many liberties. Kevin was quite put out that Sally sold off the car, mainly because he didn't want her to have any of the money and she's got a bit now from the proceeds. She's also had his winnings frozen. Good girl! At least until it's sorted by the courts, anyway. Really surprised that Kevin was willing to allow Rosie to mind Jack after the last time. Not surprised Rosie offered. She's got pound signs in her eyes and sucking up to daddy and making nice with her little brother is the best way to it!

Right. Leave it to Kevin to drag Sally's past through the divorce proceedings and bring up Ian Davenport. Sally has always maintained there was no affair but we know there was and Kevin's not stupid. Even so, both of them airing dirty laundry at the hearing wasn't necessary and had nothing to do with the hearing but, seeing as it's the Websters we're talking about, completly expected. Shocker, the court said Sally couldn't have any more of the money than she's already got (from selling the car) and Kevin felt bad his solicitor brought up all that dirt. Well he should never have told him then! Kevin ended up trying to give it all to her anyway! It isn't going to work, he can't buy her back no matter what he thinks or what his father advises. In the end she gave half of it back so she got what she wanted all along. Well half, plus the cash from the car. I wonder if she factored that in?

Roy's mother certainly has swept in like a hurricane! She gets all hot and bothered because Roy never told her he was married, but it goes both ways. She also never got in touch with him in spite of knowing exactly where he live. And if she knew that, you'd think she'd have known about Hayley since Hayley has been with Roy ever since the cafe on Victoria Street was opened. That aside, in just a few appearanches, Sylvia will have dominated the lines of the week this week! Superb!! I love her already! Looks like her post-funeral circumstances were exaggerated, as Hayley found out and rescued her, pretending that Roy needs the help in the cafe. Sylvia's great! Loved her meeting Hayley's friends. Izzy was the only one that measured up! Hopefully, we'll get to see a bit more into Roy's past. They've had a contentious relationship but perhaps they can find some sort of peace.

Carla managed to talk Frank around. Maria really was out of her depth and far too new at the job to be left in charge under that kind of pressure. Methinks Frank urged Carla out of town on purpose. But you know, Frank is really kind of creepy. I reckon if Maria hadn't quit, she'd have been sacked after that. I can understand Maria's being upset, however, because Carla taking Frank on as a partner probably seems like a betrayal to her but Frank seems to have pulled the wool over Carla's eyes, eyes that now see Maria as overreacting. But also, Maria griping about Carla keeping her in the dark? She's the assistant, or is she? Is the the assistant manager brackets trainee or only the office assistant. It seems to go back and forth daily depending on whether Carla needs a skivvy or not. I think Maria could do the AA job but Carla does put too much responsibility on her if that's the case. But Maria really doesn't have the right to refuse her boss(es) when they want her to do something, either.

But back to Frank, he knows how Maria feels about him yet he keeps on sniffing around her, even suggesting that she work with him on that new line. What is he trying to prove? That he really didn't mean to push his attentions on her and she was overreacting? Probably. It's probably a good thing Maria had already quit when she told Chris about what happened with Frank because after he went after Frank, Maria likely would have got the sack anyway. Chris persuaded her to go to the police. Now you know the history Maria has with the police and them not believing her. What do you think they'll do with this, when it happened weeks and weeks after the fact? Oh, they'll question Frank but he's very believable and she's got previous even if her hysterical accusations about Tony turned out to be true.

And Carla's now on his side too. So it's "He said, She said" and all that happened was a bit of embarassment for Frank and Maria looks like an idiot but Frank wasn't willing to stick with the factory. I'm with Carla, really, I think Frank was more aggressive than Maria was used to in a man and it scared Maria. Would he have taken it further if she hadn't managed to run off? In that circumstance, I don't think so. Is he capable of it? We don't know him that well yet. He does seem like the type who gets whatever he wants but rape is about control and anger.

Carla managed to talk Frank around with a lot of begging and red wine but Frank knows that Sean knows. Trying to use veiled threats towards his job isn't going to make Sean believe him over Maria. Frank might not like slander but Sean hasn't done any of that. He's keeping Maria's confidence.

I don't understand really, why Faye would lie about something that could get her taken away, ie lies that Eddie hit Anna. I can understand her stealing to give her presents to buy their love. Is it just a reaction? Well, now Eddie wants to move them all to Germany. I think letting Faye put his hair into braids was the last straw. That and Anna turning down his marraige propsal yet again. Top that off with having to tell the little one her mother died, i think Eddie just starting thinking it was all too much trouble. He used the excuse that he only went through it for Anna and never thought it would actually happen. He could have pulled out any time but he couldn't do that either or look bad in Anna's eyes. So the only thing for it is to run away if she won't go with him.

Marc... Marcia... Marc...Marcia... obviously if Audrey seems ok with the issue, Claudia will be the one to blow a gasket when she finds out. I still can't understand why, if they're going down this road, they couldn't have given Marc better taste. He said his wife had accepted his cross dressing, surely she never would have let him go out of the house in a wardrobe and wig that makes Hayley's look like the Paris catwalks! Laughed at Audrey asking Hayley for advice about transvestites with a nervous giggle but was taken down a peg or two by a highly offended Hayley.

John figures he needs to come off the medication because it's making him feel dragged out. You know what's coming, right? John always does what he wants to, sociopaths always do. They think the laws and rules are for everyone except them because they know best. Coming off those meds are literally going to do his head in. The solicitor arrived and oh hi Colin!!! You could just see John going the pale grey colour of old cement and he's over the edge. He's quoting random literature and cowering in the back office of the betting shop at one glimpse of a policeman. Off he goes, with the bank card he'd got as Colin, running scared, paranoid. It's not the police Fiz needs, it's the men with the butterfly nets!

Gail wants to work as the bar manager. She's had a few days behind the bar 30 years ago. Jeff is whisking Sally off to Paris for a romantic weekend! Nice!

And lastly, we had a lovely day in London with Sean and Dylan and there's Marcus!!! Looks like there's still an attraction there and Marcus even ran for the bus with flowers as a romantic gesture. Too bad Sean didn't see him! I loved the London montage! My favourite city! Poor Jamie and Violet are clearly not getting on. They must be on and off and on and off again because i'm sure we'd heard awhile back that they weren't together. Now they obviously have been and split again. Marcus and Sean had a nice visit but they left the bear behind! Both single, Marcus without a job...Marcus and the grand romantic gesture... I wonder.... d'ya think?

Meanwhile, Todd brought his new fella, Jools, to meet the family. Clearly Jools is far too good for Todd and Todd knows it. Todd has become insufferablly snobbish to try to keep up with Jools when really, Jools was a lot nicer than Todd was. Todd really deserved Jason's harsh words. I think Todd and Jools will probably have a better relationship now that Todd isn't going to try to be pretentious all the time and will relax and just be himself. But you know what? It's supposed to be Easter. Would Eileen really make an Easter dinner of tuna and tomato soup? Gail was pretty nasty towards Todd wasn't she? And she thinks Sophie's just having a "phase"?

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