Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Another Rover Returns

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in October 2014.)

The delightful Sarah Louise Platt is heading back to Weatherfield in the new year. News like this really does make my jaded little Corrie heart sing. Well not quite, but I'm hoping it'll be an interesting development. Gail better not start all that dreadful Sarah-Lou business again or else I'll be switching off.

I guess a return for Sarah was all the more likely now we have a full quota of Grimshaws back on Coronation Street. There is much shared history between the two families and this will surely be exploited once again. Sarah was once married to Jason (on the second attempt - he escaped through a toilet window first time around). They finally divorced in 2010. Although Jason now seems happy with Eva, I wonder what the reappearance of Sarah will do to that relationship?

Of course before Jason, came brother Todd. Who can forget Todd realising he was gay thanks to Martin's colleague Karl Foster, while playing happy families with Sarah and her daughter Bethany. Throw into the mix the fact that Sarah and David didn't exactly part on the best of terms and I'm worried poor old Gail might not be in for a great time. Nevertheless, I'm sure she will eye having her family back together again with Ivy Tilsley-like relish.

I wonder what Sarah has been up to in Milan these past few years? I wonder if she'll do a Peter Barlow and come back after all these years without the slightest hint of an Italian accent? You'd expect Sarah to have picked up a bit of Italian in seven years and young Bethany must also be fluent if she was schooled there. Don't let us down oh powerful Corrie production team!

I'm imagining that the teenage Bethany is going to be a bit of a handful. Oh what joy. Just what we need, another moody teenager. I suppose what goes around comes around, which means Sarah is due her share. Which can only mean sad sap Gail will pick up the slack. 

I do wonder how they will all fit into that house though, although Kylie will probably have taken flight before Sarah arrives home. I hope Sarah kicks around long enough for a face off with her sister in law. That could be fun. It will be good to have all the Platt family back together again, apart from dear old Martin, long since forgotten even though he actually only moved as far as Liverpool.

I have one plea to the Corrie writers. Please oh please can Sarah's return spark a come back for the full on Gail/Eileen public slanging match? I adored those scenes, some of the most memorable Corrie has produced in recent times. Something about the height difference made their scraps just downright hilarious. Somehow we must strive for a rematch of the infamous fight on the cobbles. It was truly sublime.

So what do you think of Sarah's return to Coronation Street? Are you looking forward to it? What do you think the powers that be have in store for the character?

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