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Sunday Comments April 26

Faye came clean. She really insists she doesn't want the baby and Anna thinks she'll change her mind. Owen can see Faye just isn't mature enough to handle it and in this instance, I think it might be the best thing. The family can barely make ends meet as it is and Tim, though he wants to help, isn't bringing in a fortune. It's showing the breech between Owen and Anna very clearly, though. The Social Worker seemed really nice but she's got her work cut out for her. She's got to stand up on Faye's side no matter what Anna insists.

Looks like Anna is quitting both her jobs for the baby. And with chucking out Owen, Gary's the only one bringing wages from his job at the cafe. That's not going to pay the bills.

Anna and Owen went at it hammer and tongs. Anna really thinks she knows better than Faye and Owen thinks she's forcing Faye to do something she doesn't want. It's true Faye is probably in shock and certainly overwhelmed but it's also true that maybe Owen is right. Maybe Faye would be better off giving up the baby. Maybe Anna is projecting her own feelings and her own guilt on the situation. Well, they screamed and said horrible things to each other, maybe things that will never be forgiven. All the taboo subjects came up. Gary, Eddie, Linda, Phelan!

Anna said she doesn't think she loves Owen. I think that's true. I think it's been one thing after another until she just had no more energy for it. She can't trust him and she's walking on eggshells all the time, waiting for his temper to flare up time after time. It's over. And she seems pretty certain. He shed a tear over her. We did see her shed a few tears but it didn't matter. Owen has left the flat.

He tried to convince Anna to take him back. Oh she was willing for him to stick around for Faye's sake but that wasn't enough for him. I can see his point of view. He's not her father and her bio father is in the picture. More guilt applied to Faye's little shoulders who thinks it's all her fault. I can, however, see Anna's point in that Owen shouldn't be promising Faye things if Anna's already told him it's over. Izzy reckons he should go to Portugal to see Katy and give Anna a chance to miss him. That could backfire big time. He's vulnerable, Linda loves him, what do you think's going to happen? It doesn't matter because after Portugal, he's moving to Aberdeen.

Meanwhile, Gary and Faye have a heart to heart, interrupted in typical fashion by Tracy which actually did make me chuckle. Only went to reinforce how Faye was feeling, though, with everyone talking about her and laughing about her and you know it will be worse when she goes back to school. Alya was nice to her and even Yasmeen was kind. Faye still can't stand being alone with the baby, resisting any attempts Anna makes to get her to pick up the baby or help.

Anna's tired and stressed and missing Owen. Clearly ruing her most recent lot in life and snapped Faye's head off. Why on earth does Anna think Faye isn't going back to school? It's illegal for her not to!

Now Tracy has Tony back in her bed. She knows that she has Tony right where she wants him but he's still caught between she and Liz. Tracy made a blunder, though. She let Tony kiss her in the shop and Todd saw it. Secret's out. More ammunition for Todd. (yawn) In this case, he let Tracy know he knows and puts her on notice. I don't know if he realizes who he's dealing with. She's the manipulation mistress, that one. He's good but she's a pro. She's playing him like a fiddle, that one.

I have to say I love how Tracy keeps sticking the knife in Liz's back to reinforce to Tony how she's younger, hotter and a much better catch all around. Now she's starting to make noises about being an owner of a pub and not just any pub, the Rovers so she can crow over the neighbours and bar them all! All she sees the Rovers as is a method of revenge against all her enemies. She'll run it into the ground in no time. Tony's feeling the heat. It certainly would cause a lot of trouble for him with Liz. More and more he's feeling like the McDonald's personal bank and that's pushing his buttons. Tracy's work is done, everything Liz does Tony sees it as nagging or treating him like a child or using him for cash.

Tracy's plan is to get Tony to get his hands on Steve's share of the pub. What is she going to do about Liz's share, then? Anyway, Tony puts the first step into place and pretends he's in trouble with a loan shark.

I chuckled at Liz wondering how Steve managed to put up with Tracy as long as he did. A one night stand that created Amy. A pretence of affection to try to get custody of Amy. Another one night stand that produced twins that she miscarried and a few months with her then until Becky blew them up on their wedding day. It's hardly more than 10 minutes considering how long he's known her.

Steve isn't sure if Lloyd will agree to be his best man. There's nobody else. Does Steve really have many other male friends? Why doesn't he see if Andy can fly up for it? Steve and Lloyd are still a bit awkward around each other and it seems like it's more on Lloyd's part. He sure seems prickly about Steve, doesn't he? Steve wasn't too pleased to find out Tony's helping to pay for the wedding on top of the tax bill. It was Steve that didn't want a low-key wedding for Michelle. Now he feels worse, he should just accede to her initial plans. Well, he asked Tony to be best man which only gave Lloyd even more reason to be bitchy. After the gobful of grief he gave Michelle, it's his own fault he wasn't asked!

The Gavin and Andy saga has returned. Now it seems that Gail is getting calls and texts from Gavin's mother wanting desperately to talk to Michael and it's getting more and more difficult to put her off. She's so stressed that her anger is barely being suppressed and she takes it out on Andy whenever she can, snarling, hissing and glaring. Michael says she seems a bit off. Really?

Meanwhile Gail is still moaning in the Bistro, the family is sniping at everyone else, Andy's still trying to get away from her dagger like glares and Nick isn't really doing much work even though he's the one that lost the coin toss with Andy. Michael's trying to put his foot down but Gail digs herself in deeper and lies that she's stressed about the wedding.

And she's still buying flowers! (laughed at her being insulted when Sophie asked if she was seeing another woman. She as much as insulted Sophie by doing that!) David caught Gail looking at flowers again. She's not too bright, is she? Surely there are other corner shops or garages where she can pick up cheap flowers for Gavin's grave other than Dev's?

Well, David has decided to follow Gail to see where she's going with the flowers and he's seen Gavin's grave! I still don't get why she feels she needs to put flowers on the grave of a man she barely knows who's related to a situation that she's highly resentful of.

Sarah has had a lot of fun winding up Bethany about Jason but it's also clear that Sarah fancies Callum and Beth can see it. The secret's out, didn't think she'd let Beth believe it for long. Meanwhile, Callum is stalking Sarah, he's hanging around all the time. Won't she find it off if he's supposed to have a job, or a company or something? She hasn't really changed, has she? She was generally always pretty quick to grab a fella and get what she wanted. She chased Jason, you may recall, and took him off Violet.

Sarah also got herself sacked for not sending Steven a document, but then again, she was lying about not being able to send it. Bethany went off on one when she discovered she was leaving for Italy tomorrow but with Sarah getting the sack, I suppose that's a win for Beth when she'd just finished changing her tune about going back. Except she was pretending. She knew about Sarah's no-internet lie and emailed her uncle so he'd know about the lie. He didn't get his documents in time so he sacked her.

Seems a bit harsh, shouldn't she just be let off with a warning? Maybe she's been screwing up all along and this was the last straw! Can Gail save her bacon? Nope. I don't know why Sarah would want to stay crowded in the house with David anyway. Now Sarah feels very badly used and come on, she did bring it on herself.

Now she and Bethany have to stay put. I guess they'll have to build a bedroom in the garage. It's ludicrous how many people seem to be wedged into that house. The corner shop flat's going empty, Sarah could always move them in there. There should still be a flat over the community centre, too.

I firmly believe that Sarah is only really indulging with Callum to get at David. Oh he's cute, and she fancies him but knowing David and her family hates Callum only makes him more attractive. She's acting like she's 16 not nearly 30. She's not really grown up at all and she's clearly shirking her job which is what got her sacked.

Alya delayed her meeting with Carla so she ended up in another cozy chat and dinner with Nick. This definitely looks like it's going somewhere. Nick clearly fancies Carla. He couldn't stand his family anymore, decided to shirk work and pitched up on her doorstep in spite of the fact that she wasn't answering her phone. Any man taking a chance, with cake, just in case? Got it bad, I'd say.

The latest news is that one of Dev's uncles has died (not Uncle Umed, phew! I like to think he's still there in Mumbai talking bollocks and charming the ladies!) and he's going to be gone another few months. That's hard on a brand new relationship. Will it stand the test of distance so early on? Eileen is still drooling over "Jeff" from Dubai. I would be more interested in her dating story if Todd wasn't the one playing games in the background. Adrian seems a really nice bloke. Unfortunately, Eileen should prefer nice but she tends to go for something a bit more edgy.

Billy is having some positive influence on Sean, they're going walking in the countryside! Last place you might expect him to be. They found themselves in a country pub with a jovial landlord. Jovial until he realized there was a gay couple planning to be up to all sorts under his roof! Or so he thought. I don't think Sean and Billy have taken it to that next level yet but he didn't know that.

The time line fairies seem to be out of sync here, though. Carla had finally finished her meal with Nick and said good night, off to bed. Owen was packing to leave. Faye was still out in the cafe with Gary and Alya. The cafe shouldn't have been open that late, should it? Oooh Gail mentioned Sarah was a teenage mum. Now if Sarah could only have a talk with Faye, it might actually seem realistic. It seems like Sarah has no idea at all what has been going on around her outside Number 8 aside from Callum.

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