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Sunday Comments April 12

Emily fretted over the auction, not wanting it to get out of hand. Well, you parade men in front of mostly women who get to buy their services, and it ain't gonna be a garden tea party! I think she was just embarassed in front of her church friends. On her own, she's much more forgiving. The Punters are out for a romping good time but there are already tensions. Jenny snapping at Sally. Norris' pinched little disapproving face throwing cold water on the proceedings.

The auction started off with a dual act, Sharif and Kal and Emily got all excited and got into a bidding war with Mary! I didn't expect that! Still, she lost out to the telephone bidder which turned out to be Zeedan on behalf of his mother who orders her family about already so I don't know what the difference will be! Then Sally got coerced into standing in for Sophie, thanks to Jenny, much to her horror. Tim pretended him was broke but then immediately ordered quite a large round of drinks! HA!! A drunk Jenny kept upping the bidding but Norris took the winning bid with 100 quid though he only meant to bid 70!

Norris has a full day for his new, Sally. But do butlers actually do housework? I wouldn't have thought so and Norris definitely went over the top. He wasn't even allowing her to text or call Tim. It's a wonder Sally didn't do the traditional beer over the head in the pub and I really wanted her to and all but mopping up his beer with his scarf worked, too!

Sarah is very angry that Bethany didn't get on the plane. Everyone is in an upset, including David who's dealing with Max's attitude and Gail has had it up to the neck. She's going to the pub! Bethany has one victory under her designer belt and even if she has to work in the Bistro for her keep, for now, she's relishing it. It didn't last long. She wasn't allowed to peel potatoes, health and safety rules. I'm not sure why she was then allowed to waitress because she's too young to serve alcohol.

What little victory she thought she had didn't last long. Sarah has come charging in and revealing all Bethany's lies. Took money from Sarah, got suspended from school, pretended she was going to Florence. They had some nice mom-daughter scenes on the bench,didn't they? Next thing you know, they're off shopping and Bethany's shoplifting again. Making a habit of this, isn't she? And Callum has met them and is very interested. Sarah doesn't want to know him so i figure he sniffs a challenge there. He loved the excitement and rush of escaping from the shopkeeper. Bethany certainly did, too.

Callum wasted no time pursuing his challenge with Sarah, watched carefully by David and Jason both. David's not too happy about her knocking about with Callum.

Lloyd and Andrea are trying to put Steve and Michelle back together again. Leanne's advice probably helped but Steve is all over the place. Andrea helps Michelle set up a romantic meal but Steve mistakes the romantic meal set up as something Tony did for Liz (And i *really* don't think Michelle would have played Barry White on the stereo. Liz or Tony, yes.) and that added to the mix but in the end, they got there and she got down on her knee at the auction in front of everyone. Awwww.

Tracy's determined to get her hands on Tony's money. A grand seduction and a judicious suggestion later about buying a larger shop and Tony's definitely on the horns of a dilemma. Mind you, while he did buy the house, it was an auction so he probably got it dirt cheap. I'm sure he got more profit from it than the 10 grand he is lending Steve so he could do both. Ah but Tony doesn't want Tracy to get her claws into it. Is he lying because he only has enough cash for Steve or just because he wants to keep the rest for himself? Yea probably. She's stringing him along, planning to seduce him out of it.

Steve was really flummoxed when Michelle told him about Tony's loan. Tracy was flummoxed too when she found out that Tony lent it to Steve instead of throwing it her way. She knew he played her like that recorder. Turns out, yes, Tony only did come out of the sale with a small profit over what the bank was owed. Anyway, Tracy poked sticks, hoping to provoke Tony by pretending to out the affair and Tony weaseled out of that again. Tracy still hasn't quite figured out that Tony's a player but she really does seem to have him dangling doesn't she? He keeps running back after her. So much for a no-strings relationship.

Does anyone really think Tracy's going to stick with her decision to finish with Tony? She didn't either. The more she denied him, the more he came after her and she knew it but she didn't like it when he got tired of her games. Shoe's on the other foot now!

Ooh Carla's back! I missed her. She even bought something nice for Tracy, again thanks for saving her life. Wow. I can't see them two becoming best friends, though. First things first, though, a business meeting with a pain in the butt client. I don't care if he's in a wheelchair, it's still tacky to pretend the restaurant food is bad to get it free! I'm glad Carla finally told him to stick his meal and his deal!

Faye is still determined to have the baby in the shop flat. But Tim came across them arguing and it's only making him more suspicious. Lovely scene with Tim talking to Craig, trying to find out if Craig is dating Faye. *gulp* And it all descended into a bicker-fest between Tim and Sally! Brilliant!

On April Fool's Day, Faye is peaky and clammy. By the end of the episode, her labour has started, April Fool's Day but due to the magic of television, even though the next episode picks up where we left off, she gives birth on April 3! Never mind. Her labour started fast and strong. None of this timing of pains 20 minutes apart, then 10 etc. She probably had been having small pains all day, though. Panic stations. Craig was frantic. Reality is sure different than either of them expected.

Poor Craig. Trying to help. Playing music. He just doesn't know what to do. But the first thing Faye ought to do is take off her tights. Sophie can hear noises bumping about over her head in the shop. How come she didn't hear Faye screaming until she went outside? Finally Faye cried for her mother and Craig couldn't have looked more relieved. But finding Anna was a bit of a runaround. It's evening so Flat first then I would have thought the pub would have been the next most obvious choice.

Things seem rather awkward still between Anna and Owen. She didn't seem overly thrilled at the idea of a night in alone with him and doesn't want to be alone, clearly avoiding the bedroom and she kept putting him off from leaving the pub, too. And putting off and putting off. Sally cracked me up, trying to insinuate herself with the meeting and client with Carla and later getting all "businessy" with Anna and Owen in the pub and then extolling her own parenting virtues while slyly insulting Anna's. Absolutely priceless. If nothing else got Anna out of the pub, escape from Sally did it! Lesser of two evils?

Gail's buying herself flowers? Why, No, she's taking flowers to Gavin's grave. Why??? I suppose she's signing Michael's name to them. But having a big conversation with the grave? I know people talk to their loved ones when they visit cemeteries but asking "Have you got time for this?" That was idiotic writing. The whole thing doesn't really make a lot of sense but there you are.

Looks like Simon and Zeedan are now BFFs! Sharif has them working in the allottment and Zeedan has Simon doing the work for both of them except Zee told Simon the wrong place to plant because he really doesn't listen even if he thinks he knows everything. Punishment? You get to unplant and replant it all yourself after making Simon do it all the first time.

Audrey is still working her way through Anna Karenina. Amy's not very good at that recorder in spite of the amount of practicing it seems she's doing! It's got to be one of the harshest musical instruments even if it's probably one of the easiest to play! All her relatives have to go, too. Everyone suffers!

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Anonymous said...

The NHL (hockey) playoffs start on Wednesday the 15th, so the broadcast times will change, depending on which time zone you're in.

Tvor said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll see what I can find out about that.

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