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Sunday comments April 19

And we start the week off with a bang! Faye's terrified and scared Anna will unadopt her but as Anna said, A. don't be daft and B. more important things to worry about at the moment. I also want to know who's minding the shop because Sophie didn't lock it! Everything's kicking off, Tim is gobsmacked and Sally probably feels hugely superior. Meanwhile Craig has run off home and told Beth, promising that he's not the dad and Beth will defend him to the end of time. Nice little touch with Faye thanking him before going off in the ambulance.

Cue Anna's guilty conscience and so she should! Tim looked pretty chuffed to be a granddad. Back home, Beth was still not sure Craig was telling the truth but he's an honest kid. At the hospital, Faye's had a baby girl but she doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Anna can't persuade her to pick up the baby much less hold it and Faye refers to the wee lass as "it". When the police come round, they're very gentle with her but all she'll admit is that the father is a boy from school and she only wanted him to like her. Awwww.

Back home, Owen's temper is on a slow boil all day. He's sure Craig is the father and his attitude is such that he may even believe Faye did it on purpose, that it was her decision and she's now thrown her life away. Craig feels very bad that he kept the secret but Beth and Kirk are supportive and he decides he's going to see Faye in hospital. When Owen sees them heading across the road with a balloon, he attacks Craig and punches Kirk in the face when Kirk and Gary try pulling him away, just as Anna gets home with Faye and the baby and witnesses it all!

Loved how it was Beth and Anna that really had an effect getting Owen away from Craig as well as Faye defending Craig. Beth is furious and so she should be. Owen attacked Craig and Kirk and now Gary and Anna are not best pleased with Owen. It wasn't very prudent for Owen to mouth off at Beth in the pub, either, that kind of sealed his fate. Even if Craig didn't tell anyone, that's still no reason to attack him. Beth had Owen charged and he got chucked into jail for a night.

Everyone's gossiping about the new baby but nobody really seems shocked. Maybe that's because most of them have already been through it when Sarah got pregnant! Sophie seems to be very sympathetic, because she saw how scared Faye really was. Sophie seems to be the only person Faye is able to connect with, too and she got the story. Faye wanted the boy to like her but afterwards, the boy just didn't want to know her at all and then everyone found out and she was labelled a slag. Sophie was so good with her and you can see why Faye found it easier to talk to someone closer to her own age, someone that wasn't directly involved.

It gave Faye the confidence to tell her mother the truth, too. Now she knows that the father, Jackson, is just a kid, too. Anna's handling it well, as well as she can, and supporting Faye, reassuring her but she's right, she has to tell the father and his family, and, to be a bit mercenary, his family really should have to pay a bit towards supporting the baby.

Anna sure gave Owen the brush off the morning after his night in the nick. Definitely huge cracks in that relationship. Love how Tim's so over the moon about the baby. Someone's got to be because Faye isn't! Anyway, the inevitable confrontation with Jackson's family had Faye hiding in her bedroom but listening to it all. Jackson lied, naturally, so as not to get in trouble but she came out howling at him. It's all very simple, really. DNA. Owen thinks they should put the baby up for adoption. If Anna was so keen to adopt Faye, why wouldn't she think adoption was a good idea?

So I see Anna's well entrenched into being a martyr over that baby. She's up half the night and doesn't wake Owen to help nor does she take Gary up on his offer on the night shift and both of them have done time settling babies at night. Seems that the Social Workers are indeed involved. Glad of that. It would be ridiculous if they weren't.

It was good to see Sophie and Faye together, as well, because the actresses are actually cousins in real life and have never had scenes together before. Looks like Faye has found a new big sister figure in Sophie now that Katy's gone and she really needs one. The poor kid really is overwhelmed with it all, the baby, the family, her feeling like she's let everyone down, you name it. She says she doesn't want the baby and probably that's all tied up with all her mixed up and scared feelings. Sophie thinks Faye ought to tell her mother how she feels and she should. And Anna probably would understand.

But Faye lied to the social worker about how she feels. It looked to me like most of them in the room knew she was pretending except Anna. and when it came down to it, Faye couldn't lie. Anna isn't going to have it, you know that!

Really marvellous stuff from all these actors involved.

Audrey is still plowing through Anna K. much to Ken's delight. He's been sniffing around her all the time now he knows she's reading his recommendation. She's picked up a study guide on Bethany's tip. I was thinking that would be the best thing to do! Audrey still doesn't really want to spend much time around Ken because he wants to disect the book with her but she slipped and left the study guide in her bag and he got a glimpse. Now he knows she hasn't actually read the book.

Eileen has finally met her online dating contact, Adrian. She worries and fusses over what she's wearing and when he arrives, he looks like a nice middle aged fella. Seems like a nice one, too. He's flattering and funny and seems to be a good match, touch wood. She even wants to see him again! Ah but Eileen has her eye on another dating site punter as well. Nothing wrong with that, dating sites are all about trying out a few different people to see if you can find the right one but Eileen getting into what seems to be a long distance flirtation might not work out too well. She's enjoying having two fellas vying for her attention.

Except guess what? That fella from Dubai? That's Todd playing games with her! Why, I can't imagine and you know what? I'm really getting tired of Todd's nasty interfering. It was interesting at first but now it's just getting old.

Carla got the contract with that abysmal client but couldn't send the details because her wifi decided to give her grief. Does she walk 30 feet to the office? Does she heck. She texts neighbour Nick. I see Carla got her award statue in the end even if she never got to the ceremony. Nick is quite scary with that computer, bashing on keys. He's clearly go no clue what he's doing and she could tell. He's much better at idle chat and I bet he's thinking all his birthdays came at once, spending a nice, quiet night with a beautiful woman like Carla.

Alya seems to be impressing Carla. She's even been allowed to mock up some new designs. Sally, as usual, is derisory and as usual, has to eat her words when Carla praises Alya and Sally again makes herself look foolish. Later Sally manages to crash Alya's computer and she's not saved her work on the website. In a way, though Alya does seem to be pushing her case and competing with Sally on some levels. Sally knows it and probably Carla does too but Alya's winning the battles and probably the war because Sally's just so insufferable.

Bethany's stirring trouble isn't she and any way she can! She told Jason that Sarah still had feelings for him! She went a bit over the top with the "shrine" thing. That should have been a clue right there but Jason's just dumb and lonely enough to believe it except he doesn't want Sarah back, he's moved on. I'm glad at least that he wasn't running after her.

Sarah knows Callum is at least partly using her to get at David and he did admit it. In spite of Sarah knowing full well that Callum is a wrong'un she didn't half enjoy flirting with him. She didn't half enjoy winding David up too. I don't get the impression she's really matured all that much. There's lots more bickering between brother and sister so things really having changed there. Sarah is enjoying Callum's attention even if she pretends not to want anything to do with him.

Bethany keeps winding up Jason about Sarah being lovesick but admits to Todd it's just a game. He seems to approve! But when Jason lets Sarah down easy, they both realize what Bethany is doing and decide to play her game. They pretend they're back together and he's moving to Italy with them! Kidddddding! Next time we see Bethany she's ringing Italy from the landline. Of course. Why spend your own mobile credit?

Liz is doing some sort of smelly spray thing on her legs. Downstairs in the living area, next to a kitchen were there's food. Does nobody use the bathroom anymore for things like that? Contrived to put Tony off. Sorry, mate, you're supposed to love her, so you say, and you have to take these little annoying things along with it. You might think Tracy's trouble free but think again.

Tony's resolve to agree that his thing with Tracy is over didn't last 10 minutes, just exactly as she thought. She knew darn well he'd fold and she still decided to make him sweat a bit longer. Oh.... I was wondering why Tracy was snogging Tony and then flashing him at the door but they were round the back, not on the street side!

More and more Liz seems to be taking Tony for granted and he doesn't like it much. It's going to make Tracy seem like the more attractive partner when really, grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence and she'd be just as off putting as Liz once she finally got him under her thumb, probably even moreso! And Tracy certainly is trying to get Tony under her thumb.

Steve and Michelle are wedding planning and Steve wants a big do. Of course he does. Steve's all about the big gesture these days but big gestures cost money. I laughed at Steve suggesting a depression theme wedding and playing Joy Division. At least Michelle wants something more subdued. You can make a no-frills wedding into something special. Look at what Beth and Kirk had! But Liz has wined and dined Tony and now he thinks she's angling for him to pay. She says not but he can read between the lines and it seems like he's going to help out.

Except Liz doesn't want Steve to know Tony's banking the wedding and Tony's feeling more and more put upon and doesn't Tracy work that one? She knows exactly what buttons to push. Looks like it's turning out to be Tony's Winter of Discontent (or Spring, as it were) and Tracy takes the advantage and takes Tony back. It was only a matter of time.

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