Monday, 20 April 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for April 13 - 17

Out of the mouths of babes: Faye scolding Owen after he attacked Craig. She told Owen Craig was nicer to her than he ever was.

Shoot yourself in the foot award: Owen just couldn't keep his gob shut around Beth. It landed him in the nick for assault.

Time Warp award: Eileen and Adrian finished their date and it was still broad daylight yet they talked about a nightcap and not having coffee at "this time of night". Even if they were north of the Arctic Circle it's still too early in the year for the midnight sun!

Musical Ambiance: Smooth Operator when Jason and Gary were talking about Callum in the pub.

Gobsmacked award: Jackson's parents on finding out about the baby.

Martyr Award: Anna seems to be taking on baby care all on her own in spite of having Owen and Gary around to help willingly. And they've got experience, so why not let them?

Richard III Award: Tracy is making sure this really is Tony's Winter of Discontent (or Spring, I suppose)

Lines of the week:
Carla "I'll stick the cooker on. Only I'm not sure know how to work it!"
David "When I were 13 all I were really interested in were Transformers"
Kirk "I don't think you can get 'Sorry you've had a baby' balloons"
Mary "I'd be a good midwife. Nerves of steel" Sean "I prefer the mysteries of a woman to remain mysterious" Mary "Bring on the gas and air. One blast for the mother and one for me!" (what happened to those nerves of steel?)
Sean to Eileen "What have I told you about using a magnifying mirror? They are the devil's work!" (they are, you know!)
Tracy re the brawl outside "Do you have to buy tickets for his or can anybody watch?"
Kirk "I always think bits of your brain come out when you have a nosebleed. I had loads when I was a kid" (Ohhhh so that's what happened!)
Adrian to Eileen "You give good brush off, I'll give you that"
Steve "I was thinking we could have a depression themed wedding. Play Joy Division instead of the Wedding March." (Ha!)
Audrey to Bethany "'Audrey' is one thing, 'Aud' quite another!"

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