Monday, 13 April 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for April 6 - 10

Slave Driver award: Norris. Who scrubs doorsteps anymore?

Spawn of the Devil award: Beth suggested they watch Rosemary's Baby. Faye hasn't seen it. Probably scare the beejeebies out of her!

Reputation preceeds him: The church ladies giggled when they finally met Norris. Wonder how much Emily's told them? Enough, I reckon.

The Last to Know award: Liz doesn't want another woman to get her hands on her man. Ooops! Too late!

Music fail: Does anyone here really believe that Michelle would have chosen Barry White for a romantic meal? Really? Because I don't.

BFF award: Looks like Simon and Zeedan are now best buddies.

Phrase of Doom award: Gary reckons their luck must be changing at last, now Owen's landed a part time job. Owen figures their luck couldn't get any worse. That was also the day their 12 year old gave birth.

Reality check award: Labour was far more scary than either Faye or Craig expected.

Selective hearing: Sophie could hear a bit of bumping around in the flat overhead. How come she didn't hear Faye's terrified screaming?

Lines of the week:
David to Gail "You're not leaving me with Bride of Chucky!"
Tim to Tyrone "How'd you manage to get gravy down your back?" Tyrone "I like gravy" (um. Yeah. And?)
Norris (in front of Emily and the church ladies) "This is supposed to be a pub, not The Best Little Wh@rehouse in Texas!" Steve "Is that a charity auction or a human sacrifice?"
Steve to Tony "Me and Michelle are going through one of the worst times of our lives and you're throwing some Barry White sex party in the back!?"
Bethany about David "He stuffed drugs in my dolly when I was little. I can say what I like!"
Gail "There's always something lurking round the corner. Something you didn't see coming" (ain't that the truth!)
Sally "I'd rather to a 10K run in high heel shoes!"
Tim "I'd rather be jaded than be 16 again" (me too, at least where boys and hormones are concerned!)
Sally "It's always a bit tragic when you see a woman dining on her own. It's the sort of thing poems are written about" (And you can see why I absolutely love Sally Webster!)
Callum "I know loads of games where you can end up in jail" (don't you, just)
Sarah to David "Why are you doing that creepy voice? Oh, I forgot, it's your normal one"

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