Thursday, 27 October 2016

Coronation Street will dedicate episodes to Jean Alexander

Coronation Street will dedicate tonight's episodes to Jean Alexander, who has sadly passed away. (edited: Let's hope CBC follows on and gives Ms. Alexander the same respect)

An ITV spokesperson confirmed Monday's episodes (aired in the UK October 17th) will be dedicated to Jean's memory.

And they added that show bosses were considering having characters reference the death of Hilda, who would now be 92.

John Whiston, Creative Director at ITV Studios, said in a statement yesterday:

“Everyone who loves what is special about Coronation Street will know how sad it is to hear that Jean Alexander has died. Hilda Ogden was the earthy heart of the show for very many years, and the brilliance of Jean as an actor was that she could shift from high comedy to deeply emotional and moving drama in a heartbeat. That takes real skill and real acting but also real humanity."

Jean's niece Sonia Hearld said: “At one time she was the world’s all-time favourite soap star. I think people just took her to their hearts and thought she was their friend. People would come up to her when she was in the street and just want to hug her and say, ‘Hello.’ I think people felt she was part of their lives. As she said, ‘Without the public liking me, who am I? I’m nothing. If they don’t like me, I don’t exist really.’"

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