Thursday, 13 October 2016

State of the Street - September 2016

September on Coronation Street may have been filled with ups and a lot of downs for many characters, but I enjoyed it for the most part. Even if it's a soap cliche, Steve having two women pregnant is still keeping me interested and hating Nick Tilsley even more after his bullying of Steve. I always felt that Leanne went back to Nick all those times as a rebound thing and I still think that.

Todd and Billy broke up and now seem to be back together, and we've heard an explanation of what happened to Todd in That London that broke his spirit. Interesting turn of events, I thought. It seems to me that Todd might really love Billy, that he's actually sincere about it. Dare we get behind this couple? Will they go the distance or at least a little way towards it?

Sarah's getting back on her feet and Bethany has finally seen the end of the bullying, I think. But Todd is in thick with Phelan and Vinny selling pretend flats and Todd's conscience is causing waves. I really do think that Todd has an agenda and is planning to bring Phelan down from the inside and I am almost willing to believe that Phelan, while he's a manipulator and a bit of a bully himself, isn't willing to cross the line to out and out murderous violence like Vinny seems to be.

David can barely contain his anger and rage and Caz is infatuated with Maria which she's finally figured out. Beth has had a long time secret outed and it's pushed Kirk and Craig out the door. Alya's discovered her inner Carla and has restarted her plans to take over the world, funded by blackmail money off her grandad who's had a 7 year mistress.

All this in further detail and more at State of the Street.

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