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Sunday Comments October 9

Cathy's suspicions are such that she can hardly look at Alex. She's convinced he doesn't know and doesn't know how and if she should tell him? Instead, she's snapping at him and getting flustered as she can do so well. It's all going to hell in the cafe, though, when she decides on impulse to go harass Nigel again, leaving Alex in charge only Alex burned his arm Roy has to take him to the hospital and asks Sally to mind the cafe. I hope he's not expecting her to cook! Nigel ended up confirming the truth. Alan is Alex's father. Should she tell him or not? Looks like he still does love Alex as a son and has some regrets. Damn Nessa. And poor Cathy has to deal with yet another betrayal by her late husband.

She also didn't seem too inclined to let Roy into her confidence and that is a dangerous and slippery slope. He's her partner now, her fiance and he's very well able to keep a secret if he has to, though he doesn't like to. All she could do was be rude and shout at Roy until she finally leaked out the truth. Roy can't find the words to make her feel better so what does she do? brush him off. I'm sorry. She doesn't measure up to Hayley at all.

I like that Gemma and Alex are mates even if Alex does spin a story or two. But then, lots of people exaggerate to big themselves up! Cathy seems to be still in Mardy Cow mode, being offhand with Roy. I don't know why she's holding it all against him. She also wants to tell Alex the truth. Roy, normally the harbinger of truth, wants her to hold off. In order to head her off at the pass, he takes Alex to the allottment. But it turns out, Alex already knew that Nigel wasn't his father and didn't want to upset Cathy. Alan actually told him.

Alex has decided to move to Inverness with his mother and Cathy doesn't seem to care. On the surface. Of course she's hurt underneath. And even when she sat and talked to Alex she was still not very nice about it, taking it out on him. Roy called her on it. She has a lot of regrets, especially because she never had a child of her own. She's in such a state that she could end up pushing Roy away, too. No wonder he decided to drive Alex to Scotland to give them a bit of time apart.

Roy has the route all mapped out with Tyrone going along to keep him company and help him drive. It's a long way, after all. Poor Alex is so sad to be going. He won't be happy with his mother but he doesn't want to upset Auntie Cathy who wouldn't even go wave them off. She can't get around Alan's betrayal and Alex reminds her of it. She did tell Fiz about Alan being Alex's father. Roy told Tyrone that he enjoyed Alex living with them after the initial teething pains were sorted. But the woody broke down and all bets are off. Cathy insists Kevin tow them home.

Roy is realizing he can't keep comparing Cathy to Hayley even though he does have feelings for her. When Cathy came with Kevin to get them, all apologetic, all is forgiven. Tyrone thinks Roy doesn't love Cathy. I'm of two minds about that. I think Roy cares for her but not sure he does love her. Settling? I don't know. He was lonely and needed to find a way forward with his life.

Vinny even went to the trouble of making a model of the building containing the flats. They also have a little structure set up as the office. They sure are spending a lot of money on this just to scam people. Eileen threw a monkey wrench into it by getting some media attention. Where's Todd staying now he's broken up with Billy? And Billy told Eileen that Todd really hates Phelan and he's confused about what's going on. He worries that Todd is getting in too deep and Eileen is following him.

Mary's new job is disconcerting to the kids and Erica is having a few opinions that counter Mary's usual routines. This might be a bumpy road. Why does Mary need another job, anyway? Anyway, she's throwing herself into it, learning the latin names for all the flowers. Erica's attempts at overlooking the kids certainly has it's ups and downs. And Mary's new job is having it's ups and downs too and the kids are going to take action. I don't think Erica particularly likes to be responsible for the kids. She certainly seemed to be going along with things kicking and screaming and she wasn't too happy to have to make their tea. The feeling is mutual. The twins prefer Mary and have started a campaign. They hate the curry she made and they didn't even try it and ran circles around her.

Erica made Dev pull out Mary's contract with him and to be fair, she didn't clear her new job with Dev considering it would take time away from his kids, her primary job.

The Alahan kids are going to sell flowers in front of the shop. Why is that new? They had flowers in front of that shop for yonks. Even Tracy said Dev only sold tatty carnations and she's not happy to see nice looking bouquets coming from that direction. Anyway, it comes out. The Twins demand that Tracy sack Mary or they'll keep selling cut rate flowers. And it turns out the twins didn't grow those flowers at the school, they stole them from a cemetery so Erica put the frighteners on them and it worked. The kids confessed they did it to get Mary back. Erica thought Dev would punish them and he wasn't going to but he did at her insistence. No telly. For one night. And they used their tablets anyway. Dev was upset at Erica's machinations but he does spoil them and it's hard for him not to, after them losing their mother like they did.

Back at Nazir Towers, though, Alya is still wondering about Sonia and Sharif. She was very rude to Sonia about how long she was going to stay. Now Sharif wonders if Alya suspects after all. She does but she thinks it's one sided and her grandmother will notice soon, too. Sonia's solution is to ask for one of those new flats, getting him to pay the deposit, of course. It actually wouldn't be difficult for him to explain it, using it as an investment and Sonia needing a place to rent anyway. So that's how he's going to play it. It was a tough ask, though. Yasmeen wasn't easily convinced but he did it in the end. Alya put pressure on her grandfather and he admitted "it was once, years ago" and that Sonia was a bit of a threat. He lied and lied like a rug, anything to keep Alya from telling the secret. It really puts Alya in a difficult position.

Next, Alya confronted Sonia with what she knows. She's disgusted and wants to tell Yasmeen and discovers that Sonia would like nothing better. She'd like to get her claws into Sharif permanently. But Alya has other things on her mind as well and she's determined to get her designs made and get a reasonable payment for them or find the cash to build a proper production line to produce them herself. In comes Granddad's wallet. forget the flat, invest in me! She's got something to hold over Sharif so Todd and Phelan may end up losing out on a sale and Sonia's in a snit. She is insisting he find a roof for over her head. I think she needs a good lawyer and should go after her husband.

Alya is excited that her designs might again see the light of day but remember, they're now a couple of years out of date. Probably badly needing to be updated. Sinead is pleased, as well. And now that she's a model, she can do double duty, sewing and modelling. Izzy isn't going to be helping this time around, if it goes ahead. Johnny's not so keen on the project, especially financially. Aidan seems to think he can sell the designs but all they get is 50 quid. That's probably a lot less than Aidan got for the company, I'd bet. Alya was ticked off and I can't blame her. She doesn't have a lot of control since Underworld owns them.

Aidan will go along with the partnership but Sinead got a disappointment. She's not going to be hand sewing the new line, it's going to be done more mechanically to be more cost effective. Problem. how is Sharif going to come up with the cash quickly? Solution. Dev said there's money in the account (the gym). He must have taken enough for both things because he did sign a contract for the flat and he gave Alya the money.

Audrey's descriptions of one of her clients were funny. Freddie is still floating around the salon, just as friends but Audrey seems intent on avoiding him. Maria has enlisted Tyrone's help in matchmaking the pair of them. Kevin and Tyrone are convinced that Audrey would love a ride in the sidecar of the motorcycle. Really? Audrey? But in the end, she was game.

Kirk is wallowing. He's cuddling the dog and singing to sad songs. Three Times a Lady? Beth has a hearing for the bigamy charge. Maria decided to push Beth into trying really hard to get Kirk to believe her most sincere apology. She did try, with flowers even. He did accept them but he didn't go to the hearing with her, nor did Craig. Not quite ready for that. She got a 150 pound fine and community service. It'll cost her more than that if she plans to get that divorce.

Kirk is of the opinion that Ozzy is poorly. I don't like the sound of that. Naturally, the dog takes precedence with Kirk over Beth's problems. The dog collapsed and it turns out the dog is very ill and has to be put down!

Jenny's going away with Johnny for the weekend and the rest of the workers seem to be a bit jealous. Sally, of course, is her usual rude self to Jenny and the rest of them still aren't too happy with her after that spying incident. Jenny does seem quite happy with Johnny, though.

Andy wants to do something with his life and he's decided to write horror novels. I'm a bit surprised he showed Aidan. I didn't think they were friends. Mary thought the story was good. Andy is very encouraged. Vampires in Suits is the name of his book. Ooh the Renshaw Twins have made another appearance! Chesney, too. We haven't seen that in awhile. I see Michelle's still got a hissy on over Robert (and the Carla thing though I'm not sure how Robert ruined Carla's life. Carla had a pretty good hand in it herself). Billy can hardly stand to look at Todd and that hurts Todd a lot.

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