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Sunday Comments Oct. 2

Billy has determined not to back down. But a chance conversation with Sarah suggesting social work as an alternative career, a lot less grief, has sowed a seed. Billy would be a good social worker, too. So he's seriously thinking of leaving the church and seemingly for Todd who probably doesn't want Billy to do it just for him. Then he confessed his love and it really did seem sincere.

A few days later, Todd left his phone in the bar and Sean answered a call, not realizing whose phone it was until he hung up and saw the photo on the wallpaper screen. Turns out the call was from the Bishop and when he gave the phone to Billy, they discover that Todd made the call to the Bishop on the day of the complaint, using a fake name. When confronted, Todd admitted it. He might have done it for what he thinks is the right reason, and he made it all about him, but it was wrong.

Now Billy is in crisis but he dumped Todd flat yet still tried to justify Todd's actions to himself. He realized that Todd was right in that the church is not going to be ready to support same sex relationships inside the church for some time.

Cathy really isn't one to put her opinions out there and she's nervous to tell Roy that she wants to share the bed with him. Roy either doesn't want to or is just not ready to take that next step. It's a big step and we already know Roy doesn't deal with change too well. After losing Hayley, any new relationship would be huge for him and even baby steps are more like "One giant step for mankind" where Roy's concerned. Cathy gave Anna enough hints as to the problem so Anna stuck her neb in and laid it out for Roy. Yes, the spectre of Hayley looms large still, but Roy seems to need a little nudge into taking each new step with Cathy, doesn't he?

What a beautiful, touching scene...not a word spoken. Roy in his and Hayley's bedroom, the grief hanging in the air all around him as he sat on the bed and gently laid a hand on her side. I bet he doesn't sleep on that side, either. Later, Roy's made a decision. Not quite what Cathy expected, but him moving into her smaller room is a step in the right direction. She was also upset that he decided to get rid of the bed but really, that's not so bad. I do feel for her, though, because she really does think he's never truly going to be hers if Hayley still seems to have such a huge place in his heart. It's one of the most realistic portrayals of grief, mind you. There are plenty of people like Ken and Freddie who seek out comfort after losing their partners but most people tend to be like Roy and a new relationship is a longer time coming and it's tougher for them, too.

Alex really wants one of Phelan's flats but Roy has no intention of lending him the deposit. He won't invest in anything that isn't built yet and he doesn't particularly trust Phelan either. Cathy tries Nessa but doesn't get far so she decides to ask Alex's father, Nigel, a new character for us. Cathy called him not the most sociable. I'll say. Rude is too good for his attitude and she got the door closed in her face. She didn't get far. Eileen offered to keep it reservation a few more days.

Cathy is so distracted that she forgot about Roy's birthday, though Anna remembered. I laughed at poor Roy's face and voice, dripping with dread at the possibility of a surprise party. What's distracting Cathy is Alex's father, Nigel. She forced her way into the house while back at the cafe, Alex has determined there's no party so he wants to sort one for Roy anyway. Cathy is pushing for Nigel to do more to support his son but he is being very circumspect and he's harbouring a lot of anger.

Alex did a great job setting up a party but Cathy walked into it and realized she'd forgotten it! Before she got into the party mode, she checked Alex's bank statements. It turns out that Alex might be Cathy's late husband's son! Ouch!

Back to Phelan and Eileen, the day has arrived for the planning permission decision and they were successful! Now, Phelan and Vinny have to decide what kind of client they should be pitching the flats to. Young and stupid? Old with a pension? I still can't figure out if this storyline is going to mean we will lose Phelan or if he'll find a way to pretend he was suckered as much as everyone else, blaming it all on Vinny. Otherwise, he'd never be able to stick around.

Todd is still worried about Jason's cash as an investment and doesn't trust Phelan in the least as we all know. He overheard Phelan cancel the architect. Why was that? Because, of course, the project really isn't going to go to completion. Phelan isn't going to tell the truth, he's going to play the confusion card but Todd, having worked on a similar case from a legal perspective when he lived in London, can see exactly what's going on and that's dangerous for Phelan and well he knows it. He's very good at playing it cool but you know he's sweating bullets inside. Todd could tell. He had to do something desperate so he warned Vinny who spirited Eileen out from under Todd's searching gaze.

So where did Vinny take Eileen? Todd is frantic, now. Vinny took Eileen to see the future building site, complete with champagne. Phelan took her to the top of the building. I kept expecting him to chuck her over the edge which was the point of that scene, that and him putting more poison into her ear about Todd. It worked. But he sent her off in the car with Vinny on her own. Where did Vinny take her? Probably not as sinister as it seemed. Meanwhile, Pat offered Todd an "in". He actually admitted it to Todd and offered him part of the deal. He promises they'll all come out on top with the cash. But Todd had called the police before all this.

Todd can't get the police to believe him and Phelan knows he has no proof. He gives Vinny the heads up anyway but it seems that Vinny's way of dealing with things is not the way Phelan would. Is that a small glimpse of humanity i see in Phelan? He's a smooth talker, a manipulator and he is sometimes threatening but doesn't seem to actually be very violent though he's been rough with people including women. Classic bully. So if Vinny is a lot more serious about silencing Todd, will Phelan go along with it or will he work out a way around it?

They didn't have to worry. Todd has decided to take Phelan up on the offer to get in on the deal. Billy's dumped him and he's got nothing to lose now. Will they trust him? Phelan agreed to make sure Jason doesn't lose his investment and Eileen doesn't suffer. It's small potatoes considering the amount they could end up with and we all know Todd doesn't have a lot of morals. Scamming the neighbours? No problem. He's very credible but I still think Todd is going to try to bring Phelan down from the inside. He drew Phelan out to get all the details of the scam, how they're selling the flats, etc.

Eileen has been in a luxury spa at Phelan's expense, and of course she's definitely on his side and not ready to listen to Todd and Todd? He quit his job at the florist. It's got to look real, I guess. He sucked up to Eileen and Eileen was delighted to have Todd in on the project, surprising as it was.

They've certainly gone to a lot of bother to make it look legitimate, too. Fancy brochures and everything. His first sucker/customer is Sharif and Sonia has latched on to the idea. She wants one. He's handing them out with a dose of charm to everyone and then Phelan made sure Alex had a look as well. Todd seems to draw the line with Alex, especially when he saw Billy across the road.

Beth has some serious 'splaining to do. And it makes absolutely no sense that she knew she was already married. Not after all she went through to have the wedding of her dreams with Kirk. And didn't any of her family know she'd married Darryl? Mother? Sinead? Nobody?? Sinead says she didn't know. It smells like a big, fat, retcon to me. How did pretending not to be married to Craig's dad protect him if Darry's name is on the birth certificate anyway?

Be that as it may, the news has devastated Kirk and Andy Whyment has really pulled out all the stops this week. You don't realize how good an actor he is because Kirk is such a gentle, goofy soul and Andy makes Kirk so believable that you forget sometimes it's all an act. I like that Kirk told Maria straight away when she asked. They're a good brother-sister act even if we don't see it much.

Kirk was so hurt that he called the police! Or did he? Someone did. Turns out it was Craig. That was a turn up for the books, didn't expect that. It's the biggest gossip to hit the street.... this month. All Sally could think of was how much she spent on the wedding day! She was nothing if not blunt as usual. Beth got arrested and possibly charged and as hard as it was to think Kirk called her in, she was totally gutted when she found out it was Craig and Kirk thought he did the wrong thing. Kirk ended up on Maria's doorstep, poor lad.

Kirk is feeling pretty glum as you would expect. He's had to make a statement to the police and tells Beth later that he's not ready to forgive and forget. But Beth has been charged so it's going to get complicated.

Audrey is looking forward to a meal with Freddie. She doesn't seem to be too infatuated yet but I think they're a lovely couple. AGain, though, you have a newly grieving man and perhaps Audrey isn't about to make that same mistake again. It seems she's over Ken and I say that's a good thing. I never thought they suited. I do think Freddie and Audrey do work. It also looks like Freddie is feeling more for Audrey and it might scare him a little, so soon after losing his Sadie. They were seen looking quite comfortable together by one of Freddie and Sadie's old friends and she gave him a right bollocking for it, just like we were all doing when Ken jumped into bed with Nessa.

Freddie is regretting walking out on Audrey at the Bistro and well he should be! He tells the lads at the garage what happened and admits that even though Sadie would want him to move on, he doesn't feel ready. Fair enough, but he's still got some major apologizing to do to Audrey. Start with flowers and honesty and you'll go far. She appreciates it but I bet she's thinking inside, not another widower, boy have I been making the wrong choices! They will be nice friends and maybe that's all it will be though I think she'd take more. At least she got over Ken. I never thought they'd go well together.

Audrey's conversation with Freddie has upset him and he's feeling out of sorts. He's feeling his grief but feeling like he is attracted to Audrey, too and it's confusing for him. He wants to move on but then he gets stuck in the guilt pattern of what he *should* do rather than what he wants to do. We went through this with Ken but it wasn't handled quite as delicately.

Andy is still in a snit about Steph missing Zombiemania for work but Steph managed to tempt him back to a good mood with a promise. I really think they're a cute couple. I wish they'd do more with them but I hope this upset isn't the start of a downswing where they end up splitting up. I'd rather see them go through a bumpy patch and then make it up and get married.

Aidan has discovered those drawings Alya made all those months ago, when she and Sinead was trying to sell her own creations online, remember? He liked what he saw and asked her about the designs. He wants to look into restarting the project. That's exciting for her!

Dev wants Erica to bond with the children but his idea of it and hers are not compatible. He's taking them to see an animated film but that's most definitely not up Erica's street. She doesn't know what she's missing, if you ask me. Some of those animated ones are great! Mary doesn't seem to know what to do with herself if she has time off. Cue Tracy's available job position. Mary talked her way into it against Tracy's better judgement.

Sharif and Sonia are still circling each other, with Sonia ticking the box for Yasmeen's sympathy and then, when Yasmeen drives Cathy to see Alex's father, she flirts and swings her hips and Sharif is up them stairs after her. To his and Yasmeen's own bed!!! Yet he continues to defend his wife and marriage. Later, Alya saw her grandfather lay a cozy hand on Sonia's back. That looked odd to her and she's sure they're flirting if nothing else. It goes right over Zeedan's head but Rana's noticed it, too. Where there's smoke...

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