Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Farewell Faithful Ozzy

(This post was originally posted by Tvor on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2016.)

Last night on Coronation Street, Maria Connor had to say goodbye to her beloved dog, Ozzy. As anyone who has lost a pet knows, it's a devastating loss. Ozzy has seen Maria through a lot.

You may recall, in 2007, Maria gave a black Labrador puppy to her boyfriend Liam Connor. She thought it might have been overstepping the mark but in the end, he kept Ozzy and married Maria. Ozzy was responsible for Liam nearly falling off a cliff in the Lake District when he ran off and Liam went after him!

When Liam died, pregnant Maria had Ozzy to keep her company and she even brought Ozzy to Liam's funeral. Later, when she was dating Tony Gordon, she and Tony took Ozzy to the beach for a walk. Tony played with Ozzy while Maria went into labour with her baby, also to be called Liam after his late father.

Ozzy made appearances over the years, and would spend time with Maria's brother, Kirk, whenever Maria was out of town. You may recall that Maria and Kirk grew up as the children of kennel owners so they are both well versed in the care of dogs and love them very much.

This week, Kirk was struggling with the revelation that his wife, Beth was still married to someone else but he noticed that Ozzy did not seem himself. A poorly dog is always going to take precedence with Kirk. I really like that they keep this personality trait consistently strong in Kirk. Poor Ozzy collapsed while Kirk and Caz had him out for a walk and the next thing we know, Kirk is bringing Ozzy home in his arms, broken hearted because the dog was diagnosed with advanced cancer and had to be put down. He brought Ozzy home so Maria could say goodbye. The actress, Samia Ghadie Longchambon, was in real tears when filming the scenes and fans were gutted last night, watching the episode.

In real life, Ozzy's owners, Anne and Clive Hunt,  also own the dogs who play Eccles and Schmeichel and they own Darrell the rat and used to own the white cat that played Maxine's Bella. There's a bit more about them on the Manchester Evening News site.

It looks like losing Ozzy might be a catalyst that kicks the storyline between Caz and Maria up a notch or two as Caz becomes more and more obsessed with Maria who starts to push her away.

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