Friday, 15 June 2012

Sneak Preview of next week's Canadian Corrie, June 18 - 22

Time for a sneak peek for what's coming up on Coronation Street next week on Canadian Screens:

Sunita finds comfort somewhere else. Karl's gambling causes fallout at the pub. Marcus spends more time with Maria and Liam. Paul's new schedule takes it toll. Amy makes a new friend and goes missing. Jason gives Paul a piece of his mind. Will Paul finally realize Lesley needs more help than he can give?

Gail and David bust Audrey and Lewis and both are convinced Lewis is out to fleece Audrey. Audrey tries to take back the salon from David sparking a war. Leanne's going for custody. Ken pushes Tracy to get a job but it comes between he and Deirdre so someone gets a new room mate.

tommy gets bad news and Ty's there for him but Kirsty's temper flares up. Sally's home from hospital and she's got an offer for Carla.

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