Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, June 17

Peter's confession even sounded fake to me. He made it all up and surely even the police could tell! He's determined to do it to save Carla but in doing so he'd effectively abandon Simon. Leave it to Mary to romanticize it all. Peter thought Carla did it and if she didn't and he can't remember, then he could have done it anyway, and now Carla thinks Peter did it for her. If it wasn't for Simon, Leanne would have left him to rot in there. But she knew he had an alibi with one of his AA friends. Peter should have been fined for wasting police time! It's back to questioning. If Peter didn't do it, who did? Carla? No, too obvious. Wow what a scene between Carla screaming at Anne in the factory and Anne in bits because of Simon being lost without a father.

Leanne did the right thing after all, for Simon's sake really. Peter is released and the police now decide to go back to Carla as the murderer. Nash went to the church for the funeral. I wondered why. I doubt very much a police officer is sent to every funeral of a murder victim. He had no idea that Carla would show up though maybe he hoped she would. Probably went to spy on people, see what he could see. I don't blame Leanne for ripping Peter a new one. He did put Carla before Simon, he was willing to abandon Simon to keep Carla out of jail. He *is* an idiot. Doubly so, what's the first thing he did? Pour he and Carla a drink. Isn't that what got him in all this trouble in the first place?
But alas, neither of them did it, it was Anne, Frank's mother. All along I was going for the "expendable crew member". I had Anne pegged but I had a moment of doubt over Jenny but no, turns out it was Anne all along as Sally found out the hard way. She lashed out, horrified that he really had raped Carla and worried his father into an early grave. Excellent stuff. (Read more blogging about it here)

That must have been some hard floor Sally hit or the bannister. Does her life hang in the balance? Well what do you think? Of course she'll recover. But how come there was no mention of Rosie what soever? No phone calls, no mention that she'd called or texted...even Sally didn't mention her. Kevin is gutted and feeling like it's all his fault. Yeah. It is. But we won't get into all that again. At least Sophie made peace with Kevin.

Audrey and Lewis are back together. They've tried to keep it secret and Audrey lied and pretended she was sick so as to spend the day with Lewis. Well, lies will catch you out and David and Gail sussed it out. It went over like a lead balloon with the family, as you would expect. Tommy and Tina are lurching towards one another until she made a pro/con list and he found it and took great offence.

So, Sunita is feeling taken for granted. Fair enough. Dev always has treated her like that. I guess she's just sick of it. Even when he tried to take her out, she didn't go for it. He did make the effort but maybe it's too little too late. She went anyway, though, and Amber had to babysit. Not to be foiled, she brought the party to her house and to be fair, she shouldn't have done that when she was responsible for two children.

Dev was angry and Sunita had every right to go off on her but there's already a bagload of resentment there and this just sparked it off. Amber needed to grow up and Sunita did go a bit too far but it was all contrived to see Amber leave. Dev backed down straight away, fearing to lose his daughter but Sunita pushed and pushed. They both deserved an apology but Amber didn't think she had to give one so Sunita wouldn't either. Bye Bye Amber and it's all contrived to increase the resentment between Dev and Sunita. I think they only brought Amber back to put her in the Sophie and Sian story and then completely wasted her.

Brian makes me laugh, stuffing his face with bacon sandwiches and trying to lead a healthy eating campaign and Kylie is fighting him every step of the way. Fair enough, she shouldn't be sending Max to school with crisps and junk food but there has to be a happy medium, like a sandwich. Brian's confiscating the illegal lunches and probably eating them himself! Laughed at Kylie taking lunch orders from the kids, for a price of course! Brian objected and ended up with mushy peas all over him! Truly a classic Derek-Wilton style moment!
Now Kylie's going to home school Max and both David and Gail know that's not going to work very well but I guess Kylie just has to figure it out herself. It was harder than she thought, too. It didn't last 5 minutes and even though they tried to get Brian to agree, he decided to make them squirm a bit over it. Prat.

I think I'll start a slap line for Mary. This week she's giving Julie a lecture on having a baby in an over-crowded world. Sheer jealousy, you know. Julie really came over all previous when Brian was being (in her view) masterly and determined about Kylie.

This flirting that Sunita's doing is new for her. It must have come free with that new pushup bra she's been wearing since she has been working behind the bar. (And did you hear "I want to break free" on the jukebox during one of their flirting sessions?) I enjoyed watching the new spread through the pub about Frank's mother! No... NO!!!! Really???? The grapevines were humming!

Oh we're back with Steve and Tracy. Tracy cadges for money yet again. If Amy needs a coat or shoes, Steve should volunteer to take Amy and buy it himself. Tracy should be using the maintenance he pays for things like that anyway. And the chances of her actually using the money for a coat are minimal, She got the cheapest one she could and spent the rest on herself. And it was a split second later in the very next scene he was commiserating with Ken and Tracy had already done the full shopping trip. Makes my head spin sometimes the way they edit these things. I think in the UK this probably happened after the mid way advert break so it wouldn't have been so jarring.

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Kat said...

Having been through a situation similar to the Sunita/Amber/Dev storyline I can really feel for Sunita. Honestly, that was so well done it felt like I was watching my own life. I've had to tell my parents that I won't associate with my step siblings anymore due to them acting very much like Amber did. It was a very difficult conversation with a lot of emotion.. I actually had my fists balled up while Sunita was telling off Amber! It just resonated far too well!

I agree with you about Sally. The whole head trauma thing is a bit far fetched. It's not like she fell on straight concrete and if you watch how she fell she fell on her arms.. granted you can't have the actress actually fall on her head but they could have tried to make it more realistic. I noticed the absence of Rosie as well. She may not have been able to be there because of the reality show and may not have been allowed phone calls. I know when 9/11 happened the tv show Big Brother was filming and they wrestled with if they should tell the contestants or not.. perhaps they're using that same angle for Corrie too..

I definitely don't like Karl and Sunita together.. they just don't seem like a good match to me.. and poor Stella.. she is such a great "mom" type to everybody on the street. Fiercely loyal.. always there for people.. she doesn't deserve to be treated like this..

I do wonder though, if they do end up splitting Karl and Stella up.. who gets the pub? I doubt neither can afford it alone.. so who would end up being the owner?

Whoops! Wrote way more than I had anticipated!

Anyways, love the blog.. I used to chat on the guestbook ages ago so I always appreciated your insight there and LOVE the blog!

Tvor said...

Hi Kat! Thanks for coming to the blog and commenting!

I know what you mean about Rosie but i thought they could have mentioned trying to get through to her at least. Ah well. out of sight, out of mind it seems.

I don't reckon they'll split up Stella and Karl any time soon but if they do, her name is over the door.

Anonymous said...

Granted, the fight between Sunita and Amber was ugly...but it still left me asking, "what is with these Corrie characters who are so scared of having their FULLY GROWN, ADULT children move out of the house?" Gail was ridiculous about Nick - remember? And she continues to hold on to David (who, BTW, tried to kill her once) for dear life.

Tvor said...

It's ironic that Gail has turned into her interfering mother-in-law Ivy Tilsley who also had a problem untying the apron strings with her son Brian.

missusmac said...

Yes, kind of ironic that Amber is going to give up the flat -- that her dad renovated and gave her rent-free -- and her job at her dad's shop, to drive off in the car that, oh yeah, her dad gave her. Makes no sense. I agreed with Sunita 100 per cent: give us an apology and work for a few months to show us you deserve everything you have already received.

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