Friday, 1 June 2012

Who is worse? Frank Foster or Tony Gordon?

While watching tonight's Corrie, I got thinking about which recent villain was worse, Tony Gordon or Frank Foster? Carla was involved with them both, and married to Tony.

Tony tried to kill her twice. He sent a hit man after her and later, he tried to blow up the factory around her.

Frank hasn't resorted to murderous violence but he's a rapist and has admitted it to Carla. He and Tony were both control freaks. They both knew how to manipulate people into doing what each wanted. Both can turn on the charm and both can be cold as ice. I don't think either man really loved Carla. She was a possession and both of them were obsessed with owning her.

 Here's one difference. Tony at times did have a conscience. He was shocked and felt very guilty when, right after Liam's death, he found out Maria was pregnant and I think his romancing of Maria was partially to absolve himself of that guilt. Roy was able to crack his veneer, too though it nearly ended in his death as well. I don't think Frank had that. Well, not that we've seen. Even when his father died, he didn't crack.

There's another difference. Tony, when someone crossed him, got even by arranging to have that person killed. Get rid of them and they're no longer going to cause a problem. Even when he found out Carla had an affair with Liam, he left Carla alone at that point, and had Liam killed. He went ahead and married Carla anyway, triumphant. He kept violence at arm's length.

Frank decided Carla was unfaithful when she broke off their engagement and raped her. Then he used his charms and every other dirty piece of evidence against her. Not satisfied with that, he waltzed back into the factory and made sure Carla suffered every day. He enjoyed poking her with the proverbial stick. He taunted her. He ultimately betrayed her and broke her.

Would Tony have gone to those lengths? Or would he have put a hit on Peter instead. He wasn't violent himself and only actually killed when he was pushed to the wall. He did strangle Jed Stone but didn't kill him and didn't try again, just intimidated the old man into staying out of town. He almost drowned Roy Cropper but couldn't go through with that either. He did kill the fellow inmate in the factory but normally he didn't actually get his hands dirty.

Frank is cold, calculating, intimidating. I don't think he had as much charm as Tony had because Frank rarely smiled. Both villains, both died in the end as Soap Law says they must but in my eyes, I think Frank Foster was the worst of the two.

But it's a close call. What do you think?

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Rachel said...

Personally I think Frank was worse than Tony. The writers, as far as I can see, have never tried to redeem Frank's character. Yes, Frank maintained his innocence to the public, but he never once tried to offer Carla any sort of olive branch that anyone would have rightfully accepted. I suppose had Carla accepted his offer of buying her out of the factory that perhaps that would have been his olive branch - that essentially he would have brought his way out of her life. Watching last week's episodes, seeing him refuse to tell Sally what he was planning to do with the factory until it was impossible to keep it from him any longer suggests that he likes to be in control of his destiny with little to no input from anyone around him.

Despite what Tony did, as a viewer, and seeing his remorse, and seeing no remorse from Frank (granted perhaps as he maintained that he was innocent he didn't need to show remorse), I think that Frank was probably the worse of the two.

Tvor said...

Yes i agree. Tony at least showed some remorse sometimes. I don't think Frank ever would though we didn't have him in the show as long.

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