Thursday, 28 June 2012

What's next for Steve and Tracy?

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2012.)

I've been thinking. And that usually leads to a blog post wherein I ramble a bit. Today's ramble is a musing on what might happen with Steve and Tracy, as individual characters, not as a couple. I definitely think they should not be together and I shall be very disappointed if they are thrown back at each other.

So for your perusal, I offer you this blog post.  What do you think should happen to them? Should Steve find the love of his life or is he better off alone? Should Tracy land back in the nick or should she stick around and make life miserable for everyone?

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corrie heart said...

Hi Tvor,

I really enjoy your blog and your vast knowledge of Corrie (by comparison my feeble ramblings are, as they say, rubbish).

Here are some story lines I would like to see:

Tracy should stick around (at least until a new female villain comes along) and perhaps even land some kind of shady job. Perhaps she could even wind up working with Jenny (Frank's partner in perfidy)

Steve has definitely lost his way as a character (funny facial expressions is not enough). I'd like to see him get involved with a new character, a strong no-nonsense woman who could deal with Tracy and keep Steve on a tight leash (at least for a while)

I would also like to see Ken get involved in another dalliance (a la Martha). It could be his last kick at the "playing away" can and I find his affairs very entertaining (not to mention Deirdre's reaction).

Anyway. thanks again for a great blog and all the best,


Tvor said...

Thanks for the great comments!
I'm not sure i want to see Ken have another fling. I think it's getting a bit much at his age. Steve does need someone that will stand up to Tracy. Becky did of course but had too many buttons that Tracy could push to break her down again.

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