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Why Kev and his bomber jacket need a decent story

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog November 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Guest blog post by Skelf McFall who is on Twitter: @TheSkelf
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As I sit down to write this it's Halloween. It's been a pretty grim time on the show recently, but with fantastic writing and acting, in my opinion. This is my first offering to the blog so I thought I'd bring some light relief in amongst all the other stories about recent events on the cobbles. Yes, there's only one thing I can possibly write about: 

Kevin Webster's bomber jacket 

The Jacket was first seen on screen in April 1997 and has been with Kevin ever since. It fits his character perfectly. Not flash in the slightest, tired looking but a trusty jacket none the less. Just like Kevin himself. The kind of jacket you can wear to work on top of your work overalls, or down the pub for a few pints at night. The perfect companion for Kevin.

Over the years he has had his fare share of fights, but he's never lost a fight with The Jacket on. Yes, it's true, The Jacket holds special powers, almost like Superman's cape, don't mess with Kev when the trusty faded purple is over his shoulders, he'll knock you out with one punch, doesn't matter it you're 6ft 8 towering over him, you don't stand a chance. 

The past 2 years, The Jacket hasn't been as prominent as it once was. A new, bland mustard coloured bomber has taken the iconic one's place, much to my annoyance.

In a street full of villains these days, the biggest being Pat Phelan, who is rightly regarded as the best baddie Corrie has ever had, the street needs a hero. Someone the street knows and loves needs to take a stand, put the pieces together and take Phelan down. With Kevin being Anna's partner, it makes perfect sense that he is the very man to do this. 

A storyline other than Kevin having an affair is long overdue. He'll need to get into the cupboard and pull out his trusty old partner of 20 years though, to take down Pat Phelan Kevin will need to be at his very best, and everyone knows he's at his best when he's got his old faithful Jacket on.

Guest blog post by Skelf McFall  

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