Sunday, 17 December 2017

Big, Bad Plothole

(This post was originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog December 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Weatherfield's Finest has never been known as having investigating officers that rival the legendary Inspector Columbo in nailing the guilty party by tracking down the finer details of a case. They're missing something now in the investigation regarding Anna allegedly pushing Seb off his ladder. Rosie Webster is the key.

The case seems to be anchored on Phelan's lie that he saw Anna go into the solicitor's office where her earring was later found. Viewers know he was the one that placed it there the evening after Seb fell. But Rosie was in the office late, using the internet connection to stream one of her favourite television shows. Did Phelan back off the minute he realized she was there and would be able to report his presence? No, he did not, which is odd. Rosie might be daft as a brush but she'll remember he was there at some point.

The police found the earring in the vaccuum cleaner and as far as they're concerned, Anna was in the office and pushed Seb off the ladder via one of the windows. They must have questioned Todd, Adam and Rosie as to whether they saw Anna there. I'll concede that it's possible that both of the men were out of the office on business-related things but that would leave Rosie. She'd know Anna didn't come in and if she was out of the office, too, wouldn't she have LOCKED UP? If the accident happened after business hours, the door would also then BE LOCKED. Anna would have had no way in.

The Weatherfield Police always seem to go with the flow and accept the most obvious solution regardless of reasonable doubt. If Rosie mentions Phelan's presence after the accident, that could certainly cast a shadow of that doubt. If nobody was in the office and the door was left unlocked, Anna could have got in but so could absolutely anyone else and we know nothing of the sort even happened. Seb was distracted, the ladder wobbled and down he went.

Surely they wouldn't have written the scene with Phelan and Rosie if they weren't going to use it later. That's not how soaps work. I can hardly wait for Sally's crowing about her daughter being the one to bring down a murderer after mentioning the detail that cast doubt on Anna's case, putting her own safety in jeopardy.

Why yes, I do overthink these things.

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Sd said...

I think I read something about that upper window being painted shut .

VictoriaRose said...

Another ridiculous story. All evidence of this crime is reported by Phelan. The police should be able to see through this and keep an open mind. Please make it stop!!

Anonymous said...

I've been screaming at the TV since the whole thing started. "Rosie saw Phelan!! Why hasn't anyone put two and two together?" lol

kib said...

I must admit we've been puzzling over this plothole at our house for some time. Not only is Rosie the answer, we like Detective Rosie who's solved a few problems on her own since she came back earlier this year.

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