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Sunday Comments December 24

Jude and Angie are packed and ready to go but Norris is still at odds with Mary but as we know, Tracy nicked the passports. Angie, of course, thinks Mary did it. Mary, in the meantime, is frantic to find out what is actually wrong with George. Bethany is really good with her. I like these odd out of the blue friendships on Corrie. Angie came looking for the passports at the flower shop so Tracy locked her in the office. Bethany gave Jude a mouthful, too for doubting Mary. He dragged up all the past about her giving him up. Why didn't she fight for him? She was a child herself, you doofus. Mary poured her heart out.

Meanwhile, Norris has finally got a clue knocked into him. Mary is more than his friend, he's still married to her and he needs to step up. And so he does, in a Batman costume. In public. How he thinks that a protest will persuade Jude and Angie not to leave town, I'm not quite sure. Norris didn't really know, either.

Bethany takes George for a walk so Jude and Mary can talk, but Jude gives George a banana to go. When Bethany returns with the baby, he's ill again. Bananas? Allergies? Likely. Over at the flower shop, Kirk unwittingly lets Angie out. She's going to call the police. Like she does with every single little thing, have you noticed? In the hospital, Angie and Jude both have the grace to accept they were horribly wrong about Mary and feel bad about it and Mary is just happy they have been able to find the problem. But she needs to make up with Norris yet. Rita's right, he went far out of his way and comfort zone to do something even if it didn't really help.

Mary didn't get the actual "I'm Sorry" but she did get the equivalent in actions, being allowed to see the baby and having any potential charges dropped even though Norris pointed out she didn't get the apology she deserves. Mary doesn't want the issue pressed. There have been enough bad feelings. Jude and Mary have another serious talk. She feels she has to defend herself yet again for giving him away. He is rather inconsistent. She did what she had to do for both of them and impressed on him that none of it was her fault. I think maybe he's finally got a bit of understanding. As she says, neither of them really know each other but it seems he's willing to try.

The news about Gary's death is spreading. Alya's taking it hard. Sarah and Tim have to go tell Anna but Faye doesn't want to go. They don't persuade her so they meet Anna in a private room along with a chaplain to break the bad news. Annan is devastated, as you would expect. Shrieking at the chaplain isn't helpful, mind you and then she loses it completely. Back on the Street, David is having a hard time being sympathetic now that he knows what Gary was up to behind his sister's back and he tells Shona.

Sarah seems more numb than distraught with grief but everyone handles it differently. They haven't had any confirmation so it's still all unresolved, I guess that's the worst thing, isn't it? Izzy hasn't told Jake, not until it's been confirmed. It doesn't have to be confirmed. Sarah and Bethany got home to find Gary in the house and acting like nothing was wrong. Well, he knew about the explosion but not that everyone thought he was dead. His bag was in the car and that's where his phone and St. Christopher's medal were. Gary went straight to see Faye and he's alerted the prison. There's Phelan, skulking in the background making insinuations about Nicola.

Sarah is all loved up again, now, and never wants to be without Gary again so she proposes to him! There's a turn up for the books, he was sure surprised but he says yes. David walked in on the surprise, shocked to see Gary and to hear the news. Now he's in a hissy about Gary fathering someone else's baby and marrying his sister. Shona thinks David shouldn't be the one to burst the bubble and maybe he can convince Gary to come clean on his own. Once Gary realizes that David knows about the baby, they have a talk. Gary tries to explain the stress he was under when he was in the Ukraine but had no intentions of cheating on Sarah. There's logic in what David says, though, about Sarah so Gary promises to tell Sarah everything.

Sarah wittered on about weddings then thought David was upset. But David couldn't wait for Gary to tell Sarah and had to tell her himself. She believed him. And when Gary got back, She tore him a new one and threw him out. I don't know if he could have told her anyway. Sarah is reeling in the aftermath of betrayal, poor thing. Gary is desperate to get back together with her. That evening while Sarah's working, carrying a face like a wet weekend (and to be fair, she's got a right), Gail tries to get her to blag off work early but Gary comes in for a word. Gail's defending her chick. Gary tries to use blackmail but Sarah's going to talk to him anyway and sends Gail away. She tells him she was shocked, hurt and angry and doesn't understand how he could have done it if he loved her. She makes a very good point. If he has all these feelings and is planning this wonderful future, why does it take so little for him to be unfaithful? Very good question. She doesn't see a way back. She breaks his heart like he broke hers and she walks out.

Phelan takes the opportunity to wind up Gary about Nichola and the baby. But Gary has a good come-back, he's going to make sure the baby never sees Phelan. Ouch. Gary goes to see Nicola who is glad to see he's ok. He promises to get her away from Weatherfield though didn't come back with all the money this time. He promises to take care of her and the baby so she doesn't have to rely on her father.

Anna is so distraught that she trashes her cell. I would have thought they'd have had her to a doctor for a sedative long before that but it seems that's the next thing. She was put in the prison hospital, sedated I assume, but that must have been just an overnight thing because she was back in the prison when Gary went to see her.

Coincidentally, Tyrone is going to pick up a part in Birmingham which is where Phelan said he thought Andy was. Therefore, Luke has an excuse to go instead to see if he can find Andy. Phelan isn't going to like that but he picks off an address from a flat to rent advert, sending him on a wild goose chase. He goes through Andy's mail and finds the wedding invitation. Of course Luke doesn't find Andy at the address Phelan gave him, the one he said Andy planned to move into with Phelan's reference. Immediately, Luke jumps to the conclusion that something's happened to Andy. It's quite a leap, but Luke isn't going to let it go. Maybe Andy's actually missing? Andy's friend Matt tells Luke that Andy was in touch and he's in Belize, not planning to come back. Matt looks pretty dodgey if you ask me but Luke is appeased. Yes, looks like Phelan had this Matt convinced that Luke was out to harm Andy.

Wait, why is it that Tyrone and Kirk aren't allowed to be friends anymore? What did I miss while I was away? Oh yes, the crowdfunding scandal. Beth certainly doesn't want anything to do with Fiz and Tyrone and assumes it's mutual. But for the men, it isn't. They are just collateral damage in the feud between Fiz and Beth. They met up in the pub later and thought a pint would be ok. Really funny, listening to the pair of them going on about trying to keep their friendship a secret from their wives, making it sound like an affair. Don't know how Toyah kept a straight face! Beth caught them. So much for standing up for themselves! Tyrone tries to make peace between Beth and Fiz by pretending Beth wants to make up. They bought into it for the first few seconds until they realized that the men lied to get them together. So that didn't work.

In the flower shop, Kirk is wittering on about Tupperware while Tracy listens to Sinead talk tea parties to Beth who prefers her tea parties with booze. Sinead is trying to home-sell her soaps. She tempts Tracy into coming with a glass of wine. She does and tiny glasses of wine are poured for the women and Kirk who gather. She shows off her homemade candles first. Soaps come later and Tracy is bored to bits. Rosie actually asked for soap that makes ladybits smell nice. She didn't put it that way, called it "frou frou" soap. Nobody in that room really knew where to look after that! Except, all of the women thought that might actually be a very good idea. She doesn't have any, she'll have to invent it now!

Fiz and Tyrone have a trampoline? They let the children play on it unsupervised? Yep, Hope got hurt so Fiz took her to the hospital leaving Tyrone to look after Ruby who admitted she pushed her sister off because she was being mean! Well, Beth took it upon herself to bring a chocolate Santa for Hope and maybe make the first step toward peace but she got a bit gobby about poor parenting choices regarding a trampoline in winter and Fiz's temper flared. Beth was shown the door and Fiz declared the chocolate was going in the bin and all. We get a quick look at Hope hiding it behind her back!

Fiz gives in and tells Hope she can get her ears pierced but she won't let Ruby because of the accident yet Tyrone expects an apology from Hope for being mean to Ruby in the first place. Pretty soon it's Your Daughter and My Daughter and Tyrone is out the door to the pub. Fiz summons Chesney to babysit and comes to the pub to apologize and says she'll even try to make peace with Beth and she goes to Sinead's home party where Beth is. Beth keeps avoiding her and goes outside with Liz. Fiz overhears Beth insult her again but apologizes anyway. But as they're standing there, they see moke and run over, realizing the trampoline is on fire. Fiz blames Beth and it all flares up again. Liz insists it wasn't Beth, she was with her the whole time in the back of number 5.

Later, Fiz and Ty question the kids but neither one says they saw anyone in the yard before the fire. They're sent up to bed, leaving Fiz and Tyrone confused and wondering who would set fire in their yard?

Back inside Number 5, Tracy lingers after everyone else has gone home, supping the last of the cheap plonk. She takes the opportunity to chat to Chesney about priorities. Who's more important? Your sister or your fiancee? Good question, that. She tells him they never have to doubt the love of their sibling. She thinks Chesney needs to get Sinead married and the sooner the better, what with Daniel lingering around the outskirts. Food for thought.

Aidan's not happy that Alya had JOhnny's help sourcing the elastic. Suck it up, buttercup! But their business meeting didn't go too well. Aidan blames it on her for being "in a mood" (having just heard her ex was killed) but she says the clients ignored her anyway. Aidan went away in a huff, threatening to break up their business but it turns out the clients liked the pitch anyway. But also, it seems like Alya's being pushed to the background and the potential clients, Showcase, prefer to deal with Aidan. What's that about? He pretends he was in the neighbourhood when the clients called to see them. I don't think she believes him.

Poor Alex, he's down because Gemma's found a new man. I guess he had a crush on her all along. Toyah and Peter are planning to let out a room in the pub for a bit of extra money. Luke is still poking virtual sticks and sarcasm at Kate over Rana. Kate pretends she's trying to move on. As if anyone believes that. Meanwhile, Kate and Rana are still making secret plans to see each other but they nearly get caught when Zeedan comes home early, after Robert fires him. Lily has a part in the Nativity with one line and David is coaching her for all he's worth. Jake has four lines, this from a lad who's been having speech therapy and all. I thought we were going to have a battle between the parents there for a minute! Roy's insisting on dressing as Peltznickel, a "Santa" from the folklore traditions rather than the figure invented by a modern, more capitalistic era. But Alex got to be an elf and Yasmeen in a fairy dress did both look oddly sweet! As you can imagine, Roy's version of Santa didn't go down well with the kids so it was Brian to the rescue.

Michelle and Robert are waiting for the test results but she knows there's something else on his mind. Zeedan tells him the company credit card was declined. Robert makes excuses. I loved the cactus plant Tracy brought for Robert. Perfect!!! Michelle thinks it's twisted. No sense of humour. She never has had. Anyway, Robert is determined to go to work and that's probably going to be a bad decision. Zeedan figures Robert doesn't think he's capable but it's just an ego thing. And a boredom thing I suppose.

Meanwhile, Robert is making cheaper substitutions in the food orders, trying to save a penny. He wasn't happy to find out that Zeedan still has a plan to open up his own place. He's trying to act as normal, lifting stuff he shouldn't be and downing painkillers. Then the argument with Zee was the last straw. He sacked Zeedan! Yep, "down" is the right word as he finally collapses in the kitchen amidst the pan rolls. Michelle had him back in the hospital as quick as you can blink. He overdid it. Robert confesses that he is in dire straits financially and that he did it at the casino.

I think Michelle might be about to remove Robert's other bits and clamp them in her handbag after the revelation that he's financially ruined them. He's sorry. He always is when he does that. She won't accept "I was scared" as an excuse. He's all flinty, squinty eyes and bad cliches and she's supportive but he doesn't think he deserves her.

Kate's so desperate to see Rana that she makes a medical appointment to see her at work! At home, Zeedan is cooking with the view to taking the food van out and rustling up a bit of cash while Yasmeen is going to have a Christmas drinks do. That means the house is unavailable for afternoon delight.

Supplies are running low at the Bistro and Michelle knows that they don't have the cash to replenish. She sabotages and breaks the machine that takes card payments and tells Kate and Daniel that the punters will have to pay cash for the rest of the night. What's behind that inexplicable decision? And why is she ringing in bills far higher than the money taken in? She's got a plan, does Michelle. She leaves early and tells the staff they can as well once the last of the patrons have left. Kate gets on the phone to Rana. Empty restaurant!

Rana and Kate take advantage of having the Bistro to themselves. A little wine, a little hot snogging...But then later, they hear a noise and duck down behind the bar. Someone carrying a black bag and wearing all black comes through the kitchen and crowbars open the tell, emptying it in the bag. The burglar notices freshly doused candles and walks to the bar. Feisty Kate, not afraid of anything, smashes a bottle over the burglar's head. The burglar's face is seen. It's Michelle!

Kate and Rana race out, with Kate promising that, when she calls the police, she'll say she was in the restaurant alone, closing up. Neither of them check to see if the burglar is ok so they don't know who it is. She fetches Robert and gives him the "party line" and he runs off to the Bistro, Meanwhile, Zeedan is back with the cash and Rana meets him on the pavement. Yasmeen pulls them in to enjoy the last of her little party with Roy, Audrey, Cathy and Brian. Brian and Roy are arguing about the method of death that hill walkers experience. Roy is enjoying the debate and Yasmeen changes the subject.

Robert sneaks into the Bistro, the police not having got there yet, and finds Michelle. He thinks she was attacked by the burglar until he realizes the truth and hustles her out the back. But Kate sees her on the street, tells her about the break in but recognizes the black bag Michelle is carrying as the police finally arrive at the restaurant. Things seem to go well with the cops but Robert is taken aback when they want to see the CCTV. Did it capture Michelle's face? No, because it was turned off. Robert makes excuses. It's convenient that it was turned off before a robbery. (Turns out Michelle didn't turn it off, they just got lucky.)

The police ask about any recent staff problems and Robert recalls letting Zeedan go but defends him as trustworthy. They're going to question him anyway. When they talk to him, Rana jumps in with an alibi, saying she was with him in the van selling food at the markets. He's very grateful she gave him the alibi. Meanwhile, Robert and Michelle have to clean up her tracks. He gives her a rollocking and is shocked when she tells him she did it to defraud on the insurance. He's so stunned he asks her to marry him! She doesn't want any guilt proposals.

Kate and Rana talk to keep their stories straight. Kate already suspects Michelle, though. Why would she do it? It's a mystery. Michelle shows up at Kate's later. Should have left well enough alone, if you ask me. She gets around to asking Kate if she saw the burglar and Kate confronts her straight away. Michelle admits it and admits that they are in debt and tells Kate she can't tell the police. It comes down to a stand off because Michelle had seen Kate and Rana in the restaurant before and knows darn well what's going on between them. You don't tell, and I don't tell. Deal?

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