Monday, 26 December 2011

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Dec. 19 - 23

Slow burn, big explosion award: Gold Star: Becky.

Loyalty award: Gold Star: Kirk and all of Fiz's friends rallying round.

Vulture award: Gold star: Mary and Norris and the cookies in court.

Pants on Fire award: Flaming star: Fiz must have had pants on fire, she told the cops so many lies at first!
Smouldering Star: Dev and Sunita are lying to the Aunties again!

Plonker award: Gold star: Steve. He called the Social. What did he expect Becky to do? Take it lying down?

The Penny Drops award: Copper Star: Tina figured out that Graeme and Xin have it goin' on before he admitted it.

Baiting the bear award: Kylie playing "Turning Japanese" on the jukebox to wind up Tina. She really can be a little bitch!

Hypocrite award: Tina was practically pushing Xin out the door while saying how much she'd miss her.

Fashion Don't - Dev's pink checked shower cap.

How far the Mighty have Fallen award: Dev - one shop, one kebab shop. But he still owns the posh flat, the house and the big house doesn't he? And if he's sold the house and shops, shouldn't the cash flow be somewhat abated? 

Green eyed monster award: Gold Star: Gary is looking at Izzy's mate Will with narrow suspicious eyes.

Guilt much? Award: Fiz gave Sally a few things to think about, but she defended herself quite well.

Incidental music award: "I just want to say Hello" as Graeme was leaving.

Rubber band man award: How on earth could John survive a fall and be able to disappear that quickly?

Pleased as Punch award: Steve got one over on Tracy!

Lines of the week:
Kirk "I could murder a brew" (Poor choice of words, there!)
Owen about Katy "I know she thinks I'm King Herod of Weatherfield..."
Becky "Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home. Your house is on fire, your children are all.....gone."
John "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday and all is well. ...ish"
and about Charlotte "She was nuts. Half woman, half pistachio" and the classic "I only wanted to teach! People died because I wanted to teach"
Rita "If you can have Mary, I can have Dennis"
Tracy "Despite what you think, I'm not a complete witch" (yes you are, taking every opportunity to throw Max back in Becky's face)
Becky "Talk to the sledgehammer"
Sylvia about Tina "Strumpet!!" (Love it!)
Graeme to Xin "I don't want you to go" (oh PLEASE go!)
David "Graeme Proctor, Stud of this Parish"
Brian "Who knows what goes on in the dark and murky mind of a master criminal!"
Rita to the Aunties "You two are going to have to get your Gaydar sorted!"
Kylie to Tina "You Dim sum you lose some!" (Ha! yeah she provoked Tina but it *was* a clever line!)
Julie "It's a back street Romeo and Julie-tte!"
Tracy "I like to be pro-active" Tina "Oh yeah. I read the graffiti in the men's bogs"
Auntie "It's a rare mango that rots in the barrell alone"
Sally "If one of John Stape's victims being unearthed isn't an Act of God, I don't know what is!"
Julie "Don't you use those puppydog eyes on me! I'm more of a cat person, but that aside..."

T'ra Graeme. You were a little belter, so you were!

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