Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, December 18

Nobody knows where Chesney is except us and John of course. He doesn't want Fiz going to look for Chesney because he's got to find an excuse to get out and bring food to the hostages. His next plan is to convince Fiz to move away from Weatherfield, run away as it were. Freaks out because Fiz wants to go to the police because Chesney is missing so he distracts her by saying Colin's back and is bent on revenge, hoping that will encourage Fiz to run away. The lies and emotional blackmail were way over the top. Poor old Mr. Hoyle took a tumble down the stairs and John came home to the news that the factory floor is going to be dug up to check the drains. And why are the drains blocked? Could it be a dead body decomposing and causing no end of trouble?

John is determined to get to the body first so he sabotages the equipment and takes a sledgehammer to the floor himself and he does what he intended, only Fiz caught him! What a great scene, too, as John nearly heaved his guts over the can imaginen, right? What does John do? Admit everything? Well, sort of and then he blackmails Fiz into helping him dump the body in the canal. After making her do all these things, you'd think she'd tell him to leave and never come back, wouldn't you? But noooo, she decides to leave Weatherfield with him, not without him, Except it didn't quite work that way. She's still worried about Chesney.

Meanwhile in the bomb shelter, er.. cellar that you can't break out of, the hostages managed to get themselves untied. Mr. H couldn't have had planning permission for that room. No window for a fire escape. He sound proofed it and put a pretty strong door on, too. You wouldn't think he'd have put that strong a lock on it would you if it's just the cellar for a lounge type room. John really freaked out and blurted out all his secrets and Fiz, having followed him, now knows it all. If she was horrified before, she's really got a nightmare on her hands now. John tried to bully Maria to get the baby and then escaped. yet again. And Fiz never left that house so how did John get back in and into the attic where he was reading, oh the irony, Paradise Lost. And where did he get the book? He's sneaking around the house at night. Is he going to take the baby and run?

Owen sure is taking advantage of Katy's feeling sick and scared and vulnerable with Chesney gone. He almost managed it, too, to get her to the abortion clinic but Fiz found Chesney and he stopped her in time. Owen is bullying Katy and he's bullying Anna but Anna stood toe to toe up to him and talked sense. Will he listen? Meanwhile Gary is starting to get overprotective of Izzy. Is that normal? At least Chesney managed to stop Katy before she got the abortion.

Amy got caught, red, or white handed and locked herself in her room. Mother of the year Tracy threatens her with Nanny Blanche's ghost. Nice. Now that they know she's been doing it for attention do you think things are going to change between Steve and Tracy for more than 5 minutes? Thought not. It didn't take long for them to be bickering over her poor little head. I'm glad Ken gave Tracy what for at least. Steve's right though, Tracy might do a lot of things but she wouldn't give Amy milk on purpose to make her sick. And how exactly is taking Amy away from her home and family the best thing for her? And Becky trying to talk to Tracy did no good at all. Probably only cemented her resolve.

David's taking advantage, too. Max nearly got hit by a car because he ran out on the road and David is quick to blame Steve for not watching him but we all know how fast a little kid can get away from you. Just what David needs, though, to put more pressure on everyone. Kylie is desperate that David not find out what she's done. Thing is, she probably wouldn't mind that David find out that Becky and Steve bought Max but the problem is, she sold him to them and i suppose she reckons David will think badly of her. Well he knows how because Steve spilled the beans and he reacted exactly as you'd expect David Platt to react. He didn't think worse of her at all. After all, it's exactly like something he'd do anyway and he's all about using the information wisely now.

Now Becky's freaking out because of the Social worker and so she should be. David's plan was to tell the truth and now they've taken Max away from both Becky and Kylie and Becky is torn to bits and gone over the edge and she thinks Tracy was the one that grassed them up in the first place.

Kevin's broken his collarbone and can't manage with the baby so now he's got his feet back under Sally's table while he recovers. Meanwhile Tyrone is terrified that what he did caused the lift to crash on Kevin and reckons Kevin will think he tried to kill him. It's a fair supposition, too. Certainly looks like circumstantial evidence even though we know Tyrone wouldn't hurt a fly no matter how angry it made him. Ok, he'd thump Kevin into a grave, but he'd not try to kill him but the police wouldn't see it hat way. Attempted murder indeed. Is there such a thing as attempted manslaughter? I guess that's what it would be since it was accidental. Kevin's first thought is that Tommy did it but sacking isn't nearly as much of a grudge as Tyrone has. He sure got a shock when he found out it was Tyrone and heard how much Ty hated him, his former best mate. I had to laugh when Kevin hollered "Don't insult my intelligence".. like he's shown so much of that himself, eh?

Can you believe Kevin actually thought Tyrone's accidental sabotage was the same as his affair with Tyrone's wife? I really dislike Kevin. A lot. Did your heart break for Tyrone, a tear on his cheek, telling Kevin they'll never be mates after what he's done to him?

Sally has got to look after Jack and that has to be very painful but it's hard, isn't it? It's not the baby's fault, he's innocent. I'm not quite sure why Norris is so bothered by the factory drains. Surely he can't smell it through the garage and into the Kabin? Tyrone and Kevin haven't complained nor has Gail living on the other side of it.
Sally doesn't seem to be all loved up after her romantic Paris holiday but Jeff is ready to go down on his knees and propose! Oops! Maybe that's the last we're going to see of Jeff, i'm guessing. Marc seems intent on wooing Audrey, too and now Claudia knows, or thinks she knows. Too bad Claudia is so bigoted, she could have had a lovely man there.

Tina's getting awfully sharp with Xin isn't she? Not even hiding it anymore either. Graeme finds himself defending his wife and is wife is making doe eyes at her husband. Tina was really happy that Xin got a job in Scotland, or so she said. Turns out she just decided to leave but Graeme, it seems, now doesn't want her. The thought of her leaving brings home that he's developped real feelings for her. The thing is, that big row at the party made no sense on the surface of it. Xin moves to Edinburgh. Graeme... what? Can't leave his job as a window cleaner? Surely he could do that anywhere. Of course we know what's going on. Graeme ends up sleeping with both of them (separately of course) and then wallowed in his guilt.

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