Friday, 2 December 2011

Sneak Preview of next week's Canadian Corrie, Dec. 5 - 9

Amy is ill and it means Steve must spend more time with Tracy. But is Amy enjoying the attention a bit too much? Meanwhile, Becky, though worried about Ames, is suspcious of Tracy. Gail takes David's side in his quest to get Max back for Kylie, but Kylie's uncomfortable. Will the truth come out?

Marc finally comes clean to Claudia when she suspects he and Audrey are having a fling. What will her reaction be to Marcia? Tina's jealousy of Xin grows as do Graeme's feelings for Xin.

Chesney has questions for John and finds some answers from Charlotte's parents, the Hoyles. John takes drastic action. Katy is distracted and confides in Anna. Faye overhears and spills the beans.

Tommy continues to persue Sian for a bet but when the truth comes out, Rosie's revenge may split up her and Jason. Marcus returns to Weatherfield but Sean has doubts. Kevin spends his winnings on a hydraulic lift for the garage but after a petty argument, Tyrone takes his anger out on the machine. Kevin has an accident as a result. Will he find out about Tyrone's actions?

Sophie and Sian start volunteering at the homeless shelter and soup kitchen where a face familiar to long time Corrie watchers turns out. He turns out to be a familiar face to Rita as well, it's Dennis Tanner! Meanwhile, Sophie and Sian meet the owners of the shelter who are hoping to expand. How deeply will the girls get involved?

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