Monday, 12 December 2011

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Dec 5 - 9

 Best return ever! Dennis Tanner is back!
Second best return: Marcus is back too!

Well out of it award: Frank saw the light and gave Tracy the push.

Out of the closet award: Well, Claudia knows about Marc/Marcia now. And that's another relationship up in flames.

Green Eyed Monster award: Jealous star: Faye doesn't like Anna paying Katy attention so she told Owen about the pregnancy! Norris doesn't like Rita and Emily giggling over Dennis and he needs to STFU and keep his nosy questions to himself!

Chat up Fail award: Tommy bet he could "turn" Sian and used driving lessons to move in on Sian. Now everyone hates him and Rosie and Jason might have broken up over the bet!

Bad judge of character award: The Hoyles thought Colin was honest and decent. AND Uncomplicated! And they thought Charlotte was a bit out there sometimes. (more like completely round the twist!)
Cry for Attention award: Milky star: Amy's allergic to milk and drinking it to make herself ill so Daddy and Mummy will be nice to each other!

Scrapping on the Playground award: Kevin and Tyrone bickering and bitterly fighting. But I really detest Kevin Webster these days.

Nail on the head award: Becky accused Tracy of "milking" Amy's illness.

Best Blind Date Ever Award: Gold Star: Awww Eileen set up Marcus and Sean and they're back together!

Lines of the week:
Norris to Mary "Stop stuffing my profits down your throat, margins are tight enough as it is!"
Marc re jewellry "I never did buy into that 'Less is More' thing" (that's obvious)
Carla "Kirk, consider yourself reprieved" Kirk "Reprieved!!! You're taking me to court???"
Tracy "The last control freak i went out with ended with an ornament lodged in his skull"
Claudia "I need vodka. Join me if you dare!" and "All the chances I've had to stab you in the back, did I ever take them? No!"
Tyrone "You're right, I did all the spade work.. I dug meself a flamin' grave!"
Claudia "Made a fool of by the tranny and the granny"
Dennis about Elsie, his mam "She were 81. Dying in the arms of her fella in the fanciest sports car you ever saw." and "They don't make 'em like that anymore!"
Mrs. Hoyle about Charlotte "At least she died happy" (with hammer marks in her head, yes)
Chesney to John "How many identities is that now?"
John when Chesney sees the tied-up Hoyles "First off, it's not what it looks like, Well, maybe it is."
Julie "Love is like a fire. If it's not poked regularly, it goes out!" (Bwahahaha!)
Dennis "My round. Couldn't lend us 20 could you?"
Kevin "Has everyone on this street got it in for me" Maria "Everyone I know"

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