Friday, 27 November 2015

Ken Barlow to go public with his new romance

Ken might be having a good time looking for love this week on Coronation Street, but there are some people on the Street who think he's out of line.

Firstly, Tracy pours cold water on her step-dad's fling with Nessa and tells him it's far too soon after Deirdre's death.

Tracy will tell Ken she can't believe he's moving on already just a few months after Deirdre died. Worse still, after Tracy loses her temper with Ken, he seeks solace in his friends on the Street but they give him short-shrift.  Both Rita and Emily agree with Tracy and tell Ken that they aren't too happy with his choice of companion.  Rita, for now, keeps quiet about Audrey's crush on Ken.

Tracy's fella Robert is the only one who thinks Ken should grab happiness where he can and Ken decides to do just that. He and Nessa go public with their romance and of course, this will leave the fragrant Mrs Roberts somewhat distraught.

What do we think, Corrie fans? Is Nessa the right woman for Ken? Is Audrey? Is it too soon for anyone just yet after Deirdre's death?

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Corriefan said...

Did we really think Ken Barlow would have any kind of mourning period ?

He is what he is and that will never change .

A wolf in sheep's clothing .

Audrey run as fast as you can and don't look back.

Anonymous said...

Statistics show that men with partners live longer than single men. The same is NOT true for women. Ken's just looking for a carer & Nessa thinks she's found a meal-ticket. They deserve each other. Audrey's had a lucky escape.

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