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Sunday Comments November 8

In the end, Aidan saves the day and his father's skin by going to the meeting because Johnny was sinking fast. I think his father realized, too, and bowed to the younger and better men in this case. I don't know why Carla would have called Kate about the meeting if she couldn't get hold of Aidan or Johnny. If she'd called the office, why wouldn't Alya have answered? Never mind. They all managed to pull it off, again, with Kate in the middle of it. I think Matthew could identify with the loose cannon dad!

Johnny got Beth's machine all tangled up and then his next attempt at what is likely his usual mode of business is to cut corners by buying cheap material with the excuse of trying to "help" the business. Carla was going to string him up by it. Can't blame Carla for being over protective of the factory. Johnny hasn't really started off on the right foot, has he? She hired Eva back on without checking with any of the others which caused ructions but Aidan fell off his high horse once he saw her shiny blonde hair and big blue eyes. She wasn't having any of it, but he ended up insisting on an interview in the pub but it was a formality, wasn't it? He's smitten.

David and Sarah really don't have a lot of love lost between them, do they? He's now pushing her to go back to Italy and maybe it's not such a bad idea, she's thinking. it's not going to be easy to talk Bethany into it, though. She has no intention of going. Kylie manages to talk them down, just go for a few weeks, not forever. Again, isn't it illegal to take kids out of school? David tried to scare Bethany into it. I think he went a bit over the top and so does Kylie.

Billy keeps trying to get through to Sarah. She's running away, yes she is but he wants the violent man arrested. Little does he know. Once Kylie discovered David's scare tactics towards Bethany and Sarah, she managed to soothe them a bit. Of course they'd never blame Sarah for the death, and in her right mind Sarah would know that David was just being perverse. I suppose David is scared, too, and is lashing out. It's off to Milan but just for a few weeks.

Kylie's in a state too, even if she's better at holding it together most of the time, but she's not finding it easy, either. And she is seeing a side of David she doesn't really like. Kylie might not want the family torn apart but the two of them might not make it through unscathed.

Eva's back behind the bar. Did I miss where she was re-hired or is she just filling in temporarily. I know she did a few hours during the live episode when Sarah buggered off and of course, she's buggered off to Milan this time so i'm not surprised to see Eva in the Rovers. I just wondered, is all. It didn't last long though if she's only working at the factory part time, perhaps she'll still do a few shifts. Michael and Eileen got caught in flagrante by Andy! Oh dear. But we did get an update, Julie and Brian are moving to Wales together, not coming back to Weatherfield. At least Eileen found out about all Michael's little habits. I guess he was on his best behaviour when he stayed with her before.

Tyrone and Fiz seem to be managing all the stress and if all the neighbours can agree on one thing, it's that what they're going through with Hope has all their sympathy and support. Hope still wants to meet Father Christmas and go to Lapland and Tyrone still hasn't canceled the trip they can't afford and can't risk with Hope's health so precarious. Next crisis, now that Hope has started her chemotherapy, she's taken a down turn while Tyrone's out on a breakdown with a phone battery out of charge. If he hadn't stopped to replace the toy, he probably would have been back a lot sooner but he got stuck in traffic.

Even though you know it's just a tv show and it's very likely Hope will be ok, I can't help it, it just isn't a storyline that I want to watch on Coronation Street. It was difficult enough when an adult dies from a very real disease (Alma, Hayley).

Amy's lesson might not have been so bad. Steve is now musing about getting to learn a bit about classical music. Amy's lessons then seem to be going quite well but something Steve said makes me wonder if he's only enthusing because the teacher is a looker!? Ken's pleased at least, though he's still pushing his luck. It was a win that he got Amy involved in a proper musical instrument but giving her a reading list while she's on school holidays? Yeah. Like that's going to happen. You know, if a child isn't interested in books, a formal list isn't going to make them keen.

Meanwhile, Ken's palming off ancient radios on Audrey and very pleased with himself, and all. Audrey can identify with Ken's love of classical music. I was about to wonder where that came from when I realized her definition of classic and his differs by about 200 years! He's also lurking in the salon looking for haircuts that he doesn't really need and asking Audrey for drinks. Is it Audrey that's the attraction or is he just lonely. I'm guessing the latter and he's reaching out to an old friend who happens to be a nice looking woman. Ken could end up mistaking his loneliness for real feelings and Audrey could get hurt.

Maria reckons Luke has put her mind at rest. His friend, Jamie, has other ideas. And the races sound somewhat illegal. If Jamie wants all that prize money, why can't he just drive himself? It sounds like he's got himself in over his head. Desperation is not pretty. So he's blackmailing Luke into it with racy photos of Steph. I think all he has to do is tell Steph, she'll sort him out quick. But you know what it will be. Lies and more lies and cover ups.

Yasmeen is now in full on wedding planner mode. Alya promises to have some Muslim traditions in with their secular wedding but her grandfather's pride, that makes her feel guilty again. Anna invited Alya in for a girly night. With Gary's ex. Why? Probably to give Cherylee Houston an appearance, fulfill a contractual obligation or something. And the more people that extol Alya's virtue, the worse she feels. She's most definitely not getting into the wedding planning. Certainly not acting like an excited bride. Zeedan was trying to be a good brother and he doesn't buy her excuses either.

It's lads' afternoon and evening out. Strange seeing Chesney with them. Even though I know he's old enough, he still seems about 14 to me. Eva is still sneering at Jason but you know, she still loves him and he her. Meanwhile Alya's guilt is bubbling over but Jason snaps. It's not his problem, he reckons and he's right, she's so guilty that she's making him feel like it's all his fault and it's not. She was drunk but she wasn't *that* drunk. He was drunk too, just enough so he didn't think about his mate, just his trousers after she insisted it was what she wanted.

The confrontation, coming after a snark session with Eva and Gary with all his lovey dovey talk about Alya, put Jason in an increasingly bad mood, enough to go looking for a fight to pick. Mind you the other guy overreacted as well. Gary tried to get Jason to talk about whatever was bothering him but Jason, being a nice guy, couldn't tell his friend what he'd done. Gary wouldn't back down, he's determined to be a friend to Jason. He did know what that inner rage is all about because he's been there.

Now Gary has praised Alya for making him realize he's a good guy after all. Boy is he going to crash hard once he finds out the truth. He'll be back to the rage and back to hating himself all over again even though none of it was a reflection on him.

Later in the week, Sharif and Dev were seen discussing a plan and it turns out that Sharif is giving Gary half of his share in the gym as a wedding present. I'm not sure how much that would be. Kal had raised some money but his father put in the rest so his father may actually own the majority share after Kal's death. I'm going to assume that with the gym, it was all written in the original contract that Sharif would get Kal's share if anything happened and vice versa because otherwise, if Kal didn't have a will, his children would have inherited the estate, including his share of the gym. He may have had a will, and probably did leave his estate to Alya and Zeedan but I'm guessing the contract for ownership of the gym may have been written outside of that with provisions for if any of the partners died. Anyway, Gary looked completely shocked when he was told. I think, considering that Alya's guilt is bubbling up, Gary's going to be in for a big crash!

Kevin has picked up a lot of new work and is servicing a fleet of cars. You'd think that he would have arranged for them to come for servicing a few at a time rather than all at once. It wouldn't have been feasible would it? Why have a dozen or more cars out of commission waiting to be serviced? Send in 2 or three, then send in a few more etc. It is really stupid to have them all crowded in plus more down the street apparently. It's all contrived to put everyone's dander up.

Aadi and Asha are pulled out of the Corrie cupboard for a rare appearance. Mary's right, they are old enough to pack an overnight bag for themselves instead of berating her for forgetting crucially important things like chargers! She was feeling very put upon, with everyone, including Norris, assuming she'd do all the work without anyone else contributing. And she's moaning about a paranormal magazine being one she's already read. That's because this is the start of a new storyline for Mary! Yay!

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