Monday, 2 November 2015

You're the new Corrie producer - who would you keep and cull?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog October 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Each time there's a change of producer at the top of Coronation Street, the tabloids always go a little mad saying that cast fear for their jobs.  There's a story in today's papers saying much the same thing.

Well, it's got me thinking.  If YOU were the incoming Coronation Street producer, which one character would you absolutely keep - and which one character would you get rid of?

My choice of one character to keep is a difficult choice. Well, my absolute favourite character is Rita - always has been and always will be - but I'm also very, very fond of Roy. I would hope that any incoming producer would be keeping Rita anyway... so I'd say I'd like to keep Roy.

And my choice of one character to cull is difficult to decide on too as there are about half a dozen I could cheerfully wave goodbye to. But as we're limiting this to just one character, it concentrates the mind! So if I were the new producer I would get rid of Sharif Nazir.  For this fan, I don't think Sharif adds much, if anything, to my enjoyment of the show.

So there's my choice of one character to keep and one to cull. Which ones would be yours?

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Meg said...

I would definitely get rid of Cathy. She drives me nuts. Then I would beg Carla to stay!

Corriefan said...

Surprisingly , Sharif and Yasmeen Nazir are growing on me . I couldn't tolerate them just a few months ago.

I think Maria's character is redundant . I wouldn't miss her one bit , and I am still struggling with Fiz... Jennie McAlpine is a lovely girl and a good actress . Her scenes with John Stape (I loved him) were wonderful. It is all about the writing and hopefully things will improve for Fiz's character soon. Hope's illness should give her an opportunity to shine and not just stare into space and ramble.

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