Sunday, 15 November 2015

State of the Street - October

I like to make a few comments on some of the major storylines that passed by my screen over the course of a month. It's partly a summary and partly an opinion post. Since it tends to go on a bit, you can read the full version here.

We're still dealing with the Platt family, now in the aftermath of the death of Callum. While it's gone on a long time, I have found recent preformances very good and it makes the story watchable, for me. It was tedious during Paula Lane's maternity leave, but once she returned and Kylie was back on track, it got good again. I still can't quite guess how it's all going to come out, whether someone other than Kylie or David is going to take the fall for Callum's death or not.

We had two weddings called off, one because of an ill advised kiss and one because of a drunken one night stand. One was definitely more of a betrayal than the other. One wedding went through in the end, but will the other one? I'm guessing not. Infidelity is a difficult roadblock to get past. Some manage it, most don't and the ones that do, usually don't last too long anyway (Leanne and Nick).

Carla's back on form and with a clatter of Connor's behind her and all of them squeezing in to that tiny office, things are going to get confusing quickly. So far, though, I like the new family, Kate most of all, so far. Aidan's being a bit of a twit quite a lot of the time and Johnny is still being a bit too "wide boy" for me.

All that and more on State of the Street.

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