Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday Comments, November 1

Kylie thought she managed to stop Sarah going to the police but had to tell her about the body under the floor but Sarah went anyway. Except it took her a whole hour to get to the police station and it took Kylie a lot less time. Never mind. Sarah has to be told the truth and I think that's made things worse, not better, judging from the panic attack she went straight into over that manhole.

Now that Sarah knows Callum's body is under the floor (which still looks damp, by the way), she's going to find it even harder to keep the secret. I should have thought they would have put in a raised floor rather than making Gail stand on cement (even with a rug over it, it's going to be cold and damp) Even Kylie's nerves are stretched to the limit, as cool as she usually manages to keep herself.

All three PlattTilsley siblings are helping to paint and decorate the "annex", something that doesn't help Sarah much at all. (I can't imagine all four of them, with Kylie, bumping around that tiny room, though). The police are still sniffing around and that's piling on the pressure. Callum's apparently skipped bail. David continues to be cool, Kylie's not doing too bad, but has her moments and Sarah is a wreck.

Todd is poking sticks at Sarah's nerves too, asking about Callum. Tony's curious about Callum, as well as Billy who has more concern about Sarah's state of mind. It's nice to see Todd and Billy connect, a little. Billy finally managed to get Sarah to talk a bit. He has to keep her confidence. She told him a lot of it but stopped short of the actual murder and didn't tell Billy it was Callum that she was upset over. He wants her to report "the ex boyfriend" to the police for hurting her. But later, Sean saw Todd and Billy talking and looking friendly when it was all about Todd's concern for Sarah. Of course he took it the wrong way, given Todd's history of manipulating people. Billy reckons some people are better off out of society altogether. He may not mean murder though he probably does mean it would be better if they didn't exist in the first place.

It seems to put things in a bit better perspective for Sarah but her new attitude makes David very suspicious. Sure enough, he figured out she talked to Billy and now he's threatening her to blame her for the murder if she tells anything more after shouting at Callum's mother and throwing her out of the house, and all. Kylie's seeing a pretty brutal side of David, but we've seen it all before, haven't we?

I guess Kevin didn't buy that garage off his friend. Instead he's taking on more and more work. While it's nice that they can get the contracts, it's a bit unrealistic trying to do all that work out of that little garage. Kevin needs to expand to a larger place.

Carla is back to her old self, good to see! But now she's got to contend with both Johnny and Kate working in the factory. Kate's going to be working with Kirk which isn't going down well with Beth since Kate's quite a nice looking woman. She's convinced Kate is flirting with Kirk. She is, but it's only to wind up Beth. Turns out, she's not a threat to Kirk or any man. She's gay.

Aidan sets up a meeting with a client that Carla's never been able to pursuade into business and Johnny decides to get his feet in there first, because the client is an old friend, old drinking buddy. But it isn't the man he knew, it's the son and the son is business school and projections and charts, leaving Johnny very much over his head. Kate tagged along though, for the free lunch I suppose and later went to try to talk Aidan into saving his father's backside. It's a tough call. Teach Dad a lesson, or look the hero. What to do, what to do?

Tyrone might have had a night out but he's got to get his nose back to the grindstone, hungover or not. But he keeps forgetting to cancel the holiday. The garage is busier than ever these days, too. But there's hope for little Hope. The cancer hasn't spread and there's an 80 percent chance of survival with chemo treatment. I reckon she will survive because I really can't see them having a child die of cancer. It will probably be an emotional roller coaster until it's all done and dusted, however, to wring the last drop of drama out of it.

Isn't it nice how the neighbours are supporting Fiz and Tyrone. Even Mary contributed a lasagna. It is heartbreaking to know your child has to endure tests and treatments under any circumstances, let alone when it's a serious disease. Sinead found out Hope likes the Thunderbirds so she made her a costume and even Aidan didn't mind when he caught Sinead working on it after hours.

Why on earth would Ken think Amy would be any good at the violin? She's never shown any inclination to music in her short life. If she'd been musically inclined, even the recorder would have sounded like Pan's flute but it didn't. Sounds like he wants Amy to play the violin to fullfil his own lost dreams. Mary was on form, with her stories of playing the pianoforte and the harp, wasn't she? I really adore Amy, she's really coming into being a great comic character. I can't wait to see how she's going to "have some fun" with Ken and Tracy with that violin like she promised.

I really fail to see how Ken reckons he can teach Amy how to play the violin using online videos. I suppose people do learn that way, perhaps on their own, but you'd think it would be more helpful to at least get a start with someone that knows what they're doing. Amy, as predicted, was terrible but I would imagine anyone on their first go would be the same. Ken thought he might pay for lessons but it's not cheap. Tracy got out of paying her share by suggesting Steve pay half instead. He probably would, too. After all that, Ken coerced Steve into taking Amy for her lesson, using a vet appointment for Eccles.

Luke's friend Jamie is a bit of a lad, isn't he? And Luke is as well, going racing behind Maria's back, sneaking off to the racetrack early in the morning. Norris saw him but they managed to put him off, saying they had an early breakdown call. That would be why they're putting the racing car on a trailer, then. You're slipping, Norris. It took you all day to figure it out. Jamie is encouraging Luke but she knows now, thanks to busy body Norris. But Luke does want to race. Maria's giving him an ultimatum.

Luke does the right thing and promises not to race but Maria has to fly to Cyprus because her mother has broken a hip. Why do I feel like the mice are going to play or race while the cat is away?

Marvellous little scene about nothing: Norris and Rita talking about dreams. Audrey and Ken are all smiles when they see each other. But fancy Audrey knowing about bidding on eBay? Johnny is an old fashioned guy, preferring to rely on his memory rather than a computer. I predict that's going to bite him on the backside at some future point. He *can* do figures in his head. Cathy was envious that someone else went to the concert with Roy so what did Anna do? Tell Cathy she was supposed to be Roy's Date. At least Cathy didn't mind.

Alya's still feeling guilty but Sinead basically tells her to pee or get off the pot, aka tell Gary the truth or put it behind you! I guess she peed. She was in a much better mood later and offered to marry Gary at Christmas!

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