Tuesday, 10 November 2015

There's something about Coronation Street

It's the little things that annoy me about Coronation Street. Overall, I generally enjoy the show. There are occaisional storylines that I don't like but that's ok, not everyone likes every single story. My tastes are not someone else's. I try not to nitpick, either but sometimes, it's inevitable.

Monday's Corrie had me grumbling. Kevin had dozens of cars in for servicing, some that had to be parked around the block elsewhere. That was more stupid than a stupid thing. People need to make appointments for servicing in every garage. Every one of them. No company would expect a small garage like that to be able to service dozens of cars in one day. Kevin should not have even allowed them to bring them all. He should have scheduled 4 or 5 or 6, whatever he thought they could realistically do. The next batch can be brought in the next day and the next. It just set my teeth on edge.

Beth had the cake run and mentioned that one of them was Sally's. Sally isn't back from her honeymoon yet, right? Did I miss something? Is she back and just lost under the dogpile of Connors in that tiny office? And that's another thing. Unseen parts of the regular houses apparently have elastic walls but we can clearly see that tiny office can't hold three managers, an assistant trainee and a PA. It's ludicrous.

Why is Mary still living under Dev's roof? Number 7 has Curly's old attic observatory so I thought probably Asha and Aadi were able to have their own bedrooms. No room for Mary unless those children are still sharing and she's in the attic. Those kids are getting too old to share a bedroom (aren't they growing up!) Why on earth Dev didn't offer Mary the shop flat months ago is beyond me. I think there's another flat over the community centre empty as well, the one Janice Battersby used to have.

I believe it's half term holidays this week but how can everyone get away with taking their kids out of school? Simon's been gone for weeks, Sarah's taken Bethany off to Italy for a few weeks which is more than the current holiday and they left before it started. (How long does the half term holiday last? one week or two?) Maria's taken Liam off as well. I suppose she could plead family emergency in that case, and taken school work with her though he's only in his second year of school, I think. It's just annoying because earlier in the year, David was having fits about taking Max out of school due to the new laws.

Johnny's acting like he's an owner of Underworld. He put the money in Aidan's account to dodge the tax man. Aidan invested the money in his account in the business and signed the papers. As far as the law goes, Aidan is the legal partner, Johnny is just hired help. Morally? Well, if Johnny has to prove the money originally came from him then he's going to have to face the tax department's questions.

And, in the category of Inquiring Minds Want To Know:

Why is Anna getting tipsy all the time lately? Are we on the verge of another alcohol abuse story? Why do we keep getting Callum's mother stalking the Platts but not Gemma? Do Ozzy the Dog and Darryl the Rat get on?

Where are all these people sleeping? In addition to my Mary speculation, there must be a lot of other people sleeping in attics. Luke is lodging with the Dobbs/Brown family, he must have that loft conversion for his bunk and Craig must have a room in the attic of Number 5 (I seem to recall the Battersbys were going to make it into a living space years ago though it wasn't done formally. That's where Chesney and Sophie found Ivy Brennan's old diary, you may recall.) Why doesn't Luke just tell Steph about Jamie's racy photos of her? She'd tear Jamie to bits!

Ah well. I'll get me coat. This too shall pass.

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